I received my transfer back and have
reviewed it.

It is far and away the sharpest transfer
I have ever had!

        Thanks, John D.
        Veteran Kodak Manager
         of 30 Years
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Debenham Media Group Reviews
Here are just a few of the unsolicited letters & e-mails
we have received from some of our more recent clients!
These have been reproduced with our clients' permission, with personal information removed.
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Daniel D., Trumansburg, NY               16 October 2008

Whatta' pleasant surprise! You guys are the f_____g best! Smooth and
excellent results. I am more than pleased. Thank you. You can bet there's
more to come.
Jack S., Boynton Beach, FL               24 October 2008

Wow!! The movies came out great!! Those films were
over 70 years old and I'm amazed at how beautifully
you restored them. I thank you, my children thank
you, and my grandchildren thank you. I'm looking
forward to sending you more films as soon as I can
put them together.
Patrick M., Hoolehua, HI               27 October 2008

I am very satisfied with the result and with the orderly
handling and communication. Thanks for the great job.
Matthew M. Redwood City, CA               29 October 2008

The quality of the work you guys did is astounding. The film I submitted
was from 1955 and it came back better than some of the vhs movies I have
seen as of late. I have referred your service to 3 co-workers. Thanks for
the memories! I am extremely satisfied.
Pat W., Manitowoc, WI               29 October 2008

Just wanted to let you know my film arrived today and I couldn't be more pleased. Your website would have to be listed among the best I
have ever discovered. The film I had contained footage from my high school's state basketball tournament in 1968. I had only seen a
silent videotape version of it before I was able to obtain the original.

I had planned to simply run the 16mm film with a projector and digitally tape it from the screen. The only projector I could locate had not
been serviced for some time, and quickly broke the film in two places. Luckily, I discovered your website and sent the film to you. Since I
had no means to splice the film, I sent it to you broken. You spliced the film for me at no additional charge!

I had never viewed the film before and thought it had no sound because that feature of the projector I had was apparently broken as
well. I knew the film had sound striping on it and was absolutely delighted to hear the sound when I played the DVD. On top of
everything else, you send me a refund check because I slightly overestimated the size of the film. Thanks so much for your great
David C., Arcadia, CA               4 November 2008

I want to thank you and your staff for an
excellent job. The DVD is just what we wanted.
Also I appreciated the explanation on MiniDV
tape. I wasn't sure what it was when I ordered
it, only that you recommended it. Again, thank
you for a job well done.
Kim R., Holmdel, NJ               4 November 2008

I received my DVD today - what a wonderful job DMG did!!! I was enormously pleased with
the results. I just wish there was more footage on the reel. I can't wait to share this with
my family. Thank you for restoring my precious memories - they are irreplaceable. I have
more reels to dig up and transfer to DVD, I will definitely use your services again. And I
would like to say the entire experience, communication and tracking updates were
beyond compare. No one provides such great customer service anymore - keep up the
good work!
Barry S., Rockville Centre, NY               5 November 2008

DVD received as promised - terrific, professional job! We are extremely pleased with the results
and excellent service. We were somewhat anxious sending out the only copy of the movies
from our wedding in 1968 and delighted with the obvious care that you took with our film. We
look forward to showing the DVD at our 40th wedding anniversary party next month. Many
Linda M., Glenoma, WA               6 November 2008

We received our DVD transfers of our film -
great job. Good quality! Thanks for helping us
see something that hadn't been seen FOR
YEARS! I will definitely tell others about your
Jim N., Lake Charles, LA               11 November 2008

I have reviewed the Hard Drives and DVDs and I am pleased with the
results. The Colorist did an excellent job and the process was very
professional. I would highly recommend you and will use you again if I find
more film.
Scott W., Wilmette, IL               12 November 2008

I received my 16mm transfers and I'm very pleased with the
results. It was also very comforting to receive e-mails at every
step, and to find everything labeled and packaged well. You
obviously have a well-organized shop. I'll be sending in more stuff
Lauren D., Tinton Falls, NJ               18 November 2008

We received the package today and everything looks WONDERFUL!!! Thanks so much! You
have all been a pleasure to deal with, very prompt in responses, EXTREMELY helpful with
information and answers to all my initial questions, timely turnaround and most importantly
the quality is SUPERB, truly wonderful! A true overall delight, a wonderful experience!
Sueanna B., Wichita, KS               18 November 2008

As I am sure you can assume, the DVD with the
wedding was a huge hit at the 50th Anniversary
party. Thank you for working so diligently to get
the DVDs to us so quickly. I have watched all three
of them three times!
Tom S., Delaware, OH               21 November 2008

I watched the MiniDVs last night, and I have to tell you that I was amazed at
the sharpness and clarity of the transfer. I was really floored from the first
few seconds because the colors really jumped out. The first tape was an
8mm film from 1963, and I couldn't believe the brightness of the colors. I
was used to viewing them on a projector and screen...the MiniDVs were so
much better!

I spent a lot of time weighing which house should transfer the 2,300 feet of
film I had. I received a $100 off coupon, a 15& off coupon, and a free
shipping coupon from the "largest" transfer company, but I still picked you,
and I'm glad I spent the extra money. All of the other places agree - Rank
Cintel is the best transfer process there is. I don't know what "their"
transfer would have looked like, but I'm 100% sure it could not possibly
have been better than yours.

Again, thank you for the transfer. I could not have asked for anything
better. All of my family members are going to be shocked when they receive
their copies as Christmas gifts this year! I'm sure all my aunts, uncles, and
cousins will want copies too.
Cathey W., Harahan, LA               21 November 2008

I have finally finished viewing all of the DVDs you
sent and all I can say is WOW! You have saved
priceless memories for me and you were able to
transfer film that I thought was too far "gone."
Prior to using your group I had some of the film
transferred by another company but the transfers
that you did for me proved how superior your
technique is - there was no comparison in the
color quality and stabilization. You were great in
answering all my questions and giving me
information about the process. I completely
enjoyed working with you all.
Jeannie B., Brookings, OR                24 November 2008

I just wanted to let you know that I received the movie shipment and at least the first few minutes of the first DVD works
beautifully in my DVD player. I can only vouch for the first few minutes, not because it was unwatchable, on the contrary
seeing these once young people having such a lively time brought on a spate of weeping and I had to turn it off. Thank
you so much: for the memories restored, for your care of our precious film, and for just plain being pleasant to deal with.
Jim W., Portage, MI               25 November 2008

I received my most recent batch of 16mm and 8mm
film to .avi conversions and they were, as usual, of
the highest quality.
Warren W., Ann Arbor, MI               30 November 2008

Thanks for doing such a great job transferring my 30-year-old Super 8 sound film onto a
MiniDV and DVD for me. As your technician saw, the original images were poor because much
of the film was shot with available light back in the days of Kodachrome film. But you did an
excellent job of cleaning the film and giving me the best possible quality from the original. I
appreciate the time and effort that went into your work. I'm now going to send you the rest of
my precious old films and hope you can do as good a job with them as you did with the first.
Jennifer H., Grand Rapids, MI               1 December 2008

I was extremely pleased with my transfer - and I really appreciate your doing it ahead of schedule as my father was visiting
for Thanksgiving and was able to view it. Especially with the films from the 1930s, your company did a wonderful job of
preserving my family history. I must say I was a little trepidatious sending my films away to an unknown company that I found
on the web, but I couldn't be more pleased with your service. Both before I sent the films (when one of your
representatives answered some of my questions) to after I watched the films, I was very impressed with your level of
Martin B., Wayzata, MN               11 December 2008

As a retired documentary film maker from the 1950-70 era, I tried
VCR for copies and was not happy with the results. When you have
made and edited the films you know what the original holds. So
when Rank made the first digital machines my interest peaked but
my budget said no, but hopefully new generations of machines and
much lower costs would come. Patiently I kept the answer prints
and WOW, your quality! Your color, resolution and service are
outstanding. I am giving many of my answer prints to the Minnesota
Historical Society in St. Paul and suggesting that they use you in
the future. Many thanks for making my hopes and dreams come
Andrea J., Rock Hall, MD               19 December 2008

Today we received the movies from the early 50s that
you transferred for us. We sat down and watched the
movie right away and brought back so many memories.
We had the DVD made for my husband's parents that are
now in their mid 80s for Christmas. The whole gang gets
together for a family dinner on Christmas day. This year
we will watch the movie and remember all the good
times. Thank you so very much, you and your staff have
made our Christmas a little more special and in these
trying times these kind of memories get you through.
Randy Brown, Pasadena, MD               21 December 2008

I have used DMG's service twice. I was originally concerned about sending unique "one of a kind"
40-year-old films to anyone out of my immediate reach. I looked locally but the stores that offer film
transfer either had amateurish equipment or sent the films out to a subcontractor. After speaking with
your staff, I sent several historic films to you. I was delighted with the first results. The second set of
films came out even better (they were stored in better conditions than the first set of films). In addition
to the quality of the processing, your customer service is outstanding. I really appreciated receiving
e-mails that you received my films, where they were in the schedule and that they had been sent back to
me. And since the estimate was greater than the actual footage, I even received a refund for
overpayment. Who does that these days? I hope that I can acquire additional films so I can send them to
you for transfer to digital.
Tatiana S., Roseland, NJ               22 December 2008

Thanks so much! The DVD turned out great. Can't wait to
watch it with my grandparents and parents at Christmas!
It will be great for them to see themselves 40 years ago!!
We plan on using you guys every year to transfer an old
film to DVD. My entire family gets such a kick out of being
able to just pop it in the DVD player without setting up the
projector. We haven't seen these films in years and this
makes it so much easier and accessible. Thanks again!
Edward D., Greenwich, CT               22 December 2008

I received the DVDs and tapes of my home movies and they are the
hit of our family holiday this year. Thank you all very much for
rushing this through at a very busy time. All of the footage looks
great!! I've been producing TV commercials in NY for a long time so
I know what a good colorist can do for film that needs a little "help."
Mark L., Ridgewood, NJ               23 December 2008

I cannot thank you enough. The result was so good that I do not expect to edit anything.
The picture quality is much better than I had hoped, considering the conditions under
which the films had been kept for so many years. Most of the video looks as good as new.
Eugene A., Miami Beach, FL               4 January 2009

We watched these videos with the family for Christmas and my brother-in-law was so impressed with the quality that he
probably will be reaching you for business to convert his family 8mm films as well. Can't put a price on the quality of the
transfer, and it's pretty amazing to watch videos you saw 30 years ago in even better color and clarity than your memory
recalls. Happy New Year to you all and thanks for the quality service.
Tim C., Henderson, NV               4 January 2009

I wanted to thank you for the outstanding job your
company did on my order. I was impressed with the
quick turnaround time and even when there were
some technical issues (which in retrospect were
probably my fault), you followed through
professionally and without delay.

My 8mm movies included a lot of footage from family
vacations to Disneyland when I was a child. As an
amateur Disney historian, these are among my most
treasured segments. I did some editing and have
posted a few videos on YouTube with more to come.
In comparing my videos to other 8mm Disney
footage on YouTube, I continue to be impressed
with how much better mine look. The quality of the
work you did really shows. I can't believe how poor
other archival videos look. I have no regrets taking
the extra time and money to have my digital
transfers done right.

Thank you again for a job well done. Happy New Year!
Dean J., Manchester, CT               4 January 2009

Received the film and MiniDV on time to edit it for Xmas, which I
appreciate. The film looked very good. Thanks for the good job
and fast return.
Phyllis & Glen H., Front Royal, VA               5 January 2009

As usual, you all did a beautiful job on our movies. These were
movies from our wedding and my sisters' weddings. We just
celebrated our 40th anniversary and these movies were still so
clear. We are originally from Johnstown so we knew we could
trust a company in PA. Happy New Year and thanks so much.
Carol V., Sioux Falls, SD               12 January 2009

The movies are fantastic. The colors are richer and brighter than I
ever dreamed possible. We really enjoyed them with our whole
family on Christmas. I didn't tell you but my Mom has dementia and I
was afraid I transferred the films too late for her to appreciate
them. However, when we watched them Christmas she
remembered them well, all the people and places from 50 years
ago. Thanks for helping us to bring those memories to her.
Jim J., Roswell, GA               23 January 2009

Received everything today. I've looked at the "new" DVD and it is
sensational! I can't believe the clarity, from a 50 year old 8mm film.
Great job guys!
Kevin W., Elkins, WV               23 January 2009

I just received my DVD copies from you and viewed the 40-year-old
film transfer. The quality work you did is incredible and I truly
appreciate the exquisite work you did for me, a million thanks as
you can imagine my angst in trusting anyone with my 40-year-old
16mm film. I will be back.
Edward M., Cicero, NY               29 January 2009

Waiting for my converted films to be returned was like the
anticipation I used to feel as a child waiting for Christmas morning.
Well Christmas came last week when I got home from work and saw
my package had arrived. Not Christmas 2008 but Christmas 1957!

I can't adequately express my satisfaction and gratitude for how
you treated my family's recorded history and memories. While I feel
a little sympathetic for the colorist who had to watch these boring
films, please convey my acknowledgement of appreciation and
admiration of their skills. DMG's attention to detail is obvious right
down to the packaging and shipping container!

First, upon researching 8mm transfer options it can easily be said
that your web site is by far the most comprehensive and
informative out there. All of my questions were answered (even
the ones I didn't think to ask). It was written clearly and in language
for both the layman and the tech geek in me.

Next I decided to call with a list of questions (more like
clarifications). The person who answered the phone said he could
answer my questions and proceeded to do so. I was treated like I
had priceless rare footage in my possession. All my concerns
about the quality of the old splices, burns, etc. were no problem
for your equipment and any repairs would be done as part of the
service. This person spent at least 15 minutes with me. When there
were no more questions to ask I asked this person for his name as
I always do. This person was Stuart Debenham himself! I like a man
who answers his own phone even though I'm sure he employs

A week later after I gathered all the films from various family
members I had a few more questions and called again. This time I
was forwarded to another person who showed me the same
patience and courtesy. It was obvious that he was knowledgeable
but what struck me the most was his enthusiasm. It was clear that
he truly enjoyed what he did.

That did it. Off went the package for the two day trip to your studio.
I received the email confirmation the same day you received it (and
possibly the same hour it was signed for as evidenced by FedEx
shipping logs). The email said to expect a normal production time
of 2-3 weeks plus return shipping. I'm sorry to inform you that you
were incorrect. The total time for production was several days less
than two weeks!

Upon opening the box and wading thru the ample layers of
popcorn and bubble wrap I found:

1. My original films archived on large reels and heat sealed in a
heavy plastic bag for storage. I could probably submerge this bag
in water without it leaking (but I won't).

2. The high-quality Verbatim DVDs.

3. All of my original reels and cases as discussed. These were
important to me because my father, now deceased, had tagged the
5" metal cases with dates and notes in his own hand. They are as
valuable to me as the film they contained.

4. The portable hard drive that was formatted, loaded and ready to
use including the cables. All I had to do was plug it into the
computer and I was ready to edit. Oh, by the way, it did not go
unnoticed that the hard drive was not the 160GB model that I had
ordered. It was in fact a 250GB model by a quality manufacturer
with an external SATA port! Knowing your attention to detail I doubt
that this was provided in error but if it was then I will gladly pay for
the upgrade. If not then the increase in transfer speed is a
welcomed bonus.

To say that the finished product was stunning would be a gross
understatement. The colors of a well lit and properly exposed clip
are amazing! Unfortunately these home movies were not filmed by
the best equipment and usually not in ideal conditions. That being
said, I can definitely see more detail in several church/wedding
scenes that were severely under-exposed thanks to you trained
personnel. It's not a "Hollywood version of CIA spy footage
enhancement" but more is better. It's like finding buried treasure
when you see something that you never saw before with the old

It's now time to begin my hobby of editing the footage. While I
highly praise your efforts and would recommend your services to
anyone, I'm afraid that my wife may curse you for the same reasons.
Editing is a time consuming and absorbing process for me and the
cut into the free time may cause a rift in the relationship! If your
ears ring for the next month or so at least you'll know why!

Thanks again. All companies should provide this level of service,
quality and commitment to their customers. I believe that the
economic difficulties that face the world would not exist today if
they did business as you do.
Joe T., Aventura, FL               3 February 2009

I was able to view all the DVDs this weekend and I need to tell you WOW!
Great work. I was especially gratified and amazed upon viewing those films
from 70 years ago in the rusty tin cans which I wasn't sure if anything at all
would come out of them. All the other movies were 35 years old and came out
great too. So, if I ever need to recommend someone for this kind of work, you
can count on me. Thank you very much. Your work was very professional and
Daniel B., Bend, OR               3 February 2009

I received my DVDs and films after the holidays and couldn't be more pleased. Great job! My family archives are now safe. I was also
surprised at your feedback and quality control notes that accompanied my project. Thank you for your expertise and craftsmanship.
Kathleen A., Jackson, NJ               4 February 2009

You did great!! We just found more film and will be
sending it to you this week. Thank you for your fine work.
Carin K., Santa Ana, CA               9 February 2009

We received the DVDs today. I viewed all of them and was very pleased.
Thanks for a good job. I'm sure my parents will enjoy them as well.
Joyce W., Bountiful, UT               10 February 2009

Just a note to tell you how happy we have been with our movie transfers. We are editing, adding still
photos, narration, music, other historical data, and are sharing with other family members. We had
originally purchased a "machine" to do the transfers ourselves, but found that the time/precision
involved in doing so many small reels was just not worth our time. How glad we are that we decided
to have you do it for us. Every facet of your service has been excellent.
Pierre T., Fort Myers, FL               12 February 2009

I am absolutely delighted with your celerity, courtesy,
and above all the outstanding quality of your work!!!
Josiane M., Seattle, WA                6 March 2009

I was thrilled to see my old movies so clearly, without the flicker and
jitter of the projector! They run so smoothly! Your process captured
quite a bit of detail on such tiny frames. Years ago, I had stopped taking
Super 8 movies because they just did not look very good projected...but
now I wish I had taken more! Thank you for an important job well done!
Steve A., Charlottesville, VA                2 March 2009

Thanks for a first-rate transfer of my Super-8 footage of a TV show being recorded at Jefferson Cable Studios in
Charlottesville, Virginia on March 17, 1972 (my 20th birthday - BTW). It was fun seeing a single-head IVC VTR running
again. Some of this footage will be used in a "mocumentary" I'm working on. As my budget allows, I will be sending more
footage for transfer. With my 16mm, I may take the uncompressed-HD-on-a-hard-drive route. I have recommended your
service to an old friend who used to work with me in Jefferson Cable's production department. He shot hours of 16mm.
Chris and Jerry B., Santa Barbara, CA                23 February 2009

Thank you for the great job you did on our 16mm transfers. We
were very pleased with the work and have totally enjoyed
looking at our old films without the projector, changing reels,
etc. A special thank you for your consideration with our
transfers being a Christmas present for our daughter. You
called and kept us updated on the status of the job in relation to
Dec. 25 and even offered to send the DVD that was completed -
that was very thoughtful service. We have 16 more reels to
transfer and I'm sending off another 1600 feet to you today.
Thank you again and we look forward to doing more business
with your company.
Susan A., San Francisco, CA                21 February 2009

I just want to thank you for the great job you did on all
my footage and for your friendly, helpful service. I
have already told people about your great service
and will continue to do so. I'm so glad I found you.
Harry B., Edgewater, MD               21 February 2009

Thank you, I was more than pleased with what an
excellent job you did on transferring my old films to DVD.
Toni O., Alfred Station, NY               20 February 2009

We received the film and DVDs yesterday and watched them last night. We had no idea
what would be on the films or if there would be anything at all viewable. Well, we loved
them, and of course wished there were more left behind. Thank you for everything you
did to make such a successful transfer. Lots of the family will have lovely moments
watching the newly transferred films - priceless!!! Thank you so much for your
excellent skills and professional approach to your work. We are grateful.
Curtis S., Sudbury, ON                20 February 2009

Thank you for the excellent results transferring my father's 8mm movies to
digital media. We are all impressed with the results and they were exactly
as advertised. I am also impressed with the care that was taken from start
to finish. The separate shipments gave us an additional feeling of security
as did the communication received throughout. Once again, many thanks.
Mario R., McAllen, TX               19 February 2009

I received the package with the 2 DVDs yesterday.
After reading you advertisement about your
company and your work, I had high expectations. I
will say that your efforts and your work exceeded my
expectations. The DVDs are very good, and will
serve our purpose excellently. I thank you and your

This morning I called the "grove" where we buy our
citrus fruit and our freshly squeezed orange juice
supply and ordered a box of Texas Red Grapefruits
for you. I asked that they be shipped immediately. I
appreciate the personal efforts that you exerted. I
hope that you and your staff enjoy the fruit.
John. M., South Fork, PA               24 April 2009

I have received the DVDs transferred from our home movies
and I am satisfied with what you were able to salvage. I may
have some additional transfers for you in the future.
George G., Centerport, NY               18 April 2009

We received the DVD you made from the 35mm film taken probably
eighty years ago. As a retired engineer, I look back in awe at the
tremendous advances in technology in every aspect of our daily
lives. And having been part of it for 40 years, I almost wish I were
part of it today. However, since I can't be part of creating the
technology, I just enjoy utilizing it. Tonight we enjoyed the product
of the technology that you utilized to preserve a treasure for my
wife. The clarity and resolution of the DVD transfer was remarkable
for a film that old. And the look of joy on my wife's face as she
viewed her mother dancing as a young adult was priceless. Thank
you so much.
Steve D., Dallas, TX               20 April 2009

Thanks, you managed to squeeze the most quality possible from
my under-exposed 8mm films. I'll be sending more films your way.
Alan G., Plainsboro, NJ               12 May 2009

Thank you so much. You did a great job and we appreciate it. I'm so glad [a
national competitor of yours] screwed up the shipping process! You
completed the job much earlier than [the competitor] said they would have,
even assuming that they would have finally shipped the special mailing
boxes, and I have no doubt that your quality is far superior. We're just amazed
that it looks so good after 53 years. I can't wait to share it with the rest of my
Debbie N., Brooklyn, NY               4 May 2009

Thank you for the excellent job you did in transferring my parents' 1952 16mm wedding film. The quality surpassed our
expectations. I also appreciated the time you and your team spend on the phone with me explaining the various options,
and suggesting that I do the basic transfer first and that if, after viewing, I thought it needed the extra stabilization, I could
simply send the tape back for that to be added on. The project was completed for much less than other companies quoted
me. And, you finished the job ahead of schedule! I am very impressed with your company and highly recommend you!
Monty C., Albemarle, NC               4 May 2009

I received the order last week and it looks great. I was disappointed that there was not more but
then that's not your fault. GREAT JOB. I will keep your information and if I need more you will be the
first. It may be good for other PI's around the country to know of your quality work and honesty. It
really goes a long way.
Evelyn A., Trenton, UT               4 May 2009

I was very pleased with the results of my movies that
you transferred to DVD! I had another company do
them originally and wasn't very happy with the results,
so I found your company online. You were able to
bring out parts that before were unrecognizable
because they were too dark or too light. I had hoped
for more color in some places, but I guess the
60-year-old film had just faded too much. So thank you
for a job well done! I would recommend your company
to anyone.
Phil G., Afton, TN               4 May 2009

My DVD arrived today, and I want you to know that I'm absolutely
delighted with the results of your work. The clarity and color
intensity of your transfer process is amazing! I couldn't ask for
better results, especially considering the fact that these movies
are old and have deteriorated considerably. Please extend my
congratulations and my sincere thanks to your colorist who handled
this project. I have more movies that I will be sending you over the
next several months. I hope you are able to achieve the same
outstanding results with the rest of my home movies. Thanks again!
Lani H., Manhattan Beach, CA               1 May 2009

I just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did on my films. I love them.
I have given your name to everyone who is looking for your services. I had
some of my films done before and they do not even compare to how well you
transferred them. Thank you to the highest degree. Your company and the
people who work there are fantastic.  You will be hearing from me again
because I am getting a hold of my family's films and I will send them to you
Pam S., Manhattan Beach, CA               24 April 2009

My movies are beautiful. Thank you.
Bradley S., Brooklyn, NY                29 May 2009

In regards to my 16mm to DVD and MiniDV,
everything was completed exactly as promised.
I'm very happy with the results.
Paul S., Nanuet, NY               29 May 2009

Fabulous job on my home movies, and reasonably
priced. Thanks so much. I'm sending another reel,
my parents' wedding. I look forward to seeing it, too.
Chris A., Los Angeles, CA               28 May 2009

You are terrific. I am returning to convert another reel that I just found.
Your patience in speaking with me the first time and wonderful customer
service were excellent. And the end product was as promised.
John S., Joliet, IL               22 May 2009

I received my DVD yesterday, and I could not wait to view it! The film
brought back many good memories, and you did a wonderful job
transferring it to a DVD. I kid you not: being able to watch that film for the
first time in 25 or so years really made my day (especially as I listened to
the accompanying sound track that is on an old tape cassette). I watched
the film about ten times so far, and I cannot wait to show it to my sister
(who also had a starring role). Thank you again for bringing me such joy.
Chad A., Ventura, CA               19 May 2009

Got my transfers. Thank you, great quality.
Very happy, will be sending more reels!
Chuck T., Saratoga, CA               3 June 2009

I had worked with MyMovieTransfer.com (MMT) a few years ago when we had some other old family 16mm silent films transferred to
digital format and placed on a disk. I was very impressed with your company at that time. For this more recent transfer, I convinced
the person holding the films that you folks would do a good job and that he needed to let them go across the country.

I am happy to report that, as before, MMT handled everything in a most professional manner, including allowing us to ship and bill to
two different addresses. The copies look pretty good; I have never seen the original films. As near as I am able to assess, the copies
are as good as could be expected given the quality of the film that was sent to you and the transfer process we selected. I have
shown the digital copies to a number of family members and all have been thrilled to see them.

I also want to thank you for any expediting you may have done. My mother-in-law had been talking of these films for as long as I have
known her, more than 30 years. The films contained images of her family from when she was about 12 years old up through the birth
of some of her nieces and nephews. When her health began to deteriorate, I became somewhat insistent that the holder of the films
send them to you. I received the disk and was able to show her the movies about 3 weeks before she died. It was VERY special.

So thanks again. I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone.
Jill M., South Haven, MI               3 June 2009

We received our DVD in the mail today and wanted to let you know how happy we were
with our order. We were nervous about sending out our old home movies, but we mailed
them in at the last minute, hoping to get them back to show them at a wedding this
summer. We were so impressed with your fast service and especially with the email
updates on your progress! We will definitely be sending in more movies to you again soon!
Andrew H., Princeton, NJ               4 June 2009

Thank you so much for the digital transfer of my 8mm movie films. I took a peek at volume 1 last night. WOW! I had forgotten much of what
I had taken 37 years ago as a kid with my grandfather's Bell & Howell camera. It didn't help matters that the movie projector bulb had long
ago burned out. My childhood years on DVD - priceless!! Absolutely wonderful job with the transfer. It looks really nice. Obviously some
(not much actually) of the film had scratches or streaks, but this sort of 'patina' lends an aura (distance?) to the glimpse of days gone by. I
like that aspect. We intend to do some editing and add a music track to it... the edited DVD will become a present to my brother for his
50th birthday this summer. Thanks again for restoring forgotten memories!
Adam S., Washington, DC               15 June 2009

I have been thrilled with the transfers you made for me last
week, and another batch is headed your way. Following in Dad's
footsteps, I am a picky television producer myself, and was very
surprised how well the film looked (especially knowing how
poorly it was stored in my mother's basement).
Tammy L., Harrisburg, PA               18 July 2009

Let me take the time to tell you how pleased I was with the quality,
shipping, care and overall professionalism. I am so happy that I
picked your company to convert my mother's old home movies,
when I played them it was like seeing my grandfather and aunt
again. They both passed away years ago. When I received the
package I was pleased with how it was shipped, so carefully. I
would tell anybody who wants movies done to go to your company.
You should be pleased with yourselves, by bringing back people's
youth you make us feel whole again. You get four stars!
Charlie C., Novi, MI               16 July 2009

I received the movies you recently transferred to a hard drive
and just pulled them up on my computer. Wow! The quality is
amazing! Beyond what I thought could be possible. My dad, who
is close to 80, took all these films and I know he will be blown
away when I show them to him. Thanks so much! Also, I have to
say that the speed of your service is amazing!
Bob R., Fishers, IN               15 July 2009

You did a great job with very old and fragile media. Thank you.
Julius F., Marshfield, MA                14 July 2009

This is our second film that you've transferred to DVD. The
first films were of our wedding and honeymoon. We plan to
celebrate our 50th anniversary next month and watching that
DVD will be a key part of our celebration. I was very impressed
with the quality you were able to transfer from these old
movies. It seemed like they had not deteriorated in the 50
years that they sat in our basement. The quality looked just as
I remember watching them on our old 8mm projector. I was
also thankful that you provided a digital tape with the DVD. We
were able to add some of our old music, and titles, and we
now have a very professional looking DVD. Each time we
watch this DVD we're transported back 50 years to celebrate
these happy occasions again. Thank you for the quality
service you provided in the film transfer. You've made two old
people very happy as we watch this DVD over and over again.
The current films you've transferred continue our marriage
story as I trace our first 20 Christmas celebrations as our
three children came onto the scene, and grew into young
ladies. We look forward to viewing this DVD very soon. Thank
you again for the excellent service you provided. You will
continue to be our only and well recommended film transfer
Artie L., Fernandina Beach, FL               13 July 2009

We received the digital copies, and have watched the old
movies with great pleasure. Thanks for helping us to preserve
special family moments! We will save your contact information
and make referrals to our friends who have this need.
Mike K., White Rock, NM               11 July 2009

I have to give your company big kudos for the job you did. I
watched the movies the other night with an aunt and uncle.
They thoroughly enjoyed them. Your company certainly did a
fine job with the entire process. Thanks again for handling
these family treasures with such professionalism.
Mike R., Alexandria, VA               6 July 2009

Received the film yesterday. Very pleased with the results.
You did an excellent job. I will be sending you the rest of my
Super 8 reels - about 19 I think. Thanks again.
Mike R., Alexandria, VA               23 July 2009

Wanted to let you know the films arrived.  
Thanks for the good work and please pass
on my thanks to your staff.  They have done
everything I expected and very quickly.  I
am very happy with the work you have
Kristen, Chicago, IL               28 July 2009

I just wanted to send you a little note regarding how pleased I was with the film
transfer you did for me last month.  It was a gift for my Mother's 70th birthday and
she could have not been happier.  The original 8mm films were in horrible
condition and I was afraid that none of it could be salvaged.  I was amazed at the
end result.  I also want to thank your staff for being so thorough in explaining the
process and what I needed to do.  It was a breath of fresh air getting such fine
customer service.         
Richard H., Bel Air, MD            28 July 2009

I want to thank you for the excellent job your company did in transferring our 8mm movies
to digital files.  Most of these movies were from the late 1940's and had not been stored in
the best of conditions, but the end product was excellent.  The clarity in most of these
files is remarkable.  Needless to say you have a very satisfied customer and I highly
recommend your services.  You have provided my family with many hours of great
Bruce F., Salt Lake City, UT            30 July 2009

The transfer arrived this afternoon.  Very professional from
the comprehensive evaluation of the original production to
the extremely accurate transfer to digital medium.  Being a
former film/video producer, I can appreciate your studio,
talent, and results.  Thank you.        
Jerry M., Slidell, LA            31 July 2009

Thanks for the effort involved
converting our 8mm films to DVD,
allowing us to view 40 years of old
memories.  Your services were as
advertised: professional and timely.
Thank you for a job well done.
Phil G., Afton, TN            31 July 2009

I received my recent DVD and MiniDV tape transfer of my
home movies today.  This is the third transfer that your
company has done for me, and I again am absolutely amazed
at the quality of your work!  I never would have imagined that
your transfer process would yield such clarity and depth of
color from these old home movies.  Your efforts have
ensured that these treasured family memories will be with us
for many, many years, and I thank you for that!

Again, I congratulate you and your staff for an excellent job.  
I have more movies that I will be sending to you. I can tell
you honestly that I am very pleased that I entrusted
Debenham Media Group with this work.

Please feel free to use this note on your web site!
Frank L., Libertyville, IL            3 Aug 2009

The DVDs arrived on Saturday and I had a chance to look at most of
them.  WOW, I could not be more pleased with your work.  While
looking on the web for information about 8mm transfer, I found your
site along with 5 others.  After narrowing it down to two options, I
sent an email to each company.  Your quick response (less than a
day) made the choice very easy. Now to have the entire project
complete in LESS than two weeks...amazing.  I know the film was not
in great shape and some poor quality footage, however, there is no
question that the DVDs are better quality than the original 8mm film.

Thanks for providing a great service!
Karen B., Dracut, MA            3 Aug 2009

Where do I begin???  My parents had a number of 8mm films that
had been sitting up in their attic for 30-40 years.  The last time any
of us watched them was when we were in our teens and then the
projector broke.  Fixing the projector was never a priority and so
the films collected dust in the attic.

Last year during the holiday, the films came up in conversation as
they always do.  And, as we always did, we all agreed we need to
get them transferred to DVD someday but this year I decided that
enough was enough and it was time to get them transferred.  After
all, my parents are in their mid-70s and none of us "kids" were
getting any younger and I thought it would be a lot of fun for our
kids to see that their parents were once young too!

So I began what I thought would be a daunting and stressful but
necessary project.  The films were old, possibly brittle, and who
knows what state the images were in?? A number of other transfer
shops that my Dad had explored over the years had issued
countless disclaimers about how they wouldn't be responsible for
the films if they broke due to brittleness so that made him nervous
about embarking on the project.  My Dad had done some research
online and had found MyMovieTransfer.com.  He had a couple of
email exchanges with them and gave me all of the information and
correspondence that was exchanged between them.  I read
through everything and it looked to me as though
MyMovieTransfer.com was professional, reasonably priced, and
legitimate.  And, as their name implied, that was their core
business.  To be on the safe side though, I decided to do a bit of my
own research since I am in Massachusetts and
MyMovieTransfer.com is in Pennsylvania, I was hoping to find a
company that was closer to home as I was very nervous about
packing up our irreplaceable family films and handing them off to a
carrier.  I spent several hours doing research and could not find
anyone that exhibited the same level of professionalism and
legitimacy as MyMovieTransfer.com did.  I wanted to have the films
transferred by a company whose primary business is the film
industry - not by someone who does it part time out of their
garage.  So, I decided to take a chance on MyMovieTransfer.com.

Over the past seven months, I have had four orders of film transfer
processed by MyMovieTransfer.com for a total of approximately
3,400 feet of film!  They did an outstanding job!  In many cases the
DVD images were clearer and the colors more vibrant than I recall
them to be on the original film.  The customer service was way
beyond expectations.  It was very clear to me with my first order
that the team at MyMovieTransfer.com is well aware of the value of
the films they process and they show it in everything they do - from
promptly acknowledging the receipt of the film when it arrives in
DMG, to clearly setting expectations for processing times, to
promptly processing the film (most of the time earlier than
expected), to finally notifying us that our films and DVDs are on the
way back to us.  I was so impressed right from the start and after
the first order went so smoothly, I was extremely confident and
relaxed about sending out subsequent orders.

My family and I have enjoyed watching our family films once again
and it's been a lot of fun sharing them with our own children.  Thank
you so much for the wonderful work that you do and for truly
understanding what is important to your customers.  I wish you
continued success in your business for many, many years to come.
Bob P., Seneca, SC          5 Aug 2009

Thank you very much for the excellent service and quick
turnaround.  Special thanks to Greg M. for his help and
expertise; he is a valuable asset to your company.  In the
future I will be sending additional films for conversion, the
quality is excellent!!!

Again, thank you.
Stephen B., Coral Springs, FL            16 Aug 2009

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your
transfers.  It was beyond what I had expected.  I will be getting
together more reels to be copied, and get them out to you.  
Thank you for all of your help.
Jack K., Rockland, MA            2 Sept 2009

Just received my DVD with 50 minutes of
old 8mm transfers.  Very good indeed
considering the age and poor storage of
the 8mm.  I will be sending you another
batch shortly.
Knox L., Columbia, SC          9 Sept 2009

Back in early April of this year, you supplied m with a near
perfect 8mm to DVD transfer of my high school days in
1958.  I don't know how you did it...the darker shadows
were brought into the light and with brilliant color.  The
DVD has a better image than the movie film does.  You
guys are great.

You not only did great work, but you exceeded my
schedule!  Thank you for that.  It took a lot of pressure off
of me.  Thanks!
Connie B., Brooksville, FL           4 Sept 2009

I can't thank you enough for putting all the film on one large reel. It sure makes it easier to store.  Also, thanks for the
post card about the MiniDV tape.  The information on that card was very good - things that I didn't know about before, but
do now.  Of course, being a novice, it will take me a while to understand exactly how to do this.

Thanks for also putting the movies on the external hard drive.  That is being put away right now until I am ready to work
with it.

The DVDs really brought back so many memories, many of which I had forgotten until I saw the movies.  I can't thank you
enough.  All of my family is gone, so these are really very precious to me.

Again, thank you so much for all the good work that your company has done for me.  I wouldn't hesitate to work with you in
the future, if needed, and also to recommend you to others as well.
Dean M., Wellesley, MA          4 Sept 2009

I'd like to end our e-mail thread here with a
big applause to you and your team.  The video
transfer you did for us was exceptional and
the turn around much faster than we
anticipated.  You were able to help us meet
our deadline.

Thanks again for your help.
Dorothy B., San Antonio, TX            5 Sept 2009

Thanks so much for sending the film transfer
so quickly.  You did a great job as usual
especially considering how old and the poor
condition of our films.  They have literally
been through the war and flood.  But the
fantastic thing is there's pictures of my
father that we'd long forgotten existed!  I will
be sending a check for the MiniDV so that I
won't take a chance of having to have the
original rescanned.  Again thanks.
David E.., Muncy, PA           24 Sept 2009

I just received my order from you.  My wife
and I have watched the DVD.  I was so
pleased to see movies that I've not seen for
more than 20 years!!  The pictures were
sharp and clear, better than I remembered.  
I have about 20,000 feet more to have
transferred.  So I'm sure you will be hearing
from me again.

Thank you so much.
David S., Chicago, IL          24 Sept 2009

Received my order from you
yesterday.  The entire process was
quick and professional.  The film
transfer was great quality.  I'm going to
send you another batch of 8mm films

Thanks so much!
Mac G., Juneau, WI            24 Sept 2009

We received our film and DVDs yesterday via FedEx.  It was fun
tracking the package as it made its way across Ohio to Chicago and
then up here to Wisconsin.

I'm impressed by how well the process was organized.  You completed
the job in a very timely fashion.  I've done a brief review of the DVDs -
excellent work!

And thanks for the refund check.

Side note:  The 16mm film was from my parents' wedding - dated 1928.  
I got to see both my grandfathers who were deceased around the time
I was born.  Thank you very much for the meeting.
Greg D., Sunnyville, CA    10 Oct 2009

Got the film transfers today.  You folks
do impressive work.  I will send some
more reels later this week.

Rod B., Mooresburg, PA            29 Sept 2009

Forty-odd years ago, three teenagers formed a rock band in our rural Central Pennsylvania
village.  We played local venues for a number of years, firemans' carnivals, sock hops,
school dances, and-the-like.  We also made a movie using one of our dad's 8mm cameras
and about three rolls of splice tape.  To the outside, it wouldn't seem much; just a bunch of
kids fooling around.  But we were proud of it; it was 35 minutes long, it told a story, and we
produced all of the music with original songs, with only three exceptions.  We were tickled
when it premiered at the local fire hall before all of our friends, parents, and the whole

Each of us eventually got married, went off to college, built our careers, travelled separate
paths.  One of us kept the film as a memento of a youthful, bygone era, pulling it out every
few years just to reminisce.

Then two years ago we reformed the band for a reunion concert...and kept playing.  Today,
we play local venues plus whatever other gigs we can find.  At one of our practices we
pulled out that old 8mm film just for a laugh and decided that we better do something to
preserve it before it was lost forever to the ravages of time.

We sent it to a company to have it converted to a DVD, but the company we chose got the
reels mixed up, left parts out, and didn't do anything to correct the places where 40-year-old
splices got stuck, resulting in uneven framing.  Our initial excitement over the project
quickly faded.

Not to be discouraged by this failure, however, we decided to try the conversion ourselves.  
It was, quite frankly, a frustrating experience that involved buying a machine, into which we
projected the film using an old 8mm projector, all the while filming the resulting image using
a digital camcorder.  And all in the dark.  What a convoluted mess!

We resolved to try one final time before throwing our hands up and abandoning the project.  
Then one day as I was searching Amazon.com for some 8mm-related equipment, I noticed a
sponsored ad for your company.  I visited your website and started reading about the
process you use to convert old 8mm film into DVD and, more importantly, digital files.  I was
impressed by the technology you employ in the conversion process, especially the use of
equipment that allows you to create a digital image of the film without the actual celluloid
being fed through a projector.  Your pledge of color enhancement was also enticing, plus
you would clean the film and repair old splices!

So I called and spoke to a representative and asked some specific questions about
processes and pricing.  He was quite friendly, answered every question to my complete
satisfaction and acted in a thoroughly professional and trustworthy manner.  In fact, we even
joked with each other that if I had known I would be sending a film, I could have dropped it
off; just the week before I had come through Pittsburgh and ironically, right past your

I carefully packaged and mailed the film and just one week later, it was on its way back, along
with a hard drive I had sent for the digital files.  The three of us were quite frankly stunned.  
We had no idea the movie would look so good; the images were crisp (where they were
supposed to be) and the color balance was absolutely remarkable.  I immediately began work
on the digital file with my video editing program, never imagining it would be so easy and yet
so precise.   When I was finished, we burned our own DVDs.  By way of contrast, we then
included videos of us performing the same songs today that we premiered in our movie so
many years ago.

I know I have rambled on, but I wanted you to understand that you have made three very
sentimental old guys very happy.  Your pricing was quite reasonable and the quality of your
work is exceptional.  You even returned the film on a new reel because it never did fit quite
right on the old one we sent.

I also wanted you to know that we credited your company on the DVD label for digital video
remastering. (Unfortunately, such an honor does not convey financial royalties; we don't sell
the DVDs, we simply give them away to friends and family.  Sorry.)

Thank you so very much for taking such good care of our memories.
Andy M., San Jose, CA          3 November 2009

Quick turn, great quality, reasonable price, and easy to work with.
What more could one ask for? You are providing an excellent service!

My 16mm films turned out very nice. Thank you.

Repeat orders are the best form of flattery.
My second shipment of film (this time 8mm) should arrive to you by Thursday 11/5
Cliff R., Sequim, WA          18 November 2009

All I can say about your transfer of my Super 8mm to DVD is:
THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Excellent work on the transfer!  The
film was getting worn out and now I don't have to worry about it
anymore.  This was film from 1965 & 1966 taken while I was in Viet
Nam.  The color & brightness on the transfer was better than the
film itself.  I would recommend your service to anyone who has
any film to transfer to DVD. I will be using your transfer service
again for the rest of my 8mm film.  Thanks again!         
Bill S., Annandale, VA          16 Nov 2009

I received my transfer DVD and the result is very good, thank
you for an excellent job.
Richard S. (on behalf of Dr. Jack S.), Phoenix, OR         20 November 2009

Dr. S. called me today and was very pleased with your excellent service.  
I enjoyed dealing with you and will no doubt be sending some more folks
your way!
Cynthia B., Australia          2 December 2009

I've just got to say what a great job you guys did
when I sat back and watched it at home.  I was
overcome with all kinds of emotions.  PRICELESS.  
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all
the time you spent transferring it for me, I have since
found two more reels I've had to give to Video 8 to
do here in Sydney.  They don't have your technology
or give any promises. I am working non stop on
completing the MFA, so the material you guys did will
be in my MFA work.  Thank you again.

P.S.: Kids can't believe it's them.
Ted S., Beaver Falls, PA          7 December 2009

I looked at the DVD of the 16mm movies and
was amazed at the "edge to edge" clarity of
the image.  The fact that the grain is so
detailed and clear suggests to me that I am
seeing everything there is to see in the
original emulsion.  WOW!
Greg D., Sunnyville, CA          7 December 2009

Another great job! The video looks a lot better than the original
8mm film. I have more films that I will send you after the holidays.
Thanks. And have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and
prosperous New Year.
Riley T., Flint, MI          8 December 2009

I just wanted to write to thank you and your associates
for doing a great job. This is my second transfer with
DMG and I am truly impressed.  The picture is incredible
for both the black and white and color rolls, despite the
fact that I shot some scenes with less light than I should
have!  One step that I do not have to worry about in post
production is color correction, and whoever it was that
processed the transfer has my grateful thanks.  I guess
it goes without saying, I will definitely consider DMG in
the future for future projects to be transferred.
Phil R., Carol Stream, IL          20 November 2009

This is the third order I've mailed to you in the last couple of years.  The others were 16mm family
movies. (Some of those movies were from the 1940's).  Your results were spectacular.  How you
managed to eliminate the "flicker" of our movies during your transfer process, I'll never know.  The
color, sharpness and clarity of the movie images were far beyond what I expected.  My family was
thrilled with the results.
Peter A., Fairfax, CA         19 December 2009

Thanks for completing my second order - as
before, the transfer was crisp and well
corrected for exposure and color.  My films
were 55 years old and poorly shot, but the
results were better than I had expected - much
like opening a time-capsule.  I also appreciated
the careful packaging.
Terry M., Kissimmee, FL          20 December 2009

We received our DVD and MiniDV that you transferred for us from
the reels of Super8 film we sent you.  We were dazzled with the
quality of your work.  The video was sharp and clear and the color
rendition was superb!  The technician did an excellent job.  We were
so pleased that we mailed two more 200 foot reels of Super8 film to
you two days ago.  Thanks again for the quality work that I expected
and received.
Barbara J., Bridgeton, ME          21 December 2009

Was delighted you were able to transfer the films.  
They were quite old and taken with a not so very
sophisticated movie camera.  Sent them out to
family and believe this was the best Christmas
present ever conceived.  You preserved our
treasured memories of a lifetime.  Lots of tears and
laughter!  Thanks for a great job.
Tom R., Norton, MA          4 January 2010

Thank you for shipping my transfer in time for Christmas!  My wife was
completely surprised!  We had never seen our wedding film (28 years).  Seeing
it now was a thrill!  Thank you for the great job you did in processing my order
so quickly.  It meant a lot to my family.
Jeff H., Albany, OR          4 January 2010

I received my film transfers this past
weekend and am delighted with the quality of
the transfer!
Don P., West Ford, MA           9 January 2010

Thank you for the great job you did in the transfer of my home movies.

I dealt with at least three different people (more than once in some cases) over there at
MyMovieTransfer.com because of how many times I called with questions before sending my original
film :-) and I was incredibly impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of everyone.  It is very
apparent that you people do not see your jobs as work and that you truly LOVE what you do, and you do
it very well.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to everyone and anyone I know who needs this
service, or anyone who asks me about this type of service.
David L., Warren, RI      9 January 2010

I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive about sending my father's
8mm films in the mail to a company I had never dealt with before.  
But after receiving the DVDs and watching them, it did not dawn on
me at first but you people actually took the time and put the movies
in chronological order.  WOW!! It was great!  I will not hesitate to
mention your company when I hear of someone looking for your
service.  Once mom's 80th surprise party is over I plan on sending
you the balance of the films to do.  Professionals you are.
Duncan J., Washington,
DC 15 January 2010

The films are beautiful.
Thanks so much.
Linda M., Ithaca, NY          18 January 2010

Thanks for the wonderful transfer of our old 16mm Christmas
movies to the great-looking DVD.  The memories are priceless
and thanks to you they can now be viewed in great color and

Kudos also to Greg who was really helpful and fun to speak
with when I called with questions.

And another nice surprise:  I overestimated the film length
big-time, so what a nice surprise to find that the charge was
$88 less than I expected.  Christmas all over again!
Don Z., New Auburn,
WI       21 January 2010

The movies look great!
Bob and Pat A., Ellensburg, WA           28 January 2010

Just received the DVD today and it came out great.  I was
impressed with the color and sharpness.  Wish my dad
could have captioned things so I knew who all these folks
were, but that was shot about 70 years ago and I may run
the DVD by some historians.  I have a few more reels and
will probably send some more in the near future.

I also mentioned you folks to some friends.
Chris H., Chicago, IL            25 January 2010

Hello! My footage arrived today and I couldn't be happier
with it.  Absolutely stellar quality, far better than my
previous lab.  Incredibly quick turnaround, obvious
attention to detail, sharp images, and unerringly precise
work.  I'll certainly be a return customer, I have no doubt.
Rita M., Meadeville, PA           28 January 2010

I just received the transfer of our 16mm films.  It is an
excellent transfer of the less-than-ideal, very old film.  The
sound quality is striking.  I am impressed.

You are definitely on my "to recommend" list for people
asking about transferring their movies.

And your turn around time is very acceptable, given the
scope of the project.
Randal A., Satellite Beach, FL         30 January 2010

I received the disc today and am very pleased
with the results.  Thank you very much.
Tom B., Tucker, GA           30 January 2010

I received the transferred DVD and MiniDV tape
yesterday.  You did a fine job.  I was surprised to find
this old film dating back to the late 1960s when I was
cleaning out my basement.  It sparked many memories
from my childhood.
Ken P., Port Angeles, WA          2 February 2010

Yesterday I received a big box with my returned 16mm film, and 21
DVDs of the movies--enough for the whole family.

We are thrilled!  At last, after years of storing the film out of
concern that projecting them would damage them, we again have
access to Dad's films.  And one DVD of Dad's films about Nova
Scotia will now become part of the historical record of Shelburne,
Nova Scotia.

Thank you for a quality job!
Josette L., Rhinebeck, NY          4 February 2010

You did just great!  Before sending the film I had a lot of questions...when I phoned all
questions were answered in a clear and concise professional manner...later the transfer
instructions were followed to the letter...the transfer was completed and returned before
the estimated turn around time.

Thank you, it's a pleasure working with your company.
Ken H., Forest, VA            11 February 2010

I've viewed the material once, and you appear to have done a
wonderful job!  The most obvious areas of improvement are the color
correction and areas that were previously cropped, but I'm sure
other items will become more apparent on future viewings.

Thanks again for applying your expertise to my cherished home
Bob P., Huntington, WV            21 February 2010

I finally reviewed the movies you transferred
for me and I am very pleased with the results.  
I was surprised you did so well due to the fact
that they were in pretty bad shape.  Thank you
so much.
Steve D., Dallas, TX            21 February 2010

After using mymovietransfer.com three times, I happened to go back and view some 8mm films
I had transferred locally and with another website and was surprised at how much better your
transfers are!  The other 2 companies did a good job, buy your transfers are noticeably crisper
and have more depth.  I just might have to REDO those films using 'you guys.'

I work in the professional video world, so I have high standards of quality when it comes to
film/video.  Keep up the good work.
William G., Valley Stream, NY          23 February 2010

Thank you so much for the great work that was done on
producing the digital media from these reels.  This was a
wonderful surprise for my mother who was brought to
tears with her family while watching these old films - many
of which she had never seen.  I will be sure to recommend
your company to any of my relatives or friends who are
looking to convert their old films.
Bill S., Speedway, IN              6 March 2010

I did lots of research before I decided to send my 50 year old home movies away.  I had viewed what other people's home
videos looked like after they had their's finished.  I viewed many finished projects and read the many ways these videos
were transferred.  I rarely saw any old video that I enjoyed.  It always looked "worn" or washed out.  Consequently when I
called around town I found many fly-by-night operations masquerading as "the best" way to transfer your precious
memories.  I'm glad I waited and did enough on-line research to find your operation.

I only sent half my film away due to the cost and not being familiar with your operation.  While not all of my video is
perfect I do believe you guys did the best you could given the age and limits of this technology.  So yes, count me as a
very satisfied customer who highly recommends that if you really value your film and what it means to you and others,
then Debenham is the ONLY way to go.  My friends thought I was throwing money around when I told them what it cost,
but I think they'll agree...you guys are the BEST and I am getting ready to send the rest of my film.

I found you guys to be very professional, fast, and fair.  No one in our city does what you guys do the way you do it.  
Here's wishing you guys all the best in these tough economic times.  Expect to see the rest of my film very soon.
Sue M., Greenwood, LA          11 March 2010

We were overjoyed with the work you did
on our 8mm films.  Thank you so much for a
job well done.
Jerry D., Santa Ana, CA          8 March 2010

Thank you for the DVDs you made for me.  
The film I sent you was over 40 years old
and the DVDs came out great.
Randy S., Columbus, IN            15 March 2010

Your transfer process produced amazing results.  First, it had numerous splices.  The oldest part
was filmed in 1947.  Second, the film was stored in a cardboard box, in an attic.  This caused much
of the film to warp and smell like vinegar.  The film had scratches and exposure problems.  Some of
it was in black and white and some in color due to the splicing.  You produced a masterpiece DVD
for me and my family.  We have discovered more film.  You will be hearing again from me, soon.

Thank you again for the TLC you've shown our film and for the great DVD.  I will be recommending
your company to anyone that has film that needs to be transferred.  And all film needs to be
Jeff S., Wallingford, CT        22 March 2010

I received the films today and they are
excellent.  Thank you very much for
doing such a terrific job.  I will
recommend your service to others.
David P., Jackonsville, AL              25 March 2010

We are delighted with the results of the transfer of our home
movies to DVDs.  They are everything we had hoped they
would be.  Our children are also excited with their copies.  
Thank you for the job well done.
Rockway B, The Woodlands, TX          26 March 2010

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!!  Everything came back
great and thank you for the overpayment refund. I had not
seen this footage in over 35 years.
Jim O., Jefferson, LA        31 March 2010

I received my transfers and they were outstanding, much
better than I anticipated.  I have more 16mm to transfer, so
when I get them all together I will be sending you another
order.  You guys keep up the quality work.
Ron M., Collegeville, PA          4 April 2010

I received the DVDs of my 16mm film and I am
blown away by the clarity of the images.  We had
never seen these images before which were
shot in 1937!  The film was stored in a metal film
can for 60 years so I was concerned with what to
expect.  The results exceeded my expectations.  I
will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone
who needs film converted to modern media!
Tim J., Charlotte, NC         6 April 2010

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy
with the results of my 8mm film transfer.  It looks
great.  There are some bad spots but that is clearly
the result of an inexpensive, 50 year old camera, not
your process.
Ken J., Rainier, OR          8 April 2010

I know that you already know what a service you provide.  But I just wanted to
write to you again to tell you how much you have done for my family.  The film
that you guys restored and transferred to DVD is absolutely wonderful!  The
memories that we had virtually forgotten came rushing back with laughter
and tears.  There was no possible way for us to view the old film anymore.  
What you have done was worth every penny spent.  I want to say thank you
and I would recommend your service to anyone that even has a fraction of
the film that you guys transferred for us.

It is really nice to find a company that cares about what they do.  It is obvious
in the prices you charge, the communication that you provide along the way,
but mostly, the quality of your work.  I am truly impressed!  There is little that
would come close to professing my gratitude, but be aware that your work
has touched my family deeply and I have no doubt that there are multitudes
of others that feel the same way.
Rob P., Menomonee Falls, WI          12 April, 2010

Thank you for the great job!  We watched 2 hours
of 40 year old home movies which we hadn't seen
in years because the bulb on the projector had
burned out years ago.  The grandchildren still
don't understand why we didn't use a video
camera.  It was a real treat to see our movies on a
large screen TV.  Thank you again.
Steve Y., Danberry, CT           15 April 2010

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm very pleased
with the results of my recent film transfers.  The transfer
quality and customer service were very good.  Your
website is great - it was very easy to understand the
various options and to calculate costs.  That's very
important for people who are browsing and shopping on
the Internet.  Your free 3 minute test transfer was also an
important incentive.  It demonstrates your confidence in
your company, which also translates to customer
Barb C., Berea, OH          13 April 2010

I was totally amazed!  Some of that film was
over 63 years old and some was in pretty
rough shape.  Running it through a regular
projector would surely have destroyed it.  You
did a wonderful job and I am absolutely
thrilled.  I will definitely recommend you to
anyone who has film to transfer.  Thank you for
giving back to me all those wonderful images
of so long ago.
Douglas K., Stuart, FL          18 April 2010

The little hard drive came yesterday and I
must say the transfers were great!  As I'm
sure you know, these 16mm films were very
old, dating back to the pre-WWII days and
are family memories that my grandchildren
will love to watch.  When I was a little kid, we
used to gather in the family living room
once in a while and watch our Dad's movies
come to life.  It was always a special
Ginger A., Houston, TX          19 April 2010

Oh, by the way....as we were viewing this
video with our grandchildren and I was
narrating the film, telling them how this
was me, their grandmother when I was
young and their mother was just a baby,
my granddaughter piped up to say "Oh
Grandma, I know what this is, it is a before
and after of you!"  I guess kids do say the
darndest things.  Anyway, we all got a kick
out of seeing this video and had
forgotten the original film existed.  
Thanks for the good job.  I have given
your name for referrals as well.
Russ L., Clairemont, CA           7 May 2010

I just received the DVD and MiniDV of the home
movies you transferred and I've just got to say Wow!

These movies, taken on an 8mm wind-up, clockwork
mechanism Kodak camera in 1948 and 1949 were
beautifully preserved and enhanced by you folks.  My
wife and I are very pleased with the outcome and
impressed you could enhance them as much as you

I'd tried a local business last year that was not using an
actual digital transfer process and the result was
terrible.  Your work is truly amazing.  To see those
bright orange oranges on my grandfather's trees was

This is such a valuable service you provide, helping us
to preserve our family history.

Thanks again.  I'll be sending you a lot more old movies
Kay S., Milton, NH        
12 May 2010

I just wanted to send a
big thank you, they
came out great...
Jack J., Normal, IL           16 May 2010

I received my transfer last week and all I can say is
WOW!  I honestly wasn't expecting much, considering
how I remembered these films looking the last time I
saw them (25 or so years ago).  I am astounded by what
you were able to do with them.  Some of my film was
nearly 40 years old and had not really been well taken
care of over the years.  You've made a lot of my family
very happy.

I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know
who has old movies sitting around...Thank you very
much for a job well done!
Willie G., Melbourne, FL           15 May 2010

Sorry for the delay in writing you to thank you for the
outstanding job you did on my 8mm film.  It came out better
than I had expected.

The entire family has had a good laugh at some of the
scenes from over 40 years ago.  I highly recommend your
process for anyone who wants to put their old film into a
digital format.
John S., Lincoln, NE          27 May 2010

My transfer arrived in a timely fashion and it is now
stuffed into Final Cut Pro - and it looks great!

Thank you very much for your good work.  I will be
back with more 16mm film from the archives for
Russ L., Clairemont, CA           18 June 2010

Thanks again for a superb job on these
60-year-old movies.  There are many more
of my old movies to come.

My compliments to your technicians and
the professional way they treat these old
family films.
Ted B., Rancho Mirage, CA          20 June 2010

I received the transferred film.  It turned out very
good considering it is over 50 years old.  Thank you
very much.
Alfredo H., Oxford, OH          21 June 2010

Thank you!  MyMovieTransfer.com has provided
good service and I would recommend you.
A.J. J., King Fischer, OK          30 June 2010

I received the DVD this afternoon.  Thank you for a very
professional job.  I know that with old film it can be a challenge
to get everything to work and this exceeds my expectations.  
There are many people who will get a laugh and, perhaps, shed
a tear as they remember this event that celebrated the
Bicentennial some 34 years ago.
Linda F., Robesonia, PA          1 July 2010

Receiving my family memories on film is precious
beyond words.  I can't wait to format and organize
the reels and share it with the rest of my family.  
You and your staff have been so helpful throughout
the process.
Jane R., Lafayette, CA          4 July 2010

A few weeks ago, I sent your firm a box of 40-60 year old 8mm
family films.  I had done a fair amount of research on the Internet
before selecting a company to transfer the film to DVD.  I was
impressed by the information on your website and then further by
the help I received over the phone when I called with questions.  
As a result, I had high hopes for how the DVDs would turn out.  I
got them back yesterday and watched them last night.  I must say,
the finished product managed to exceed my expectations!  They
really turned out beautifully and were a pleasure to watch.  I would
highly recommend your company to anyone needing a top notch
resource for film transfer.

Thank you very much for your professional work and fast
turnaround.  The extra copies I ordered will be a tremendous gift
to share with my brother and sister.
Lisa G., East Taunton, MA          15 July 2010

Thank you soooooo much! I received the movies
yesterday afternoon and stayed up until midnight
enjoying them!  They will make their debut at our family
reunion in a couple of weeks and also my Dad's 89th
birthday.  None of my family knows I even did this...so it
will be a lot of fun & I know a lot of laughs as well as a
few tears as we see those of the family that are no
longer with us.

I have already recommended your services to friends
and will continue to do so.  Your promptness and
professionalism were greatly appreciated!

Thank you, again, for reminding me of the 'good old
John L., Harleysville, PA             28 July 2010

I received the video yesterday - thanks, you
did an amazing job.  The movies brought
back a lot of great memories.  The family
loves it!  I'll be sending more your way once
I save up some more money.
Warren W., Phoenixville, PA          3 August 2010

My order was received in a timely manner.  My wife and I are very
impressed with the finished product.  We highly recommend your
company for anyone needing film transfer.

Thanks for your professionalism.
Marilyn G., Moore Park, CA           9 August 2010

My work was done promptly, and I was kept informed at every
step of receipt, work, shipping, and delivery.  Great care was
taken to make sure my DVD and original film were returned to
me in excellent condition.

And although the quality of the film I sent to be transferred was
exceptionally sketchy, the quality of the film as transferred was
GREAT.  I couldn't be happier with the result and am thankful for
the family treasure you helped me to create.
Alexis F., Memphis TN          12 August 2010

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with
your transfer.  It is great.  I am very
impressed.  Thank you so much for your
excellent work.
Jay C., Cliffton, NJ          11 August 2010

I want to thank you very much for the outstanding job
you did in transferring my 8mm movies to video files.  
The results were excellent.  You brought back to life
some precious memories that I can now share easily
with other members of my family.  And you did it ahead
of schedule!

Thank you again for your excellent service.  I have
already recommended you to others who are
interested in doing the same and I will continue to do

I am completely satisfied with the outstanding results
you produced.
Eda K., Rochester, NY           25 August 2010

Words cannot explain our excitement.  We just
received our job a few days ago and are so
impressed with the production and delivery time,
the quality and the customer service we have
received from mymovietransfer.com.  This is a
gift to our father from myself and my two other
siblings for his birthday.  He has wanted to do
this for so long, so we took the initiative and got
it done for him.

Greg has honestly been SO much help, I can't
thank him enough for being patient with the
amount of questions and the number of times I've
called with more questions.  Thank you so much,
we love it and I know my father will love it as well.
J.M.L., Rhinebeck, NY          3 Septermber 2010

Finding the right place to transfer our home movies
was a daunting prospect until a friend suggested your
company.  After the first batch of 16mm film was
returned to us...I had no hesitation in sending the
rest.  Six months and thousands of home movies
later, I'm still pleased and impressed by the
professionalism of your staff.  Hats off to all: the
Technical Dept., Shipping and Packing Department,
and especially to Greg who answered all of my
questions and requests so patiently and kindly.
Bill K., Annapolis, MD           3 September 2010

I've had this film transferred to disc twice before, and once to tape.  The
tape version cut off the top and bottom of the frames, so details were lost.  
Same for the disc versions at a local chain dealer whose copier also failed
to include the last several feet of film, and it ran it on a Super 8 rig that
produced intolerable chattering.  They ran it again (free of charge) on some
other equipment that tilted the frames about 15 degrees to the right.  I gave
up.  They refunded my money, and I came to the more expensive Debenham
Media Group, who did a better job.

I have more movies, and you will get them.  Good job!
Edwin F., Poughkeepsie, NY           9 September 2010

Your company did a fantastic job transferring my
16mm silent movies taken in 1946 to digital!  I could
hardly believe my eyes.  The faded reddish scenes
were restored so completely that it seemed as if
they were taken only yesterday.  I was amazed at
how sharp the digital scenes were - as if you did
something to improve the sharpness (which maybe
you did).  You also maintained the original silent
speed at which the pictures were taken.

Thank you for a great job.  I am so happy I found
your company to make my transfers.
Tom A., Whittier, NC           10 September 2010

Hello - thank you for your wonderful work on
the DVD.  We are very pleased with the
finished product and anxious to share the
DVD with our family.
Jim D., Rice Lake, WI          1 October 2010

Received the DVD/DV tape today.  Great job!  
Thank you a bunch.  I'm working on the next
installment to be sent to you within a week,
10 days at most.  Again, many thanks.
Gary L., Montclair, NJ          1 October 2010

Fantastic job - the clarity is like seeing it in
person!  The Boxing Bout featuring Guy
Lesnevich (USA) and Ron Richards (a
native Australian), both top 10
world-ranked light heavyweights, took
place on October 27 1938 at the outdoor
Sports Grounds in Sydney, Australia.

I will be sending another film shortly.
Michael M., Mahwah, NJ           25 October 2010

Fabulous job!!!! We watched our transfer over the weekend.  These
16mm films were old memories for my wife's family and they haven't
seen them in a long time due to the fact that the 16mm projector has
been broken for ages.  I would have to guess that the last time they
saw them was over 18 years ago.

Well, there are more reels on the way.  Thanks for the memories!
Joe F., Purcellville, VA           26 October 2010

Thanks for a job well done.  I can't believe how well
these turned out.  Friends have told me they had
their film transferred through a national chain and
were not pleased with the final product.  I
appreciate the prompt turnaround time.  They bring
back lots of memories and my family members are
asking for copies.  Thanks again.  Glad I found you.
Diana P., Thousand Oaks, CA      
7 November 2010

Thank you so much for finishing
my order in time for my
husband's 88th birthday.  It was
such fun to see those 50/60
year old movies...even such as
they are today - worse for wear
and age. I'm sure your superior
equipment did its best to
recreate our memories of long
ago.  Thank you again...they will
still be a treasure to us.
Troy and Heidi W., Belmond, IA            18 November, 2010

I received the package...and of course had to try one of the DVD's at work.  So far it
looks wonderful.  THANK YOU so much...my father passed away in 1997 and I am
looking forward to surprising my siblings with their own copy of the memories of dad!
Steve C., Baldwin, NY           29 November 2010

Thank you for doing such a great job! I didn't think my B&W 16mm film
school project from 1972 could ever be viewed again.  Your transfer was
clear and clean. I've really enjoyed watching this "golden oldie."

I will be sending my 8mm to you and, as an owner of my own marketing
communications firm in New York, I will also be happily recommending
your service to others.
Steve Z., Venice, FL             13 December 2010

Wow - you knocked my socks off - even though most of us in Florida
don't wear socks.  I am impressed with your service - from the
packaging to the finished product.  Considering the poor condition
of the 60 year old film, you folks did a mighty fine job on the DVD.

Why did I select Debenham Media Group?  Two reasons:

1.  Very positive comments and reviews on the Internet.
2.  I am from Sewickley and I could look out my front door and see
Coraopolis, across the Ohio.  Plus I spent a lot of time with my Dad
and my brother at George Michael's Hobby Shop near the top of Mill
Street.  Looking at Google Earth Street Views, the building and
entrance appears to be unchanged since the late 1950s.

One of the two DVDs will be a Christmas gift to my 78 year-old
cousin, whose parents and grandparents appear in this film.  He
may need a box of Kleenex with the gift.  His parent's home was
near Carnot, rather near the old airport terminal building.
Stavros K., Astoria, NY          16 December 2010

I received my order ahead of schedule, which was a very pleasant
surprise.  I watched the DVD so far and I'm very happy with the

Please pass along my thanks for a job well done to the technicians
involved in the process and to your company's exceptional
service.  I will most certainly send the rest of my film collection for
conversion over the course of the next year.

My family will shed many happy tears over old memories which,
thanks to you, are now safely preserved.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and your families.
Leigh S., Nashville, TN           4 January 2011

Your company did a great job transferring my 8mm films from the 1950s and 60s. The
quality of the final product was fantastic and I was very glad that we found your
company.  We were able to easily take the film from the miniDV tape that you sent and
edit them, turning them into a DVD for my family to enjoy.  It was a surprise Christmas
present for my family, some of whom had not seen the films in 40 years, and they all
loved how they turned out.  I have heard of others who have had their 8mm films
transferred and complained about the quality of the transfer and flickering of the
screen.  We had no such problem with our transfer.  If I come across more films to
have transferred in the future, I will be sure to send them your way, and I will also
refer you to my friends and family.
Don & Shirley B., State College, PA
13 December 2010

I'm sorry I'm so late in letting you know how
pleased we are with the latest transfers you did
for us.  If we have any further need for such
services we will certainly contact you.  We will
also recommend you very highly to any friends
needing your kind of service.

Happy Holidays!
Dusty S., Riva, MD           25 December 2010

Thank you so much. I received the DVD and love it.  The
movie that I thought was lost or bad was from my 2nd
birthday in 1956 and I was able to view much of it and
see my parents and it made me very happy.

I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you very
much.  I will recommend you to anyone I know who have
old film.  Happy Holidays to you!
Kathy K., Charlottesville, VA              29 January 2011

Please accept my apologies for being tardy in thanking you for the
FANTASTIC service you've provided! Truth is, I've been so wrapped up in
editing and sharing these priceless files that I've neglected some things.

Thank you for the prompt service and the steady communication with me
while the files were in process. You clearly took extreme care of the films at
every step of the process. Fabulous job with the film transfer itself - this has
been a wonderful treat to see some of these movies after 30, 40 years - some
of which I'd never seen! Beautiful quality, prompt service, and great
communication...what more could I have asked?? This has been a fantastic
treat for our family, as we now have an easy, accessible way to share all
these movies - and I'm having great fun with some comic editing as well!

Thanks again!
Claire Z., Huntsbury, OH
28 January 2011

Your transfer of my 16mm film to DVD was
very well done and handled in a
professional manner.  Please stay in
Kelsey C., Port St Joe, FL           
4 February 2011

I received the DVD This week.  It is
priceless! Thank you so much for
your efforts on my behalf. Best
regards to you and your folks.
Jim H., Celebration, FL         7 Feburary 2011

Just wanted you to know that this is my last
order...you have converted all of my old hom movies
to DVD.  I am very happy with the work you have
done and it is a pleasure to see my daughter at an
age my granddaughter currently is.  I will
recommend your company to anyone who asks.
"I have honestly
not been so
impressed with a
company in a long
- Sandy M.
Bradenton, FL
Randall and Sharon M., Madisonburg, PA            7 February 2011

Thank you for your super fast service! We didn't expect to have the
transfer done and have it sent back so soon! Now our curiosity is
satisfied after a very long time! Thank you for your professional and
quality service. We wish we had found your company years ago. We
will use your service again if the need arises and recommend your
company to others.  Thank you again!
Sandra H., Dadecity, FL             5 February 2011

I received my digitized film today...it's wonderful!  
I got to see my parents on their wedding day in
1952! Thanks for another great job! More 16mm
film to come in the near future!
LeMoin H., Tulsa, OK             21 February 2011

I am sending this email to acknowledge receipt of my digital media and to
thank you for the fantastic job you did on transferring the almost 70-year old
home movies that no one has viewed for over 40 years.  They were great!
Thank you again for the great job you did on retrieving this glimpse back into
my family's history.
Melvin H., Tulsa, OK          25 February 2011

I just want to add my voice to those other satisfied
customers.  Our son, LeMoin, has been working with
you to get my old 8mm movies transferred and has just
sent us the first two reels. We have so enjoyed
reliving some of the past going back to the early '40s.
Can't believe some of the things I did back then like
spinning around in the mud with my Army surplus
Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Now I get to have the
same fun all over again. Thanks again for bringing it all
Lillian T., Arroyo Seco, NM
4 March 2011

I am very pleased with the
results of your work.  Thank
you so much.
Marda G., Chicago, IL            21 March 2011

Thank you so much for the great job you did on my old movie
reels from the '60s!  They are a wonderful record for me of my
sons when they were little and we had just arrived from the
UK to live in America.  I really appreciate the work that you did.
Gerald O., St Martin             9 March 2011

I have received all material in good
shape and I am delighted about the
results. You have done a very good job
in transferring my (8mm) memories onto
a hard disk.
Mike & Mary S., Williamsburg, VA              25 March 2011

We have finally been able to go through the video.  It was over
three hours in length.  About 75% of it is quite good. Some is
washed out, but they are from the 50's to the 80's, and they were
not stored properly. There are some more films, but we have not
been able to locate them yet. We are going to show these at my
wife's family reunion. All in all, you did a good job, and we are
pleased.  We will recommend you to others.  Thank you.
Barry and Marjorie S., Sheffield, MA             31 March 2011

This was my second use of your great services and I couldn't
be more pleased.  Great results on the 8mm transfer with
some films 64 years old! Fast service and excellent
communication when the film was received and when the
DVDs shipped.  Too bad you don't do VHS to DVD transfers!  
I'd have a box on its way to you immediately.

Thanks again for the great product and service.
Virginia M., Waldorf, MD
4 April 2011

We have watched the first
DVD and are very
pleased.  Thanks you so
Jeff J., Winnipeg, Manitoba       
31 March 2011

Thanks for the fast and excellent work.
"Beautiful quality,
prompt service, and
what more could I
have asked??"
- Kathy K.
Charlottesville, VA
Jerome P., Washingtonville, NY       
2 May 2011

I have received my MiniDV Tapes.  I
have viewed some of them and I am
very satisfied with the quality of the
picture and sound reproduction.  
Thank you for your good and fast
Russ L., Clairemont, CA             2 May 2011

As usual, everything looks very professionally done.  It is appreciated that you take the time to label and organize everything the way I

I invested more than $2,000 in this transfer of all my pre-video family movies, based on the high quality work you previously did in
transferring home movies dated back to 1948.  It is money well spent. Before using your service, I had tried others who claimed to make
digital transfers, when all they were really doing was pointing a video camera at a mirror on which the projected image of the original
film was reflected.

The quality of your work and professional handling of the materials is superb. Now the odds and ends of my Super 8 life will follow.
"I was overcome
with all kinds of
- Cynthia B.
"We watched the
DVD and we were all
very pleased with the
results.  It was a great
walk down memory
- Susan M.
Philadelphia, PA
"The movies are
fantastic. The
colors are richer
and brighter than
I ever dreamed
- Carol V.
Sioux Falls, SD
"The quality work
you did is
incredible and I
truly appreciate the
exquisite work you
- Kevin W.
Elkins, WV
"The results were
spectacular. How
you managed to
eliminate the 'flicker'
of our movies, I'll
never know."
- Phil R.
Carol Stream, IL
"The DVDs brought
back so many
memories, many of
which I had
forgotten until I had
seen the movies. I
can't thank you
- Connie B.
Brooksville, FL
"It was a breath of
fresh air getting
such fine
customer service."
- Kristen
Chicago, IL
"I had my some of
my films done
before and they
do not even
compare to how
well you
transferred them."
- Lani H.
Beach, CA
"I am shocked by the
clarity of these
transfers; they are
much clearer than
the images produced
via my projector."
- Bill B.
Des Moines, IA
"Your business
reminds me of the
'old' days when
people actually did
what they were
asked to do. Very
- Marcia S.
Alamogordo, NM
Brian S., Lebanon, CT             18 May 2011

Given the state of the films which I sent to you, I am happy with what you were able to achieve in
converting them. Some of the film dated to the 1940s and includes precious footage of my father who
died in 1950. I was impressed by your professionalism and am very grateful that you included a report
indicating what image defects the film had as that puts into perspective what you were able to achieve.
I felt very comfortable with your prompt and professional communication. The format of the final
product and reel of converted film were excellent.

I played the digital file for my wife who had seen a previous VHS conversion and she was impressed by
the improvement in clarity, color, and light.
Bob C., Long Beach, MS           27 May 2011

Our film and the external hard drive arrived about two hours ago. We are blown away with the
excellent job you folks did on the conversion to video for us.  At this moment, I am backing up the
video files onto our main computer, and I will later back them up onto our existing external hard drive.

In the meantime, we are stopping to look at snippets from long ago and having a laugh or two and yes,
almost shedding a tear when we see long gone family members on video.  Again, you guys did what
you promised to do and you did it well! Our grown kids and grandkids will treasure these videos for
years to come.

I've got some editing ahead of me to make titles, and get all of this material into chronological order,
but it will be fun! I plan to share the name of your company with friends who may also be sitting on a
closet full of 8mm or Super 8mm film.

I'm an amateur photographer - been into SLR 35mm for over 30 years, and into DSLR now for about five
years.  I know quality when I see it, and I continue to be amazed at the transfer job you guys did!
"I can never,
NEVER thank you
all enough for the
quality of product
you sent me. I am
totally amazed."
- Robert H.
Armonk, NY
"What an amazing
job with the film
transfer. The quality
was more than I
could have hoped
for with the
conversion of Super
8mm film."
- Greg Z.
West Chester, PA
Ed F., Palmdale, CA              6 June 2011

Your shipment of my film arrived here
Saturday afternoon in good condition.  I
viewed the DVD rather hurriedly, and it is
superior to movie projectors.  As is said:
"You cannot make a silk purse out of a
sow's ear," but you come close.  I
appreciate the quick turn around.
Melanie P., Hygiene, CO          13 June 2011

I want to thank you all for the absolutely stellar and professional job you did for me.  I'm
really impressed with your quality and timeliness.  My brother, sister and I had these
films from the 60's and 70's converted to digital for my parents 50th anniversary...talk
about tears!

You came to me via word of mouth and if I run across others who need services such
as yours, I'll certainly send them your way.
Tom R., Evergreen, CO          19 June 2011

I recently sent in 15 reels of 8mm.  That combined with a
lifetime of slides and negatives, will be part of a video gift that
I'm editing for my parents' 50th anniversary.  I suspected that
most of the reels would be shot, so I was pleasantly surprised
with both the content I was able to get along with the top
quality of the transfer.  It was a bit pricey, but then again, I
chose you over Costco for the attention to detail that you
advertised on your website. I'm happy to say that you
delivered as advertised and it was worth the money I spent.
Michael S.                   26 June 2011
Greenbelt, MD

Thanks for the GREAT job of
transferring my old family 16mm
home movie to digital.  They are
beautiful! I'm not just saying this -
I put my money where my mouth
is by sending you more film to
"Fantastic job-
the clarity is like
seeing it in
- Gary L.
Montclair, NJ
John H., Metairie, LA        18 June 2011

My package arrived over the weekend and I have begun
production of the movie for my in-laws.  The quality of the first
part is excellent and I know the remainder will be just as good.

I am enjoying the review of these old days as I do the editing.  I
know my wife's father would have appreciated this way of
preserving the memories he thought were so important to his

Thanks for providing this service - the final DVD will be much
appreciated by the eight children whose lives are recorded.
Mike B.                                 18 July 2011
Merritt Island, FL

I received the video transfers from
film and they came out quite well.  The
quality of the detail fidelity was
surprisingly good...considering that
the original was Super 8mm.  The
sound was replicated very well also.
Thanks very much for your timely
response to my order.
Ronald V., Middletown NJ                                                            22 July 2011
Middletown & New Jersey Railway Historical Society

Once again, you guys outdid yourselves and not only expertly
transferred my movies, but helped preserve railroad history in the
Hudson Valley.  Many thanks again for your dedication to excellence.
Stephen N., Amarillo, TX                   23 July 2011

I received my DVDs this past week and am very pleased with
the quality of transfer.  The colors look quite vibrant and the
movies look like they were made last year, not 30+ years ago.  I
really appreciate your company's professionalism and care.  I
will be sending another "batch" of Super 8mm home movies for
you to transfer soon.
Jackie C., New York, NY             
19 August 2011

Just wanted to let you know that I
received my transfer.  Thank you so
much!!!! Great job.  It was so much fun
to see what was on the film. I wish I had
more - but will certainly recommend
your services.
Eric S., Boulder, CO                     22 August 2011

MyMovieTransfer.com did an amazing job of transferring
8mm film from the 1950s home movies into digital format.
This past week our family watched the 7 hours of DVDs with
my 86-year old mom and dad and saw film we had never
seen before - and we loved it. The color quality was
excellent...all the dust was removed and we all feel like the
film legacy is in tact.  I made DVD copies for my siblings.  
Thanks My Movie Transfer.
"The colors look
quite vibrant and
the movies look
like they were
made last year, not
30+ years ago."
- Stephen N.
Amarillo, TX
Bob G., Windermere, FL          23 August 2011

I've only had a chance to look through a small
portion of the transfer so far, but from what I've
seen, you did a wonderful job!  Great organizing
job as well!  I appreciate all that you and your team
did to make the process a great experience!  
Karen G., Lemorre, CA           7 September 2011

Received the DVDs of the film I had transferred
and it came out beautifully. I plan on sending in
three more films to have transferred.
Cindy W., Warrenton, VA           2 September 2011

Thank you for the work you did.  These films were
so old we did not know how much would be
retrievable. It has been a treat to be able to look
back 50 years and see family members.
James S., Philadelphia, PA           9 September 2011

My 8mm transfers have arrived, and let me
commend you for a job well done.  You probably
have heard this sort of thing before, but you have
caused great pleasure in putting these old films on
a modern medium where I, at age 81, can see myself
at age nine, my late parents and grandparents, and
many others long gone and memories galore.
Mark G., Seattle, WA           15 September 2011

I have just received the DVDs you made for me based
on an 8mm spool I had sent you, and I wanted to let you
know that I'm impressed not only by the quality of the
transfer, but also for your professional and transparent
customer service.

Thank you very much and I will be recommending you
to friends and family in the future.
Larry C., Lincoln, NE           23 September 2011

I received the DVDs you made of our 16mm family
films.  I can't tell you how happy I am with them, and
how much of a pleasure it will be to show them to our
family. Dad and Mom are in their mid-90s and I cannot
wait to show these to them as I know it will bring them
the greatest joy and comfort in their remaining years.
Again, thanks for your professionalism and your help. I
am sending additional 8mm films for you to transfer as
Michael T., Boynton, FL             20 October 2011

It has been two weeks since I mailed you 67 rolls of film, and I
can't believe you turned it around so quickly.  I watched a
couple of discs already and they look great.  The family will be
very happy to see these again since the films have been sitting
in a closet for decades.  Thanks again.
Sarah J. Richmond,
IN              29 November 2011

Thank you very much.
Quality seems good
considering what I sent.  
They will mean a lot to us.
Kurt G., Warren PA           12 March 2012

Got it!  I played it, and may I say that you did a
FABULOUS job in restoring it as best possible.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for a great job.
I don't know of anyone needing a transfer but
believe me, if and when I do, I'll steer them over to
you.  Again thank you!
Steve H., Tucson AZ             7 March 2012

I received the DVD of my family 8mm films and it was
excellent.  Considering that the movies are more than 40
years old, they have held up well.  Now I just have to find
someone who can read lips! Thanks for a job well done
and I will enjoy sharing these with my daughter.
Dick and Patti C., Dorset VT
6 March 2012

We just received our Super 8mm movies
that you transferred on a hard drive for
us. Excellent job!!!  We watched the whole
transfer in one sitting and it brought tears
to our eyes.  Our kids and grandkids will
love watching these at our next family
dinner. Again, a job well done.
Gary M., Shreveport, LA
1 March 2012

Thank you for the last two reels.
They were perfect and took me
back to when I was a child. You did
a superb job.  I am looking forward
to see what was on the reel I just
sent you.  Again, thank you for the
great job you did on my first two

PS: You have the very best
Tricia G., Palm Coast, FL          25 February 2012

I would like to thank you for doing such an excellent job
on my video transfers.  I sent in over 60 reels of 8mm,
Super 8mm, and 16mm.  Before sending in the reels, I tried
to view some of them on the projector and they were
horrible.  There was dirt, water, and/or mold on most of
them. Your team cleaned them up and they look great.  
Some of the 16mm films were from around 1966 and look
like they were filmed yesterday.  Thanks again from my
whole family.
MJF, Austin TX               9 February 2012

To all who transferred my movies, a BIG THANK
YOU!!!  My 16mm film was 61 years old and
extremely damaged. You out-did yourselves!! I
never dreamed it could be transferred and
thought it was lost forever.  My 8mm films were
"only" 50 years old.  They were in bad shape, but
you did an excellent job! I was able to relive a few
of the fun times in my life, thanks to you. I would
certainly recommend your service to anyone who
would ask.
Paul A., Plaistow, NH             13 January 2012

FedEx delivered my order about an hour ago.  We watched it
immediately. The film was 40 years old and I never took very
good care of it. You people did a great job of transferring the
film. I wish I had done a better job of focusing the camera
during the filming. Again, I just want to say that I am very
satisfied with the results of your work.
Frank M., San Dimas, CA          27 December 2011

My wife, Patsy, ordered this film work through Dan
_____ as a Christmas gift.  Your work is amazing! The
film was over 75 years old and in very bad shape.
Thank you for bringing back a ton of memories.  Patsy
asked me to tell you that she really appreciated your
timely work and delivery of the film/DVD.
Eileen G., Bayville NJ           3 January 2012


I was so surprised with the speed of your service! My
family will truly enjoy watching our old movies on DVD
this Christmas as we gather together and visit during
the holiday week! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Lorna D. Forest Hills, NY          9 December 2011

Just a note of thanks for the super and speedy
job you did on my video. The colors are sharp and
clear and the video is clean and easy to watch.

This is my first viewing of the video. I had thought
it was shot in 1950, but when I saw my uncle's
army uniform, I realized that he'd shot the film in
wartime around 1944! It was in pretty good shape
for 67 year-old film, but you made it look like new.

Thank you so much for a great job! I'll be sending
you more film soon!
"I am impressed not
only by the quality of
transfer, but also the
professional and
transparent customer
- Mark G.
Seattle, WA
"Some of the 16mm
films were from
around 1966 and look
like they were filmed
- Tricia G.
Palm Coast, FL
Leonard G. New York, NY          14 November 2011

I just wanted to thank you for making this all happen. I
received the movies, and they were fabulous. You did a
great job on all levels. I also appreciated all the different
people that I spoke to the few times I called. Each one
was more courteous than the next, and they all seemed
knowledgeable.  I am no expert on this, but the quality
seemed good. Not only did I appreciate the quality of
your work, but also your efficiency and the process, as I
was working under great pressure. My parents LOVED
the films, and we had a viewing night for our entire
Pamela G., Marion, IN                 22 November 2011

I just received my order today. I've spent the last two hours
reliving memories and seeing faces of loved ones who are
long gone. The quality of the film is wonderful. Thank you for
doing such an outstanding job of restoration and cleaning
and preserving our family memories and images. I'll be telling
friends and family about your services and forwarding as
much business your way as I possibly can.

Thank you for making this holiday season extra-special. I can't
wait to see my folks' faces on Christmas morning when they
watch the DVD.
"I can't wait to see
my folks' faces on
morning when
they watch the
- Pamela G.
Marion, IN
"I never dreamed
my 16mm film
could be
transferred and
thought it was lost
forever, but you
did an excellent
Austin, TX
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"'Thank you' is too
small a phrase for
the impact of your
- Richard S.
Sarasota, FL
"This will bring
great joy to the
whole family."
- Thomas R.
West Islip, NY
"I was pleasantly
surprised to find the
color and quality of the
conversion to be
- James G.
Lewisville, NC
"Your business
reminds me of the
'old' days when
people actually did
what they were
asked to do. Very
- Marcia S.
Alamogordo, NM
"Wow - you
knocked my socks
- Steve Z.
Venice, FL
- Rockway B.,
Woodlands, TX
"Your transfer
process produced
amazing results."
- Randy S.
Columbus, IN
"If you really
value your film
and what it means
to you and others,
then Debenham is
the ONLY way to
- Bill S.
Speedway, IN
"I could hardly
believe my eyes."
- Edwin F.
Poughkeepsie, NY