We support a variety of media options for your 8mm,
Super 8, 16mm & 35mm film transfer.
Email or Call 1-800-865-7172
Data Files

To purchase Raw Data Files of your transfer, add $50 to:
  • $30-$45 to receive them loaded on a Flash drive
  • $75 to receive them loaded on a USB 3.0 Hard Drives
  • $0 to receive them loaded USB 3.0 Hard Drive that you supply

Specify PC or Mac formatted hard drive on order form.

$34.95 each, $24.95 additional copies
Up to 75 minutes of film per Blu-ray
Substantial quality improvement over DVD for High Definition Scans

$19.95 each, $9.95 additional copies  (Holds up to one hour of transferred film)

We use only Professional high quality Falcon Media brand DVDs.
You will never receive generic disk from us.

DVDs are 100% verified before shipping.
Any DVDs not meeting our stringent quality standards are discarded immediately.
Our current DVD error rate is about 1 per 750 DVDs.
This is considered an excellent compatibility record.

Why is only one hour of film placed on a DVD?

    Simply put, we want you to have the best possible pictures
we can give you, at the highest data rate.
    We want you to have as much of the detail and rich color as possible.
    When the recording time is increased, the data rate is always reduced
and the picture suffers.
Media Delivery options