"It was very clear to
me that your team is
well aware of the
value of the films
they process and
they show it in
that they do."

- Karen B.
Dracut, MA
"Your efforts have
ensured that these
treasured family
memories will be
with us for many,
many years to
come, and I thank
you for that!"

- Phil G
Afton, TN
Shipping Questions & Answers

Email or Call 1-800-865-7172
Is it safe to send my films?
Over the years FedEx has proven to be a reliable shipper.
If you are concerned about the return shipping of your films,
we suggest two options:

1. Always select the "Signature Required" option on the order form. With
this service, your film and media will not be left without a person present
at the physical address to receive and sign for your shipment(s).

2. Have us ship all of your digital media first, and we'll wait for you to
confirm its arrival before we ship your film. If you decide to take this
option, you would have to pay two flat rate shipping charges.

How should I send my films?
We recommend using a national, insurable carrier such as FedEx or UPS.
You are able to track your films and always know their location.

Is there anything special I should do when packing my films?
Film can be durable, but we don't want to take any chances. If your film is
in boxes, small plastic snap covers or cans, we recommend taping them
closed, so they do not open during shipping.  Make sure to number them
with a permanent marker in the order you would like them to be transferred.
If there is no desired sequence, place your film in small plastic bags or
envelopes and tape them closed.

You will want to select a box for shipping that your films will fit snugly into,
without a lot of room to jostle around.  Add packing material (bubble wrap
or newspaper work best) in any open areas, to give the box stability.
Don't forget to include your order form and check.  Use packing tape to
securely close the box.

If you are sending your film by FedEx overnight delivery, please note that
the studio opens at 9:30am. Use FedEx "Priority Overnight" or FedEx
"Standard Overnight" for overnight delivery.
Do not send packages by "FedEx First Overnight" because FedEx will
attempt to deliver the film at 8am and this will delay your delivery.
Will you let me know when my film arrives?
You will receive an email letting you know when we receive them, or a telephone call if you prefer.

Will you let me know when my transfer is finished?
You will be notified by email when your transfer is complete, along with your tracking number if
shipping by FedEx.

How are my films and digital media shipped back to me?
We have a domestic Flat Shipping Rate of just $15. If you have 35mm film, the shipping rates
vary based on the amount of film. Your original film and media are individually wrapped, then
placed in a shipping box.  Our shipping boxes also make a great storage device for your film.

Most orders are sent via FedEx Ground, with Online Tracking ID. Smaller Orders (depending
upon weight) will be sent via US Postal Service Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.

Canadian orders are sent by United States Postal Service / Canada Post at Cost + $5
($15 minimum total shipping charge).

If you would like a
Signature Required for your delivery, simply check the line on the Order
Form and add an additional $7.50 for the service. With this service, your film and media will not
be left without a person present at the physical address to receive and sign for your shipment(s).

Can you overnight my films?
If you require Express or Overnight Shipping, please call 1-800-865-7172 for a quote.

I have a shipping account.  Can I use my shipping number?
Yes.  If you supply us with an addressed prepaid air bill for your FedEx or UPS account number,
we will gladly ship your package by
Express or Overnight delivery. A $5 packing fee will be
added to your order total. We will not ship by ground service using a client account number.