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Why High Definition?

Simply put, High Definition video is the format of the future. Within five years, standard definition video will be obsolete.
Television networks have already shut down their standard definition broadcasts, and it won't be long before watching
movies in standard definition will be like listening to music on cassette tapes instead of CD's or files. A High Definition film
transfer to video is the best way to ensure that your family films will survive to be enjoyed by future generations. Since we
scan your film at a resolution exceeding that of the original film, the High Definition video files that you receive will contain
all of the data from your original images. This means that no matter what new video formats the future brings, a High
Definition video transfer of your film is the last transfer you'll ever have to do!
But is High Definition video really that much

Absolutely! The 1560 x 1080p resolution
images of High Definition video are more than
4.8 times bigger than their 720 x 480 standard
definition counterparts. That means over 4.8
times more data, which shows up in the form
of greater color saturation and depth, giving
you beautiful pictures that look just like the
original film.
How can I watch my High Definition transfer? Do I need special equipment?

All of our 1080p High Definition video transfers are delivered as ProRes 422 .mov files, which are viewable using
QuickTime, a popular FREE software program available for download for PC or Mac. ProRes 422 files will play smoothly on
a typical contemporary computer or a powerful older computer.  
Download the 16mm sample files to test your computer's
compatibility. We recommend watching your High Definition video transfer on a monitor with at least 1920 x 1080
resolution, but if you don't have one, you can easily plug your computer directly into your High Definition TV for big
screen playback! And you can always watch your transfer on a smaller computer monitor by resizing the window.
Can I edit my High Definition transfer?

Yes. Basic editing can be done using QuickTime Pro, an upgraded version of regular
QuickTime 7 which can be downloaded for only $30.

High Definition ProRes .mov files work with the following PC & Mac editing software:
Final Cut, iMovie, Sony Vegas Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, Media
Composer, Lightworks, Edius, Magix & many other editing programs.

Download the 16mm sample files to test your computer's compatibility.

We supply you with progressive High Definition images - every HD
video frame is one film frame! There's
no pulldown, no blended
, and no interlacing, just beautiful High Definition images.
But I don't have an HDTV, and I want to watch my transfer now! And what about DVDs?

Don't let these concerns prevent you from getting a High Definition transfer!  Standard
definition DVDs of your transfer are available in addition to the High Definition video files on
your hard drive. These DVDs are directly encoded from your 1080p files, and hold up to an
hour of film. DVDs cost $24.95 each (copies are just $9.99 per DVD), and can be played in
regular DVD players. They make a great addition to your project because you can watch your
film transfer right away, and you'll still have the High Definition video files when you're ready
to upgrade down the road.
How can I share my High Definition transfer with my relatives if it's only available on hard drive?

Actually, the hard drive format makes sharing even easier! All you need is another portable  
hard drive - available from us or any electronics retailer - and you can simply drag and drop
the files using your PC or Mac, as you would with any other computer files, and you'll have a
lossless copy of your High Definition transfer. These video files, unlike DVDs, can then be
edited on the recipient's computer without a reduction in quality!
I've never heard of 1560 x 1080p resolution before.

That's because 1560 x 1080p resolution is unique to
Debenham Media Group! Ordinarily, older films are
viewed at a 4:3, or 1.33:1, aspect ratio. That translates into
1440 x 1080p image. Through our experience we've
noticed that most camera gates were slightly wider than
that, and preserving the original 4:3 aspect ratio would
mean cutting off part of the image. We think you should
get the most out of your film, so rather than chopping off
the edges, we've developed the 1.44:1 aspect ratio
specifically for our High Definition scanning.

If you don't want the "extra" picture area, the edges can
be easily cropped during editing - we feel that decision
should be left up to you. In fact, the "extra" picture area  
gives skilled editors added versatility, allowing shots to
be reframed if desired.
Think of the film frame as a map. A standard
definition image is like a 4' x 3' map. It will give
you a good idea of the area, but what if you
had an 9' x 7' map instead? You'd be looking at
the same area, but in much greater detail.
That's the High Definition video difference.
Plus, the additional data in a High Definition video scan presents our colorists with a greater range of possibilties when they
enhance your pictures. Meaning that over or underexposed film can be corrected more accurately with High Definition video
than in standard definition. Also, if you're planning to print still images from your movies, nothing can match the quality of our
High Definition scan.
Debenham Media Group is very pleased to offer
Full 1080p High Definition Film Scanning!
High Definition video 1080p 720p
8mm 16mm 35mm film transfer to
"I was blown away
by the video!  I'm
glad I waited for
the HD transfer
and you didn't
- Mike S.
 Leesburg, VA
"Thank you for the
wonderful job. The
colors are vivid,
hardly believable for
a 70-year old movie
- Bill P.
 Houston, TX