Terms & Conditions
MyMovieTransfer.com (MMT), the consumer division of Debenham Media Group, will receive, transfer and store
Client's films, materials, or tapes only at the risk of the Client.  MMT does not assume responsibility for any

loss or damage to such films, materials or theft, fire, machine damage, or negligence on the part of MMT, its
employees or agents.  MMT assumes no risk for, and makes no guarantees regarding the safety of Client's
property on route to or from MMT or on premises whether in production or storage.

MMT does not extend any warranties or assume any liability with respect to the processing of film and/or tape,
including any implied warranty of merchantability or any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.  
MMT shall not be responsible for loss of any kind whatsoever due to delays or failures in performance caused
directly or indirectly by any other cause whatsoever.

MMT advises Clients to insure all materials delivered to us against any and all loss and risk.  Clients should if
possible retain a duplicate copy of all tapes or any other materials delivered to MMT.

Upon satisfaction of all outstanding balances, MMT will return Client's materials to Client.   MMT retains the

right to discard any film, tapes or other Client materials after 2 years of completion of Client's work.

All accounts are subject to prepayment terms unless prior credit approval has been established.  Terms for
established accounts will be net 30 days.  Any and all costs and expenses, including legal fees and costs,
incurred from efforts to collect past due balances will be charged to Client.  If a client check fails to clear and

our bank assesses us a NSF charge - the client will be billed a $25 NSF fee per incident.

In the event of any loss, damage or destruction of Client film or tape as a result of negligence on the part of

MMT employees or agents, MMT will credit the Client for a portion of the amount paid to MMT by the Client for
processing the same.  This shall be the sole and exclusive remedy against MMT, regardless of the nature of the
claim.  In any event, the liability of MMT shall not exceed the value of the work performed by MMT and its agents.

Data integrity of client supplied hard drives is the sole responsibility of the client. MMT guarantees that hard
drives supplied by MMT will function to the hard drive manufacturer specifications upon receipt to the customer.
Upon receipt of the hard drive, the client is strongly urged to make a back up of all data.  After the hard drive is
received by the customer and determined to be in working condition, the only hard drive warranty is from the
manufacturer of the hard drive.

If a DVD fails to play on the client's DVD player, the DVD  must be returned to MMT within 15 days of receipt.
MMT will make a new DVD.   Shipping to MMT is paid by the client, shipping from MMT will be paid by MMT. A
small percentage of DVD players may not be able to play burned DVDs, if the replacement DVD will not

function then the problem is considered to be with the client DVD player and not the DVD.

Quality film transfer depends on good quality client supplied films. If MMT determines that there are significant
technical defects in a film transfer then MMT will retransfer the film. All clients are urged to order a free sample

to determine the quality of their film and the film transfer.  If MMT determines that a refund is the correct action
then the maximum refund liability will be $250 or the total order price minus shipping, which ever is lower.  All
DVDs, hard drives, and Blu-rays must be returned to MMT with prior approval if a refund is to be granted.

The materials and services provided by MMT are subject to all of the terms & conditions as set forth in the
company's "Terms & Conditions" documentation.

All rates and pricing are subject to review and/or change without notice.