The Mission of is to provide North America's highest quality
8mm, Super 8 & 16mm film transfers directly to hard drive, DVD & Blu-ray.
We use Rank Cintel ultra modified  scanners with new
High Definition Optics.
Film is enhanced with the
High Definition DMG Color Corrector by our skilled colorists.
Johann N.      Issaquah, WA
March 04, 2013

Just a note to say a huge THANK YOU for a job well done! Not only
did your technicians preserve 44 year old movie reels, but you
seemed to infuse them with some new life and energy! I managed
to make DVDs for my kids from the clips you created. I added
some music where there was no sound and provided them with a
valued visual-movie remembrance of their childhood days. They
have been delighted beyond measure. The quality of your work
was outstanding and much appreciated. We will be certain to
recommend your services as and whenever the opportunity
presents itself.
Larry     Rio Rancho, NM
February 4, 2013

I received the hard disc drive on Saturday. It arrived
without damage and everything looked great
considering the shape the film was in. Thanks for
everything and I look forward to getting more film
transferred in the near future.
Alan W.     Wilsonville, OR
February 17, 2013

I just received our 8mm movie transfers. I'm very pleased with the
results. After researching many other services, I chose Debenham
Media Group, because I found your website provided the clearest
and most detailed information on the transfer process and what I
could expect from your service. After reading the information on
your website, I had much more confidence and trust that you would
handle our precious home movies with care and provide us with
high quality transfers. Although much of our film was in poor
condition, the Blu-ray and hard drive files look better than I ever
remember the projected images looking.

Thank you very much for doing such an outstanding job.
Eric B.    East Hampton, NY
February 18, 2013

We're so glad we finally took the big step and had our many years'
worth of home movies transferred to High-Definition digital format.
From start to finish, we found your company's service and
professionalism to be first rate, and we are now enjoying watching
50-year-old film memories coming back to life.

Special thanks to Greg and Dan, who guided us through the process
and answered our many questions.
Christopher K.     Washington, DC
February 17, 2013

I've had a chance to look at the
transfers and my whole extended
family has been very pleased with
the results. Thanks for your
combination of skillful
professionalism, diligent work, and
personal care.
Kevin H.     Baton Rouge, LA
January 22, 2013

Thanks, the footage is amazing!
John L.     Skokie, IL
January 22, 2013

I got my home movie 1080p transfers today and want
to tell you how delighted I am. The difference
between this transfer and the one I had previously
done is monumental. Now I will be able to use the
footage in a family history project I am working on. I
will be sending more in the near future.
Merle K.     Baton Rouge, LA
January 10, 2013

This note is the confirmation of receipt of the digital media.
We have had an opportunity to watch just a very small portion
of the transfer, but I must say that it is of very fine quality and
we are certainly pleased with your excellent work!

We have another project that consists of my parents 8mm
reels that dates back to the 1930s that I am in the process of
bundling now and expect to send them to you sometime in the
future, soon.

Thanks again very much for your excellent work as you have
certainly made our day!
Allan F.     Grass Valley, CA
January 12, 2013

This is to let you know that the hard drive arrived yesterday containing motion picture transfer files made
from the second batch of old films that I sent earlier. So far, I've sampled a couple of records in each of the
two archive folders you created. It looks as though the results turned out to be the best that one could
expect, given the nature of the source material.

Most of this second batch I had not seen before. So I was not sure the content of these films, other than
from my late father's brief notes. It is evident that some of the early 1930s film clips were initally taken with
my dad's old 9.5mm Pathe camera, then later transferred 8mm film, likely by projection. So, second generation
dirt previously carried over and embedded from first generation 8mm copies still shows up. And that is to be
expected. But the files transferred from first generation 8mm film show the benefit of the cleaning process
you used before digitization. I thank you for the extra care in processing these films.

Now I must go through them all to cull out portions that will have lasting value to the family. I appreciate
being able to begin the effort with the high quality computer files you have created, which make it possible
to accomplish the necessary editing using modern software tools.

My thanks to the entire Debenham Media Group staff for your highly professional efforts.
Edward J.      Milton, FL
January 9, 2013

Your company and your staff went the extra mile to grant my requests even though the
time constraints were of my own doing. The two families presented with the DVDs were
so pleased and it was quite a surprise for Christmas. The quality was exceptional and
first rate. I have already recommended My Movie Transfer to my friends.

The two people I dealt with were extremely courteous and helpful.  They were Greg and
Dan, and they are to be commended for their professionalism.

Thank you again for a great experience and I will be glad to offer future testimonials
about my experience.
David R.     Rosedale, MD
December 17, 2012

We have received our hard drive with the transferred
film and it really looks great. You did a fantastic job and
the notes your team took on the condition of the film
were right on. We did not know what to be expect as
most of the film we sent was over 40 years old (some
more than 50 years old). We will be presenting clips
from these transfers to family over the holidays this
year and I am sure everyone will be thrilled.

Thanks very much for your professional service.
Charles M.     Falmouth, MA
December 18, 2012

All arrived shortly after your email about shipment and all arrived in good order. We have only
had time to look at the first two reels so far, and they are excellent (in terms of scanning). My
brother-in-law who has one hard drive has watched more than we, and he sends rave notices.

Also, I have extolled your service and abundant hand-holding and technical backstopping to a
number of people we know, and several are keen to digitize their family films, so you may hear
from them. We will be sending you our own 8mm films late January or February.

Best holiday wishes from my wife and me, and thanks again for the excellent expedited service.
There will be much holiday family viewing.
Allan F.     Grass Valley, CA
November 28, 2012

So far, the results I've sampled have either met or exceeded
my expectations. Good job! I expect to send in another batch
for processing next year. Meanwhile, I'll start working with the
files that just arrived.
Elizabeth H.     Shrewsbury, MA
November 19, 2012

I was incredibly pleased with your previous transfer
of two 16mm reels, one of my mother and father's
wedding in 1941, and the other of sailing in Pearl
Harbor in 1926, both priceless to me and my family.  
Thank you.
Joe L.     Grenada, MS
November 19, 2012

The hard drive arrived last week. The transfers
are great. I was delighted with the color quality.
Thank you so much.
Jon L.     Vero Beach, FL
November 21, 2012

Yes, I've received the entire order and I've finally had a chance to
go over the hours and hours of video. You guys did an excellent
job - my family and I really appreciate the fine work and attention to
detail. And I REALLY appreciate the USB 3.0 hard drives instead of
the 2.0 drives. This saved me many hours of frustration!

Thanks again for the quality was worth every penny.
Ernest F.     San Pedro, CA
October 30, 2012

Thank you very much for the great 16mm
film transfer you did for me. The film was
from the very beginning of my career at
Channel 6 in Philadelphia. Great job
working some very old and fragile footage.
Ron M.     Apalachin, NY
September 28, 2012

You guys are great. Terrific quality. The quality is great. Were
those 8mm movies really in color? I guess I remember those
old days from the 1950s in black and white. Great job.

I can't believe you actually captured that 16mm clip. That clip
had to have been from the early 1940s and really is a family
Patricia B.     Woodstock, CT
August 30, 2012

The DVD of the film arrived safely. Thanks
so much for your fine work on these old
films. We will be able to enjoy them again
and again. Your customer service is also
excellent. It is a pleasure doing business
with you. We definitely will be using you
Brian Griffin, Co-Curator, Donovan Exhibition
Whatcom Museum of History     Bellingham, WA
September 1, 2012

Thank you for the excellent service and results in transferring the ancient 1920s
historic film to digital format.  I have in turn transferred the digital results into a DVD
using iMovie and will be sending the DVD to the descendants of JJ Donovan. In
addition, we will be playing the DVD in the upcoming Donovan Exhibit at the
Whatcom Museum of History and Art. I plan on a little further editing and then playing
it on a continuous loop format at the exhibit. Thanks for saving it; an entire
community will benefit from your work and I am sure the family will view it as a
Paul K.     New York, NY
August 6, 2012

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much!

I finally got the chance to read this email as well as looking at
all the transferred footage! Thank you so much for syncing!
The quality in picture and audio is A+++++. I have more film to
send, and will recommend DMG to the world! I'm here in NYC,
and would you believe that I couldn't find a place that does
this? Well, I did find one, and it was a disaster, thankfully my
film was unharmed.

Fantastic job!
Jerome L.     Commack, NY
July 18, 2012

Today, FedEx delivered your package with the large reel containing my 10 rolls of 16mm film plus the
DVD disc that you had reduced all that film down to. The turn around time from the time you received
the film from me was astonishing, particularly when you told me to expect a 2-3 week processing time. I
was able to open the disc in Dell Power DVD Player. After viewing it, all I can is WOW!! I could not
believe that images laid down onto film 79 years ago could be reproduced with such absolute clarity. I
am 80-years old and do not remember ever seeing those film when I was younger, so each reel was like
a new experience for me.  The images of my brother and I as children and all the family members was
like a trip down memory lane, only saddened by the fact that all of the family members are no longer
with us. I will be kept busy making copies from that disc to send to cousins, nieces and nephews and
grandchildren. You did a fantastic job in such a short time for a very reasonable price. I doubt if I will
ever have need of your services again, but you may rest assured that I will have no problem in
recommending your studio to anyone who wishes to transfer film to digital.
Lin S.     Byhalia, MS
July 16, 2012

You all did a great job! The work was completed prior to expectations. It cost less than
I expected. And the quality was great! You people are really running a class
operation.  I wish there were more businesses doing business this way.

I'm sure your crew were thinking, "What junk" as they monitored the transfer. But its
my junk, and some of it is very valuable to me. The job was so well done it seems to
me that they were treating it as their own. If I had the expertise and the equipment, I
could not have done better.

By way of explanation: During my working years I was a media pro. It sounds
egotistical, but literally, I have done it all. I'm retired now, but I am still a professional
communicator. As such, I appreciate quality. And that is excactly what you gave me.
Although some of my content would appear to be junk, I can assure you that some of it
will be used again. Had the transfer been done by anyone else, I am not sure I could
say it. Yeah, I've seen transfers from other sources!

Stuart, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. All of my facilities and all of my
content is fully digital now and it is unlikely I will have anything more for you to do for
me. But I want you to know, it is always a pleasure to work with other pros.
Occasionally I encounter someone who can use your services. I can think of no one
better to recommend.
Carla R.     Middleton, WI
May 31, 2012

We are very pleased with the quality of the DVDs and hard drive. Finding
two 14-inch reels of film returned to us was a surprise - we had no idea
there were that many recordings. It is very beneficial to have the hard drive
as my son is sorting the reels and putting them on our personal YouTube
for different family members. Thanks for a great job.
Wini D.     Centreville, VA
June 8, 2012

As an Emmy award-winning video editor for CBS Evening News, I've seen
some archival footage and the color and quality of your film transfer was

I was very pleased and would highly recommend your services. Thank you
so much!!
"As an Emmy
award-winning video
editor, I've seen some
archival footage and the
color and quality of your
film transfer was
- Wini S.
"Words cannot express
our excitement. We are
so impressed by the
quality and customer
service we have
- Eda K.
"Your work is truly
amazing. To see
those bright oranges
on my grandfather's
trees was stunning."
- Russ L
Wondering what you can expect from
Here are just a few of the unsoliceted letters and e-mails
we have received from some of our recent clients.
Chad A.      Ventura, CA
March 6, 2013

Transfer looks AMAZING!!!!!
Kathy S.     Kent, WA
February 27, 2013

I can't say a big enough THANK YOU!! My film was old, but you
managed to transfer it. I did receive the note stating that it had
mold, dirt, dust, etc. This reel of film was found amongst my
father's estate items. It was so exciting, because I had no idea
what was on it. Turns out it had home movies of my
grandparents in their mid 20's (they are both deceased now). It
was really fun to watch the DVD. You did a great job. I
appreciate it SO much.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Also the communication on the transfer and shipping was A+. I
always knew where in the process my order was. Great
customer service!
John P.     Easton, PA
February 14, 2013

The hard drive arrived today right on schedule. All is great. I
transferred the files from the USB hard drive onto my own hard
drive, so we're good to go.

Thanks for your great service on these old films. My mother is
turning 90 next month, so we're planning to edit all this down to a
15 or 20 minute video and show it at a birthday luncheon we're
having for her.

Thanks again. You can certainly use me for a reference for your
potential customers if you like.
"The clarity and color
intensity of your
transfer process is
amazing! I couldn't
have asked for better
results." - Phil G.
Kelly D.     Hickory Corners, MI
June 17, 2013

The transfer looks good. The quality of the
DVD is equal to the quality of watching the
16mm film shot in 1953.
Sue J.     Scranton, PA
April 30, 2013

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the quality of
your work. We had about twenty 8mm films transferred onto DVD
and we've been showing them (albeit slowly) to my 88-year old
mother-in-law, who hadn't watched them in over 50 years. We will
definitely recommend your service to all of our family and friends.
Jonathan H.
March 25, 2013

I received my movie film with the hard
drive and have already made a backup
of the data. The transfer looks
fantastic! Thank you for holding the
digital copy during shipment.
Ron H.     Centerville, OH
June 10, 2013

Thank you. I've watched the movies - they are
great. You did what you said what you would do.
You can't ask more
"From start to finish,
we found your
company's service
and professionalism
was first rate."
- Eric B.
Seanna D.      Johnston, RI
March 6, 2014

Thanks so much for the great job on the movie
transfers.  I have seven brothers and sisters, our mother
just turned 80, and this was a great treat for everybody!"
Scott B.     Reno, NV
March 14, 2014

I just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful job that
you did on a 16mm home movie transfer taken over 50 years
ago.  The film was old and torn in places but you managed to
get it transferred to digital.  This film is the only visual record
of my father's childhood as well as his sister's, who passed
away at a young age. In short, it is ineffably sentimental and
precious to our family.  Thank you!
Ed F.     Philadelphia, PA
October 22, 2013

The DVDs we received are excellent!! You all
did a great job with the transfers, and we have
had fun watching them.
Don and Liz C.      Auburn, CA
November 16, 2013

The second shipment (hard drive) arrived safely and the data
looks good.  Thank you for your nice work in digitizing our
films. We really appreciate it.
Jim K.    Naperville, IL
November 24, 2013

My film and the disc arrived all intact. The disc
looks fine.  Good job working with some 75 year
old film. Thanks for your honesty in making the
Tim W.     Kensington, MD
December 1, 2013

I received the film and it was excellent.  
The pictures were from my parents'
honeymoon in 1948.
Terry B.     Cliffton, VA
December 6, 2013

The work you did brought to life the 1950's era 8mm
movies my father took of my brother and I.  I was able
to use the DVD drive you sent me to create short (20
second) clips that are randomly portrayed on the NIX
Digital Photo Frame that I presented him for his 80th
birthday.  Now that almost a year has gone since
presenting this to him, I have to praise you for all the
work you did on this. He sometimes sits there just
staring at the movies of his "little boys" --- where'd
those guys go? I could not have asked for a more
professional product. Thank you for all you work.
"I could not have
asked for a more
product. Thank you
for all your work."
- Terry B.
Larry B.     Rio Rancho, NM
December 30, 2013

I received the hard drive on Thursday the 26th, but didn't have a
chance to look at it until this past weekend. It looks like everything
turned out okay considering the shape that some of the film was in.
The quality of the transfer was excellent especially when the film
was in pristine condition. I estimate that I still have about 2200 feet
of film left to transfer and look forward to having it scanned by
Debenham Media Group. Thanks again for the quality you give
each project.
Jeanne M.    Delta, PA
January 15, 2014

Just wanted to let you know that I received my
transferred DVD and I am thrilled with the results! Great
job...the color looks great!!  Thanks for the various
e-mails telling me you received it, it was shipped, etc. I
will definitely be sending more film your way.
Noah B.    Portland, OR
January 25, 2014

I'm writing to confirm that I received my
transfers today. They look great! Thanks you so
"It is a relief to have
our family memories
preserved digitally,
and I have already
referred others to
your company." -
Tracy S.
Scott W.    Vienna, VA
January 23, 2014

Received my order today. Great job! I'm pinging on
other family members now for more hidden away
home movies to resurrect. The investment was well
worth it!
Tracy S.     Taylorsville, UT
March 2, 2014

Just wanted to let you know what a great job you did on my large
order of 8mm film transfers. The quality and color was excellent,
especially given the age of some of the film. It is a relief to have our
family memories preserved digitally and I have already referred
others to your company.
Ron P.    Bethesda, MD
January 27, 2014

I would like to thank you for an excellent service. Wow, 30+ years after my
father's passing, and 20 years after my mother's, I get to see them smile
again. It was bittersweet, but charged with many, many happy memories. I
am grateful to you all for your work in making this possible for me.

Your folks have done an excellent job. Michael with the film for sure, and
Greg who took the order. He advised me with the decisions I took, and I'm
grateful for his time and help, too. The people, as usual and yet so hard for
some to fathom, really made the difference. You certainly have a stellar
team, one to be proud of.  I'll do my best to spread the word about you
folks to those that need film transferred.
Luciana K.     Oakland, TN
August 9, 2013

A trip to the past can be sometimes a very precious thing! It
was for us! I am very thankful for our ancestors to have the
foresight of recording those moments and equally thankful
that today we have the technology to preserve them. It makes
me happy to know that your staff, including Michael, were
pleased with my comments. A job well done deserves
recognition, and yes, you have my permission to add the
comments to your website. We are very excited and really
looking forward to see the next batch of films.
"The people really
made the difference.
You certainly have a
stellar team." - Ron P
Gil B., Redlands, CA

I've been looking forward to the delivery of my movie transfers for a few weeks.  I had paid another
company to do them about three years ago.  They promised high definition, frame-by-frame transfer.
About half of the films had to be shipped back to them because of improper framing, fibers in the
film gate, and inferior quality.  About half of the re-do's had to be re-done. The worst, though, was
that the quality was so inconsistent throughout. It was impossible to edit the movies because the
color balance on the scenes varied so much.  I finally lost track of which file went where, and just
gave up in frustration.

At the time, the company had not developed any workflow for Mac computers. I had to figure it out
myself and send the information to the owner to help him out. Doing so didn't help me, though. The
files have sat unedited on a portable hard drive. I never even wanted to begin the arduous job of
assembly and editing. Thus, I was very eager to see if your company could improve on the previous

I have nearly finished transferring  the files to my computer and the scenes that I have checked
looked beautiful! I know that there were wide variations in exposure and color balance on the
filmstock - curse me for buying Dynachrome film in the 60s!  The transfers look great, though! They
are well framed, free of film-gate debris, and evenly balanced.  I still have a lot of work ahead, but
your excellent work will make it easy, if not enjoyable.

I really had to save up to pay for the job, but I believe I got what I paid for. And having taught for 35
years, and running a business for the last ten, I know that the premium price does not always equal
premium work. It appears that with your company, though, it definitely does. Well done!

Thanks to all of you for helping preserve very precious memories.  I can't wait to edit the scenes
and share them with my family!  A big pat on the back for a well-run company that delivers on its
pledge.  And to the unnamed technician who transferred my films, THANK YOU!
Stuart K., Mount Tabor, NJ         

I recently sent you our old family 8mm film to be converted to
digital. We were very concerned about this conversion because
of the age and condition of the film.  I am pleased to report that
we have received the DVDs and uncompressed video files and
are thrilled with the results.  The High Def video looks much
better on the wide screen plasma TV than it ever looked on the
film projector. Many of the problems with the film such as faded
color and underexposed segments were corrected to better than
the original.

I highly recommend your service to anyone looking to preserve
family heirloom film for the next generation.
Kenji T., Rocky Ford, CO           

Last night the transfer that you did for us was used
on the new digital projector prior to the feature
movie.  All went well and the attendees for the
reopening of the Grand Theater enjoyed seeing the
old advertisements.  Thank you for your quick and
excellent work on the transfer.
Ray U., Hinckley, OH      

Thank you, by the way.  The transfers to
video are awesome!
Doug D., W______ Video Productions, Pittsburgh, PA             

We are very happy with the transfer of our 16mm film project to 1080p HD.
You brought back colors that were missing in our old Betacam SP master of
the same program, which really brings the picture to life. The custom HD
resolution of 1560x1080 allows us to re-format the program for HD with less
resizing, thus maintaining a higher resolution master. The overall picture was
sharp but not harsh. We especially appreciate the QuickTime raw file-based
masters you delivered on hard drive. As a professional production company,
we have been looking for reasonably priced, high quality film transfer for
reformatting older films to new HD technologies, and you have provided it.
Joseph J., Houston, TX             

Thanks for getting the transfer done so quickly. I have received the films and USB drive and
all looks good. I have backed up the files to another hard drive. I have done a quick look at
each file and so far so good. Thanks so much for your work. I have shared short clips with
my family already and they play them over and over laughing and reliving fond memories.
Richard M., Brooklyn, NY   
Overall I am quite happy with the work you did, and
suffice to say I will recommend your company, and
when the opportunity comes up I will use your
services again.
Andrew N., Brooklyn, NY
The transfer looks GREAT! Debenham Media
Group did a fantastic job transferring a lot of old
and partially damaged 8mm film to HD. The HD
files looked amazing. And they did it for a good
Lars K., San Francisco, CA               

Now that I've spent all my free time over the last four days watching
the movies and making DVDs from the files, I have some feedback
that I thought you might be interested in. First of all, the transfer
quality is superb. The picture quality is astounding, especially
considering the age of the films. Great job on that! Although the
sound quality is somewhat hit-or-miss (no doubt due to the effects of
age and demagnetization), I'm still just happy with the fact that you
were able to extract any audio at all. Again, very nice work. Thanks for
doing such a good job on my dad's movies. He would have been very
Shepard S., Auburn, NH             

Just a quick note to say we received the transfer assets yesterday and the results are stunning. I'm glad we
did this transfer to get the best we can out of these 8mm artifacts. Short of travelling back to 1970 with a
Super-16 gated Bolex, this is the best it gets. Thank you! You recall how difficult it used to be to achieve 1:1
correspondence to eliminate pulldown and interlace artifacts. This process circumvents all that. Brilliant!
Augusto A., New York, NY  
Thank you so much for a great job on the
transfers. The footage looks really great,
especially considering how damaged and
discolored the original reels were. I am very
pleased with the result. I had used many other
places for Super 8 transfers and your services
are by far the best in terms of quality.
Customer service is also fantastic. I already
shared your info with a couple of friends and
will be happy to refer any of my colleagues to
your company.
Don B.,    Wheeling IL   

I received the hard drive yesterday. It has been
backed up. The digital version looks great.

Thanks for all your hard work.
Juliet F.,  Nipomo, CA     

I just watched the first DVD out of the five that you transferred from our families'
16mm films. It started in 1955, so it was fun to watch films from so long ago. You did
a super job of keeping the films in time order and it was a pleasure to watch. I was
actually surprised at how clear the movies were, given that they were stored for
such a long time.  Thank you also for all the good advice you gave while we were
trying to get this done, for keeping us informed of your progress and for sending
the films, hard drive, and DVDs back so quickly. I am really impressed with your
Randy D., Oakton, VA          

You folks are FANTASTIC!  Thank you so much
for the great job you did on my ancient films.  
You can be absolutely sure I am telling all my
friends (and at my age, I have many with
Alan D., Bow, WA  
I am not sure you remember me, but I sure remember you.  In my original e-mail to you, I
indicated that I had done quite a bit of research as to what I needed to do with my Mom
and Dad's old home 8mm movies.  I told you via e-mail that my Mom paid to have them
professionally copied to VHS tape.  I am not sure how they did it, but they copied at the
wrong speed, and the film was horrible and totally unwatchable.  I knew there had to be a
better way.  My mother's 75th birthday is in two weeks, and as a present to her and my Dad,
I decided to get the films copied the correct way, and in a digital format that I could share
with my eleven other brothers and sisters.  I must confess that I was totally shocked when
you called me personally to address all my concerns as to digital format, transfer method,
delivery method, lighting issues, color issues, and the cleaning of the films.  Obviously
anything like this from the 60's is fragile, and in most cases irreplaceable.  These were the
only movies my parents could afford to film as they were raising 12 kids and the film would
have been prohibitive.  We are lucky that they spent precious money on this!  You
addressed every concern I had, and for that my family thanks you!  I found a nice easter
egg in the copy you made as parts of our films were edited out in the VHS tape so it would
fit on the tape.  I am seeing some of this for the very first time, and these parts have not
been viewed for 30 years! The colorists did a SUPER job, and I personally thank them for
Carole T., Madrid, NM         

Thank you very much for your professional and excellent
service in transferring my Dad's old home movies.  I
viewed the movies on hard drive.  It was great!  
Everything worked fine.  I had not been able to watch
those movies for a lot of years.  It was so nice to see them
again.  You did a great job on preserving the quality of
the images.
Gideon H., Israel         

The films and the disks arrived safely to Israel.  The
disk is readable and the quality seems excellent.  
Thank you very much for your professional service.
Jeanne P., Norman, OK          

I received my digital media several weeks ago and I am very
pleased with the results of your work.  It is so re-assuring that
these precious memories are now preserved for the future of
our family.  What a gift you have blessed me with. Thank you
John G., North Bangor, NY        

The transfer turned out very nice.  I am glad we did the high
definition transfer, it maintained the original character of the
film.  My uncle was excited to see film of himself and his
marine friends in Cuba over 40 years ago.
Tag P., Meridian, MS           

Thank you for a job so well done.  I am very
impressed with the quality of the work.
Mark E., Clifton, NJ          

My family is absolutely ecstatic with the fantastic job your company did
with our 16mm reels.  Look at these comparison shots here of the old
VHS transfer we had done many years ago.

The quality difference is unbelievable.  The other company didn't even
get the 18fps to 30fps conversion correct, so we were used to watching
our home movies at the wrong speed.  Everybody was running!  The VHS
copy also had some of the film cropped off, not to mention horrendous

Thanks for your attention to detail in every part of my HD job.  We'll be
sending you some additional 8mm reels, and I'll definitely recommend
your company to my friends.
Tag P., Meridian, MS           

Once again, you have exceeded my
expectations.  I very much appreciate the
quality of your work and the care you took
with my originals.  I will gladly recommend
your company to friends and colleagues.
Brock L., Brooklyn, NY         

I'm just writing to thank you for the fantastic
work on our transfers, and for recommending
the HD.  The transfers were breathtaking.  We
screened a 70 minute edited film off a Christie
2K in a 300 seat theater and it looked simply
brilliant.  The audience loved it and they were
quite vocal in telling me how vivid the image
looked and felt....they said it transported them
back in time.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with
you in the near future.
Dr. Arnold L., Greenwich, CT          

I received the hard disk and movies.  I can
see the difference between standard transfer
and high definition.  I easily transferred the
data to my quad core iMac and am working
with it in iMovie.  Absolutely worth the extra
$300 for the high quality transfer.  These
movies are priceless.  I will keep you in mind
for my future film transfer and pass my
satisfaction with your work on to my friends,
who are faced with similar decisions.
Patrick B., Bryceland, LA         

My wife and I watched the two DVD discs made from the High Definition film
transfer last night.  Your company did an excellent job.  I'm looking forward to
sharing these memories with my five brothers and sisters, and with my
mother.  Seeing my dad again brings us an indescribable feeling - I am
grateful for that.

Please let the colorist know that his work was exceptional.  He even pulled
out images of my brother's honeymoon which apparently were terribly

If anyone asks, I'll be sure to recommend your service.
Carl F., Phoenixville, PA          

Many thanks for another job well done.  The DVD-
rendered media looks great.  I was very pleased at
the color saturation of the transfers.

I am preparing another group of films to be sent out
to you later this week.
"The audience loved
it, and they were
quite vocal in telling
me how vivid the
image looked and
felt....they said it
transported them
back in time."
-  Brock L.
"My family is
ecstatic with the
fantastic job your
company did with
our 16mm reels."
- Mark E.
"I have shared clips
with my family
already, and they
play them over and
over laughing and
reliving fond
- Joseph J.
"It is so reassuring
that these precious
memories are now
preserved for the
future of our family.
What a gift you
have blessed me
- Jeanne P.
Peter Sereny, BSEE, CICA, M.D., FLMI            
Founder, Director, Amkai LLC

I would like to thank you for the prompt, efficient, and
excellent work you have done digitizing more than one
hundred 8mm movies I have.  Prior to engaging your
services, I looked around for alternatives, but found you to
be the best.  I was correct in my assessment, and would
highly recommend your services.
Janice O., Alachua, FL

Thank you so much for a wonderful job transferring my 16mm films.  I
appreciate the good communication, letting me know when you received
my package, when you sent it back, and all the reassurance that it would
be handled carefully.  It is a bit scary sending my parents' lifetime of
movies off to another state, but you made the process much less scary! I
received them back in good condition and am pleased with the results. I
would recommend you to other looking to digitize their films.
"The quality is
considering the age
of the films. Great
job on that!"
- Lars K.