With our Ultra 1080p High Definition Transfer, you will receive the full benefits of our normal 1080p HD Transfer with added digital restoration. This includes image stabilization, scratch, grain and dirt reduction.

8mm & Super 8 Pricing:

$29.95 per 50-foot reel

Sound film an additional $6 per 50-foot reel

16mm Pricing:

$0.50 per foot

Sound film an additional $0.07per foot

Our Ultra process is the highest level of transfer that we've ever produced. We utilize DaVinci software in order to digitally clean the film - removing scratches, dirt and dust - while also improving the images.

High-end film scanning processes are designed with the optimum film in mind. This is great if you have brand new film in pristine condition. From our experience, that film does not exist any more. Our Ultra process has been designed specifically to address and improve old film. Not only will we digitally clean the film, we'll also improve the color, sharpness, and exposure of the film.

Dye spread, for example, is exceptionally common as the chemicals that give film its color begin to breakdown. When this happens, the images themselves lose their sharpness. We designed our Ultra process as a means to finally be able to reverse this issue. With the aid of DaVinci's frame-by-frame analysis, we're able to sharpen the image without adding noisiness to the picture.

We customize the settings of this advanced digital cleaning, to address the issues specific to your film.

The results from this process are beyond what we expected when originally designed it, and we are currently creating images beyond what we thought was possible five years ago.

Still taken from 35mm film scanned in Ultra 1080p

Ultra 1080p Transfers Feature:

Digital Dirt and Scratch Reduction

Dirt and dust particles can embed themselves under the emulsion of film, so no matter how much you clean the surface of the film, some amount of dirt and dust will remain. And that says nothing about the scratches that accumulate on a film over time. Our Ultra HD process employs DaVinci Resolve software to greatly reduce the dirt and scratches on your film, leaving you with cleaner, higher quality images.

The split screen above features a before-and-after of our digital dirt and scratch reduction.

Grain Reduction

Along with reducing dirt and scratches, our Ultra HD Transfers greatly reduce grain. Grain reduction in film can be tricky, since grain is the basic building block for filmed images. Grain isn't the enemy. Graininess is. Reduce it too much, and you're film will lose it texture and look like poor video. We use intelligent grain reduction that allows your transfer to retain its texture while creating high quality images that look overall less grainy.

Flicker Reduction

Some films may have flicker as a byproduct of the original camera photography. Our scanning process does not produce flicker. Flicker is a small but noticeable unintended difference in light level between adjacent frames. Eliminating flicker produces films that are easier to watch.

Additional Color Restoration

When we transfer in Ultra HD, we first scan your film in 1080p, where one of our colorists will adjust the transfer for color to get the most out of your film. We then apply our Ultra process, where we can take those files that have underwent a first pass of color restoration, and we can then make certain additional adjustments. All of this in order to make the color even more accurate.

Image Stabilization

Old film cameras weren't equipped with image stabilization software like modern digital cameras, so even the most sure-handed camera-person was likely to have some jitter in their images. The image stabilization offered in our Ultra HD transfers reduces that jitter, leaving you with a more professional film. The movie will appear more clear and is easier to watch, while still retaining a certain amount of motion to retain the hand-held feel. Please note larger camera jerkiness can not be corrected.

The top portion of this clip has had image stabilization applied, while the bottom half has not.

GIF created from an 8mm film transferred in 1080p. In order for the GIF to quickly load and playback on the page, additional compression was applied. The file you receive will be a much higher quality than this example.