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We can not duplicate 35mm film without permission from the copyright holder.
35mm Motion Picture Film Pricing
High Definition, 1080p,
720p, 8mm, 16mm, 35mm
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Debenham Media Group is proud to offer 100% progressive-scan high definition transfers of  35mm motion picture film. Whether you have a feature film,
television series, or amateur home movies, we transfer your film using the same 4K scanning resolution used to digitize Hollywood feature films. 4K scanning
is over 4 times higher resolution than 1920x1080p.

With our high definition video transfers, there is absolutely no interlacing, no blended frames, and no pull-down. We deliver High Definition Files in 10 Bit
4:2:2,  ProRes 422, ProRes 422 HQ and Uncompressed.  Why bother with a high definition scan if you don't get high definition back due to excessive
compression from bit starved codecs?

Your 1080p film transfer will be delivered on hard disk in one of several .mov (Quicktime) ProRes video formats, and will be viewable on a contemporary PC
or Mac. Our tapeless file-based system allows your transfer to be viewed at the same frame rate as the original film, because each original film frame
becomes one progressive-scan digital frame.

We scan your film at resolutions exceeding the capacity of 8mm ,16mm film, and most 35mm which means you get all the detail from the original film. Our
unique scanning process allows us to deliver 1560x1080p images of 4:3 film (rather than the usual 1440x1080p) without compromising image quality. If your
film is wide screen we can deliver full 1920x1080p, without letter box or pillar bars.

Our high definition transfers look like film. There is no coarse sharpening, which means the harsh edges present in standard definition and other high
definition transfers are gone. High definition scanning also allows our colorists a greater range of correction options, which means missed exposure can be
more accurately compensated for, and color saturation can be more vibrantly restored.

Return shipping for Canadian orders is $5 + actual cost of shipping.