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The Mission of is to provide North America's highest quality
8mm, Super 8 & 16mm film transfers directly to hard drive, DVD & Blu-ray.
We use modified Rank Cintel Ultra High Definition scanners with
High Definition Optics.
Film is enhanced with the
High Definition DMG Color Corrector by our skilled colorists.
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As seen in Consumer Reports, The New York Times, Videomaker & CNBC.
Debenham Media Group is pleased to offer full 1080p High Definition scanning of Regular 8, Super 8, 16mm and 35mm positive motion picture film. Please have a look at the 16mm full resolution examples and the 8mm/Super 8 full resolution examples, and see what's possible with our High Definition Color Correction. Our High Definition technology is custom-engineered to extract the best possible image quality as we transfer 35mm, 16mm, 8mm and Super 8 films.  In fact, we transfer in Standard Definition and High Definition for broadcast television stations. You can be confident that your family films will be treated according to professional quality standards. When we transfer 8mm to High Definition, our scanning exceeds the resolution of 8mm film, so you get the maximum amount of detail from your home movies. Since scanning more initial data means more compression is possible without sacrificing image quality, you don't need professional computer software to enjoy the benefits of a High Definition film transfer.

There's no better way to preserve your priceless family films for future generations than a 16mm, Super 8 or 8mm film transfer to digital media. Our skilled
colorists will convert your 16mm, Super 8 or 8mm to DVD, so you can relive your precious memories without the hassle of a projector. Projectors can scratch or even burn you film over time, so just watching your home movies is a risk. But with our state-of-the-art 16mm, Super 8 and 8mm film conversion, you can safely and easily watch your home movies again and again, right on your television or computer.  Once we've transferred your 16mm, Super 8 or 8mm to digital, you can use the Internet to share your film transfer with family and friends anywhere in the world. If you have any concerns about having your film transferred, we offer an Free Sample for prospective clients.

We transfer 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm to DVD using the same method Hollywood studios use to transfer blockbuster feature films, so you can be assured that you'll get the best possible image quality with a film transfer from Our Rank Cintel telecines were originally intended to produce high-quality scans of 35mm motion picture film. Take a look at our
35mm examples. Because the Rank Cintel scanners were designed to such high standards, they can easily get the most out of the much smaller 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm film frame. See for yourself with our full resolution examples for 16mm transfers and Super 8 & 8mm transfers.

We can also convert Super 8 Sound and
16mm Sound (both optical and magnetic) film to DVD or digital master. In fact, we are one of the only facilities in the world that can transfer Regular 8mm Sound film using professional scanners. Our sound heads are at the cutting edge of technology, and the colorists are skilled in getting the most out of analog sound tracks. We constantly purchase new state-of-the-art digital equipment to optimize the sound and image quality of your 16mm, 8mm or Super 8mm transfer.

While transferring 16mm, Super 8 and 8mm movies to DVD is the most popular option with our clients, we strongly recommend ordering a digital master on a portable hard drive. DVDs are great for viewing, but portable hard drives hold massively more data than DVDs, meaning higher quality images for archiving or editing. With a digital master, you can easily edit your 16mm, 8mm or Super 8 transfer on your PC or Mac using programs like Corel Video Studio, iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, or Final Cut. Any of these programs will help you rearrange your footage and add titles or music with ease, so you can turn your film transfer into a polished presentation to share with your family.

Order a
High Definition film transfer, and we'll convert 8mm, Super 8, 16mm or 35mm motion picture films to digital 1080p High Definition that you can watch on your HDTV! Our High Definition film transfers not only extract more data from your films, but the High Definition process allows our colorists a greater range of adjustments, meaning that over- or underexposed film can be more accurately corrected with a High Definition scan. The massive amount of data captured in a High Definition scan allows a greater degree of compression to be applied without sacrificing image quality. This means that you can watch your High Definition film transfer using a basic media player, like Quicktime, on most contemporary computers; whereas, uncompressed standard definition film transfers may require professional software and high-end computer systems. Download our 16mm High Definition sample files to test your system's compatibility.

Film restoration is part of the process of converting Super 8, 8mm and 16mm home movies to DVD. Our goal is to get the best image possible from your original film. We treat your film with care. Please remember that the film's original photography and storage conditions will have an impact on the quality of the finished film transfer. The entire production staff of has university degrees in film, video or media, so you can trust that your film will be handled with expertise. We put your film onto 13-inch archive reels, checking for and repairing any bad splices as we go. These large reels will prolong the life of your film by reducing (and often reversing) the curl caused by smaller reels. We'll return your film to you on the 13 inch archive reels, and we always return the empty boxes and cans in which it was sent as well.

Unlike digital media, film tends to lose its luster as it ages. However, with our high-definition optics, and cutting-edge
color correction technology, you get the best possible image quality, regardless of film stock (Kodachrome, ANSCO, AGFA, Fuji, etc.). Our continuous-motion film transport will never scratch or tear your film the way projectors and frame-by-frame methods can.  In fact, many of our clients tell us their film transfer looks better than they ever remember it looking on the projector. See for yourself on the client feedback page.

Not sure how much film you have? No problem! Our 8mm,
Super 8, 16mm and 35mm pricing pages can help. Our 8mm film and Super 8mm film pricing is based on the number of 50-foot reels you want to transfer. If your film has been spliced together onto larger reels, we've put together a handy guide to help determine how many 50-foot reels the larger reels contain.

We love our work. Our thorough knowledge of film, video and broadcast media allows us to strive for the highest possible image quality by constantly improving our techniques, staying on the cutting edge of technology, and providing good old-fashioned customer service.

We've been mentioned or written about in The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, CNBC, Money Magazine, Super 8 Today, EventDV, Woman's World, and Videomaker. Our state-of-the-art High Definition system was developed in-house with our clients in mind. Our studio adheres to the highest professional broadcast standards, which is why we've been able to transfer archives for NASA, numerous universities and museums across the country, and many prominent American families.

For Standard Definition...

The Rank Cintel scanners that we use to transfer your film output uncompressed digital video. This means that the color-correction process for your film begins at a data rate of 2.970 Gb/s. Most film transfer facilities start with much lower data rates. This seriously limits the possibilities for image improvement before the transfer has even started. By starting with the highest possible data rate, our colorists can utilize a much wider range of correction options that simply aren't possible with non-broadcast equipment. Since color-correction and sharpening are always done to your film before compression, the colorist will deliver images of the best possible quality when converting 8mm film, Super 8 film, 16mm film, and 35mm film.
1080p High Definition
We offer 3 qualities of 8mm, Super 8, & 16mm film transfer.
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Highest Quality
720p High Definition
High Quality - Lower Cost
Standard Definition
Good Quality
10 bit 4:2:2 ProRes
Since our founding in 1987, Debenham Media Group has remained on the cutting edge of film scanning technology.  We are constantly improving our state-of-the art scanners to produce the highest quality 35mm, 16mm and 8mm film transfers.  While we always strive to innovate our technology, our staff stays committed to providing you with helpful and friendly customer service. 

Our clients range from professional filmmakers to university archivists to consumers who are looking into converting Super 8 home movies.  Regardless of your level of expertise, we provide all of our clients with a high quality transfer using the same
method that Hollywood studios use to transfer their blockbuster feature films.  Where most other companies offer color correction and supervised scans at a premium cost, all of our Standard Definition and High Definition transfers are scanned by professional colorists using our custom-built Ultra High Definition Rank Cintel scanners and color correction technology.  These scanners will not damage your film like a projector can.  Projectors can burn or scratch your film over time.  Our machines do not use a hot bulb, nor do they stop and start your film on each frame.  Our scanners don't even claw at your film's sprocket holes.  Instead, they run your film with smooth, continuous motion while the scanner transfers each picture pixel by pixel.

Our entire production
staff have university degrees in film, video, or television production.  We realize how invaluable and irreplaceable your films are.  When the film arrives in our studio, our receiving department goes through your order and makes sure that all your film is accounted for. 
Once we receive the film, we e-mail you to let you know that the film has arrived safe and sound.  We also go over your order form and specifications.  If we have any questions regarding your project, or if we estimate that your final cost will exceed your expectations, we let you know upfront.  We will never begin your project until we are sure that you have an expectation of its final cost.

We then prepare your film for transfer.  We splice your film onto 13-inch archive reels in the sequence that you have assigned.  These 13-inch archive reels prolong the life of your film by reducing the curl of your films.  While we prep your film, we also repair any deteriorating or incorrect splices, and we clean your film using our Kodak particle transfer rollers - all at no additional cost to you.  The rollers lift dirt and dust off of your film without the possibility of scratching or damaging your films in the process.

Once your film is prepped, one of our professional colorists is assigned to your project.  They will work on your project (and your project alone) during the entirety of the scanning process.  While they transfer the film, they will also enhance the picture quality using our custom-engineered
color correction technology. With this technology, old faded film can come back to life with enriched color.  Details once lost to underexposure can be seen with increased brightness.  Your films will look significantly better transferred with our Rank Cintel machines than they would on
a projector.  In fact, many of our
clients report that their films look better than they ever remembered.

We put every effort into producing the highest quality pictures from your film and providing your old movies with a full restoration.  Whereas other companies often transfer several old media, like magnetic tape or still slides, we focus solely on engineering new, innovative technology for transferring film.  Most of our technology has been created in-house.  We have developed our
scanners to exceed the resolution of 8mm, 16mm, and even 35mm motion picture film, so that you get the maximum amount of detail out of your home movies.  Since scanning more initial data means compression is possible without sacrificing image quality, you don't need professional computer software to enjoy the benefits of a High Definition film transfer.

We are also at the forefront of scanning
sound film.  Our equipment is constantly being updated to optimize 16mm sound (both optical and magnetic) and Super 8 Sound.  In fact, we are one of the only facilities in the world that can transfer Regular 8mm Sound film using professional scanners.  Our sound heads are at the cutting-edge of technology, and optical tracks are scanned by laser.  Our colorists are skilled in getting the most out of analog soundtracks.

Once we have scanned your film, we record it onto your choice of media.  When choosing your recording media, it is helpful to think of your film in terms of data. More data means more quality. A hard drive stores the most data, which is why we highly recommend transferring your movies to one of our portable USB 3.0 drives.  Your films will be formatted for PC or Mac as ProRes 4:2:2 files ready to play on QuickTime and edited on iMovie, Correl Video Studio, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, or your preferred editing platform (to test your compatibility, download our sample
here).  We can also record your film to DVD or Blu-Ray in addition to hard drive.  While DVDs and Blu-Rays are great for simple viewing, recording to disc applies additional compression to your data.  By transferring your movies to a hard drive, you can store much more data from your project, while also having the freedom to edit your films, rearrange scenes, and add in titles and music.

Once your transfer is complete, we calculate how much film was transferred.  Our colorists remove sections of your film that are completely blank, so you are not charged for any blank footage.  You are only charged for film that is scanned.  If you pay for your order by check, we send a refund check back to you for any overpayment.  If you pay by credit card, the card will not be charged until we have completely finished your transfer and know the exact charge.  Before your film is returned to you, you will also receive an e-mail to let you know that the transfer has been completed.. You are also provided with a FedEx tracking number so that you have a clear idea of where your film is and when you can expect it to be delivered.

Whether your film represents your life's work or your family's memories, we realize its importance to you, and we take our obligation to its preservation seriously.  That is why apply the same careful and rigorous process to all of the films that we transfer in our studio.  We are confident that we can provide you with the highest quality film transfer available - so much so that we provide a
Free Sample to prospective clients. 
We service all of North America, and we welcome any international orders as well.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a prospective project, we encourage you to email us at or to call us at (412) 264-2526 or toll free at 1-800-865-7172.  We have no salesman on our staff, just helpful technicians who are happy to answer any questions and give you further details regarding our process.
Converting 8mm Film
Converting 8mm Film