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Film Questions and Answers
What do you transfer?
We transfer motion picture film.  We specialize in Regular 8, Super 8mm, 16mm & 35mm film formats.
If you are uncertain of what you have, confirm it is on a round reel, and look to see if it has sprocket holes (small holes along the
edge of the film).  If it is on a reel with sprocket holes then we can transfer it.
We do not transfer copyrighted films, unless you're the copyright holder or have written permission from the copyright holder.

Do you transfer Digital8, Hi8, Video8 tapes or VHS?
No, we do not transfer 8mm digital tapes, Sony Hi8, 8mm analog videotape or VHS.  We concentrate solely on motion picture film.  
It is all we do, and is why you can expect the best film transfer from MyMovieTransfer.com.

How safe are my films?
Very safe, because they are priceless!  We treat your film just like a new 35mm Hollywood print or historical film archive.
When your films arrive, your order is checked in by an experienced staff member, and placed in a work bin solely for you.
Everything pertaining to your film transfer order is labeled and remains together at all times from arrival, through transfer, until it is
carefully packaged and shipped back to you.  We have never lost or misplaced an order.

How can I tell the difference between Regular 8mm and Super 8 film?
There are a few ways to tell the difference.  The easiest is by looking at the sprocket holes.  If you have both formats, look at
them together, side by side (either the film or the leader).  Super 8 film will have much smaller sprocket holes.
Sometimes you may not need to be concerned with this question.  It is very common that only one format was shot as a different
camera would have been required for the other film format.  Also, if there is not a particular sequence you would like your films
transferred, you would not need to be overly concerned with this.  We can separate your film and let you know how much you
have of each.
Here is a link showing pictures of different film formats.
The 3 inch box of my Regular 8mm film says 25 feet.  Where does the 50 feet come from?
Yes, that little box does create some confusion.  However it refers to the film when it was originally purchased.  (See Illustration)
Before your 8mm film was shot (exposed) in the camera, it was 25 feet of 16mm, or Dual 8mm Film.  The unexposed film reel was
inserted into the camera, then shot, exposing one side of 25 feet.  Once it ran through, it was turned around to run through a
second time, exposing the other side of the 25 feet.  
Remember listening to audio cassettes?  It's the same idea.
When the film was processed (developed), it was cut down the center and the ends spliced together, making it 50 feet long.

My 8mm film reels are larger than 3 inches, but not full.  How do I determine how much film is on the reel?
There are three ways to handle this.

First, you may be lucky to have a film reel that has length markings already.  These markings usually appear on one side of the
reel on a spoke.  You may have to look closely at both sides of the film reel and at each spoke for the correct markings.  Length
may be measured in m (meters) and ft (feet).  They may also have time markings.  We would be looking at the length in feet.  
The foot lengths are in increments of 50 feet (because the larger reels were assembled from 50 foot reels, which is what our
pricing discounts are based upon).  Then, in order to determine how many reels for pricing this would be, simply divide by 50.
For example 400 feet of film divided by 50 feet = 8 fifty foot units for pricing.

Second, measure the diameter of the film on the reel - not the reel itself, but from one end, over the center to the other end.  
Then compare it to the film length chart located on the Pricing Page.  If you would like to know the actual math, the first 3 inches
would be 50 feet, the 4th inch would be an additional 50 feet, then for every inch greater than 4, add 100 feet.

Third, call us with any questions or concerns, toll free at 1-800-865-7172.  One of our experienced staff members is always glad
to help calculate your order and discuss the particulars with you.

What if I overestimate how much film I have or pay too much?
No problem.  We can let you know when your film arrives.  We will either send a refund check for any difference with your order
or apply it to additional copies if you like.  We let you decide.
How should I organize my films before sending them to be transferred?

Number the film reels and boxes in ascending order (1,2,3,4,5.....) with a pen or marker.
               Start with the oldest films first and continue in chronological order to the newest films.

Please..... Only use whole numbers starting at one... Don't use fractions, decimals, letters, or dates  in your sequence.

Please......Never mix film formats, for example going back and forth between Regular 8 and Super 8 film.
               All Regular 8mm film should be first in your sequence and then continue the sequence with your super 8 film.

Please......Cover any hand written numbers on the film reel or box that could disrupt the transfer sequence.

Please......Do not use post it notes on the film reels or boxes, they will fall off and disrupt the film transfer sequence.

Please......Do not include any unprocessed film.  This means any film that has not been sent to and developed by a
               chemical laboratory.  Since we are not a chemical lab, we will not be able to transfer unprocessed film.  Unlike
               underexposed film, unprocessed film is completely dark and opaque when held up to the light.  If all of your film
               is black or dark brown, and if light does not pass through it, then it is likely that your film is unprocessed.

If you do not follow the above guidelines we can not guarantee that you film will be transferred in sequence.
How do you return my original film?

We return your reels spliced together on larger archive reels with a 7-inch (projects < 400 feet) or 13-inch (projects > 400
diameter.  We do not charge extra for this.  Nor do we cut your film.  It is merely spliced together with a small amount of
leader between reel segments, acting as a chapter reference.  This is far better for long term film storage. On the archive reel  
film is not tightly wound around such a small radius (which becomes curled over time), rather it lies in a more natural, flatter
state.  The archive reel takes up far less space than dozens of small reels. There is a $5 charge per reel if you would like us to
return the film on your original reels.

Can I get my original film reels and boxes returned?

All empty reels and film boxes are returned with you finished film transfer.