Canadian Clients: please note that return shipping is at cost +$5  
($15 minimum return shipping charge)
We must have a completed order form included with your film shipment to start your project.
If you are sending your project in multiple boxes, include a copy of the order form in each box.
Click to download Order Form (PDF)
If you can not open the order form (PDF Format), make sure you have the latest version
of Adobe Reader installed on your computer:
Click the blue button & print out
your order form (PDF format).
Then follow the three simple steps
listed below order your transfer.
Ordering your
1080p HD Scan
STEP 1: Fill out the order form.
Fill out your contact info. Then calculate your
total footage, select your media, and add the
return shipping. (Not sure about the total
footage? Just write "Provide Estimate" on your
order form, indicate your media selection, and
we will e-mail you an estimated cost for your
transfer once we receive it.)
STEP 2: Pack and ship your film
The most important thing about shipping film is
to use a sturdy box and pack it well with
packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or newspaper.
Make sure to include your order form in the box
along with a check (if applicable).
Once your shipment is sealed, use your
preferred shipping service to send it to us.
STEP 3: Check your email
We will send you an email the day that your
film arrives at our studio. If we have any
questions, we will let you know in the email.
We will make our own estimate for your
project's final cost, and if we think it will cost
more than you anticipated, we'll include an
adjusted price quote and wait for your approval
to start the transfer. After that, we'll take care of
the rest! We'll email you once we wrap as well
and give you the tracking info for your return