Receive your film transfer in any combination of the following media:

1-TB External Hard Drive ($125): The best and most stable way to edit your films and archive your film long-term. The files will be formatted as Master H.264 .mov (a widely compatible, high quality format).

Flash Drive ($80): A convenient way to get the files for your transfer, as long as you have a plan to back up your files to a more stable media for long-term archiving (since flash drives aren't designed to back up files for the long term). The files will be formatted just as they would with an external hard drive, as Master H.264 .mov.

Blu-ray ($34.95/disc): Your film in High Definition on an easy to view disc. If you own a Blu-ray player, this will be a much higher quality option than DVD.

DVD ($24.95/disc): A convenient option for simple viewing, and with its wide compatibility, a good option for sending to family and friends who'd like to see the film.