Debenham Media Group uses state of
the art Digital Telecines (Film
Scanners) to transfer 35mm X-Ray films.

Our image quality is extremely high and
is suitable for diagnostic or legal use.

We can transfer directly to Hard Drive,
DVD, and Blu-ray.
Important Note:
To correctly transfer 35mm Medical films, a Super
35mm film gate must be used on the telecine/scanner.

Film scanned without a Super 35mm gate
will not contain the entire image.

Debenham Media Group uses Super 35mm film gates.

Rush Service is Available!
35mm Medical film Transfer Pricing:
Each FIlm, 5 minutes or less,
Transferred to DVD or Blu-Ray.

First Film: $145
Each Additional film $50

Price includes adding head and tail leader to the film.
This enables the entire length of your medical film
to be transferred to DVD or Blu-ray or hard drive.
Heart Films - X-Ray Films - Angiograms - Cardiac Catheterization - Cinefluorography - etc.