Greg Z., West Chester, PA                                2 January 2008
What an amazing job with the film transfer. The quality was amazing and more than I could have
hoped for with the conversion of the legacy super8 film.

My family was very happy to watch the videos that havn't been watched in over 25 years. I am
trying to round up the other reels from my other family members to transer as well.

I fully recommend your services to anyone who might have any doubts.
I received my transfer back and have
reviewed it.

It is far and away the sharpest transfer
I have ever had!

             Thanks, John D.
             Veteran Kodak Manager
              of 30 Years Reviews
Debenham Media Group Reviews
Here are just a few of the unsolicited letters & e-mails
we have received from some of our more recent clients!
These have been reproduced with our clients' permission, with personal information removed.
Questions?  E-Mail Us ~ or Call Toll Free 1-800-865-7172
Judy K., Winthrop Harbor, IL                               25 December 2007
I wanted to say THANK YOU. We gave my father his Christmas present yesterday- the movies you
transferred for us to DVD. He was so overcome, he started to cry. This is what Christmas is about-
bringing real joy to those you love. As a family, we all watched the videos together and had a great time
reminiscing about the places and activities in the videos.

Thank you so much for making this Christmas a special one.
Gerald and Lori W., Lincolnton, NC                        2 January 2008
We were so thrilled to receive the DVD's so soon!!! You don't know how much it means to us to be
able to surprise the kids on Saturday. We are amazed with the quality and color correcting that was
done. We are very pleased with the overall package. We have already passed the word about your
company and it's quality workmanship to a close friend.

Thanks again to you for going the EXTRA MILE for us!! We appreciate it so much! May you and yours
have a very BLESSED CHRISTMAS and a wonderful New Year to come!!
Josh K., Ventura, CA                                        2 January 2008
Thanks for the great transfer. My client was very pleased. The quality was excellent and the
turnaround time was better than advertised.

This particular client brought me a window dub transfer of this footage that they had done
previously. They wanted a transfer without the visible TC. While they were a bit reluctant to go for
the extra expense of a rank transfer, I convinced them not to repeat their previous mistake of
going with a economy dub. They were not disappointed. We will certainly use you again in the
Questions?  E-Mail Us ~ or Call Toll Free 1-800-865-7172
Thessa M., Brooklyn, NY                                  5 January 2008
I want to thank you for the amazing job you guys did with the transfer of my friend's 8mm films. The
picture quality is professional-grade and the service outstanding: all my question were patiently
answered (something I'm not used to in Brooklyn) and the completion date was even moved ahead
during the holiday season. .
Bill D., Kettering, OH                                      2 January 2008
Rank Cintel is alive and well- along with the colorist who preformed the work. As a former film producer
of many years, I am very familiar with the Rank and delighted to have it available for transferring my
home movies. Although they (my home movies) are not up to the professional standards I required of
our commercial work, your service delivers more than I expected of a home movie transfer. You will
have thousands of feet of 16mm  film coming your way.
Carleen C., Miami, FL                                                3 January 2008
Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful job on the movie reels. I was very nervous and skeptical,
especially with the two week turnaround to receive the movies before Christmas; but everything arrived
one day ahead of schedule and in great condition. I'm glad I chose your compnay to perserve my
memories. My family was very touched by the thoughful gift and even brought a tear to my father's eye.
Thanks again for the professionalism and walking me through all my questions and the DMG process.
John B., Middletown, PA                                                            10 January 2008
I used the transferred images that you provided on the hard drive, selecting the ones that show family scenes, and make an
approximately half-hour long DVD. The process of using your transferred images to do this was easy. I even managed to figure out
how to pull frames to use as backdrops for chapter titles and to set up an attractive main menu and scene-selection menus, as well as
a "cast of characters" scroll at the beginning. It all came together beautifully and made a wonderful gift for my sister and her husband
for their three children, none of whom had seen these movies in nearly 40 years. I have received many positive comments about it.
Thank you , again, for providing exactly what I needed to pull this off. If I hear of anybody needing a service such as yours, I will
certainly point them in your direction.

Also, thanks for the answers to my questions, particularly the one about the color. This kind of after-the-sale responsiveness is what
sets apart a good business. I am very happy that I chose your company and will give it a good recommendation to a friend who has
asked me to let him know how it went because he is considering having some movies digitized.

Your website is what sold me on your company. I liked its thoroughness in covering almost every conceivable question. I called you
in advance with just one additional question, and I also appreciate that you answered the phone promptly and told me exactly what I
wanted to know. You are definately doing things right in my book! The refund for my overpayment was just one more thing that told
me that I made the right decision in trusting my movies, and my money, with you.
Scott S., Midland, MI                                          2 January 2008
Thanks to everyone at DMG for the fine transfer of my very old 8mm films- the quality was great. I'll be
back again for other transfers and I have spoken highly of your group. DMG's communication and
execution were terrific. Best wishes in 2008.
Alan S., Paeonian Springs, VA                                14 January 2008
I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the transfer of my super 8mm film to
DVD/MiniDV that was accomplished by Debenham Media Group. This transfer exceeded my
expectations in every way! Thank you very much.

I also wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your firm, in particular your staff. Initially, I
spoke with a gentleman named Gregg. Gregg was very professional and courteous. He answered
all my questions and he made me feel like I was your most important customer. He also gave me a
feeling that my films would be handled with the greatest of care and any apprehension I may have
had about sending these one-of-a-kind treaures to DMG for transfer was alleviated completely.

Additionally, he explained your process to me in detail and everything he said that would
happen-from emailing me when he received my films to notifying me when the transfer was
complete and providing tracking information to me when it was shipped back to me- happened.
I find it very refreshing and exciting when I discover a firm, like DMG, that is truely first class. It is
so rare these days.

Once again, thank you. I look forward to working with your firm again.
Jay W., Charlottesville, VA                                  16 January 2008
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with my transfer. The vintage footage (from the 1920s
no less!) could not have been done better! I have done lots of other footage myself and am tempted to
have you transfer those also. The communication and delivery were top notch also. Excellent job.
Riley T., Chicago, IL                                   17 January 2008
I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did. I got the miniDV tape and I found the
footage quality top-of-the-line, and I will most definately consider your business for telecine service
first. Thanks again.
Jacqueline K.,Old Bridge, NJ                                                   21 January 2008
Just like last time, the CD's are wonderful. I have recommended you to so many people. Your
company is honest, trustworthy, and so helpful. You gave us our memories back and my mother is
so very thankful as well. Wish there were more companies like My Movie Transfer in this world.
Thanks again.
Celia M., Northridge, CAA, A                                   23 January 2008
I was very happy with the DVD you made me.  The color and copy was a real good quality. I received
it before Christmas and was able to play if for the fmaily. We all enjoyed it. It was especially nice to
see it with the family because, in May of 2007, we lost our mother to cancer, and she was in much of
the DVD. When I sent you that film, I didn't know how much of the film she was in. It had been over
25 years since the last time we played it on a projector. I received it, and put it on right away. It was
such a blessing to see her again, just as I had remembered her as a child.
I will be sending you more film in the future.
Pam T., Houston, TX                                                            25 January 2008
I just received my DVD, and we were thrilled with the results!!! We have LOTS more to transfer and we
will certainly return. It's just such an expensive project that we will have to do it in bits and pieces. I look
forward to our next DVD!!
I also thank you for the efficiency with which the transfer was made. We received our DVD way ahead of
schedule. That was exciting!!
Jen B., Wilmer, MN                                               18 January 2008
Thank you so much. Your professional restoration of my families' memories is
awesome. For Christmas my mother and sister were in tears at seeing my deceased
father, childhood birthday parties, the local village parade, and our great uncles
competing on who had the largest waistline.
Thank you so much.
Martin M., Fort Worth, TX                                24 January 2008
Received them and took them over to my parents' house to watch. They loved them and
they were impressed with the quality.
Yvette B., Winter Springs, FL                        21 January 2008
I took a chance!
I sent my 8mm movies to you with my fingers crossed. I have known others who have had theirs
done locally and have been very disappointed; so I was very apprehensive to have them done at

Since my ex-husband passed away last year, I thought it would help our family with the healing
process. When the package arrived I was very excited, yet nervous, to open it.
From the first picture the quality was more than I could have ever imagined or prayed for. I was

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for perserving our family's history.
Mary H., New York, NY                                      24 January 2008
I received the DVD yesterday and just got to view it today. I had never seen any of  the 8mm movies
which featured my parents' honeymoon, my older sister as a toddler, and family summer vacation in
the late 1950s. It was a bit bittersweet looking at the images as my parents and my brother are no
longer living. I am saving the DVD as a present for my sister's birthday next month so I think it will
be a wonderful surprise. Thanks very much. I am sure that it was a bit of a challenge as the films
were so old and not stored under the best of circumstances. I am going to recommend your
services to a friend of mine who also has some film of his family from the 1960s.
Thanks again.
Robert B., Nashville, TN                                29 January 2008
Today I received the DVD of the video you transferred from a 16mm film I sent to you only a few
days ago. I am thrilled with the results you have produced and can't thank you enough. The film I
sent you was taken during a period of time from 1943 to about 1947 and looks spectacular. I'm 67
yers old and in some of the clips I was 2 years old. I hadn't seen this film in probably 40 years and
wasn't really sure what would still be viewable. I know that the film was very brittle and couldn't
be run through a projector, so I had little hope of ever viewing it again. I feel very fortunate that
I found your company on the Internet. I had looked many times, but never felt comfortable with
other sites I found. Thanks again for your professionalism and expert work. I will certainly
recommend your company every chance I get.
Doug T., Osceola, WI                                        30 January 2008
The transfers are great! The family is thrilled to have the old movies available with the ease of
playing a DVD. There were even a few in the bunch that we had forgotten we had!

The quality of the transfers is quite good, we are so happy with the job your staff did. I also like the
way they sealed it in air-tight shrink wrap so moisture does not get to the media.

Thank you again for your fine work!
L. Ward C., Nashville, TN                                     1 February 2008
I have waited about ten years for the right technology and company to transfer my now 32 year old
film to digital video. Your efforts have surpassed my expectations. I felt from your website that
your company did things with a personal touch and attention to detail. My irreplaceable movie of
days in an Air Force fighter squadron is now in a form which will guarantee its survival for many
more years. The color rendition and size of the frame are outstanding. Thank you to everyone for
outstanding work.
Click here to see more customer comments from 2007, 2006 & 2005
Bonnie J., Alvin, TX                                          6 February 2008
We received the MiniDV tapes Thursday, which gave my son 2 weeks to digitize, edit, and put music to before
my in-laws' 60th wedding anniversary party (plenty of time). I appriciate you getting them done so quickly and
the quality of the tape was great, knowing the poor quality of some of the film. Thank you so much for all the
work you did. My husband's parents were very pleased with the finished DVDs.
Carl G., Raleigh, NC                                                        5 February 2008
You guys did a great job, again! That old 16mm film had not been viewed in more than 50 years
and you were able to transfer most of it and it looked GREAT! Can you imagine a bunch of 70+
year old guys hanging over a monitor in our studio seeing themselves play football when they
were teenagers? Very moving. Thanks again.
Matt S., Summit, NJ                                             3 February 2008
I finally have to email you and tell you how pleased I am, and have been, with the DVDs and tapes you
transferred from my 16mm film for me. I was a little dubious doing business with a website with which I was
unfamiliar. After talking to Gregg on the phone, I was sold and sent you my priceless honeymoon movies. They
turned out better than I could have hoped. The same is true of the recent larger reel I sent..and you returned it
especially early to meet a deadline I have. I am happy to tell you this. Your quality and service deserve it!
Nick M., New York, NY                                        2 February 2008
Got my S8-DVD transfer today. Thanks. You did as much as you could with that footage. I will probably send
more reels soon.
David B., Omaha, NE                                   13 February 2008
Well you exceeded our expectations. The movies turned out fantastic. This of course
started another chain of events that was beyond my control. You see I did not have a
device to read the MiniDV tapes so I had to buy an HD movie camera. Then, I needed
software to edit the movies so it was back to the store for software. I see years of
enjoyment ahead and it was all because of the quality of your work. Thanks.
Petrit P., New York, NY                                      13 February 2008
Hi there. Just wanted to say everything is great, thank you!!! Will be sending you more
film sometime in the future.
Karen F., Volcano, HI                                               11 February 2008
Received my movie transfers yesterday and viewed them last night. Mahalo for your time and expertise in
transferring these films to a DVD. Compared the DVD with a film transfer that was put on a VHS video in 1992,
which my mother had paid $845.00 for. That's where the comparison and quality were very notable. The DVD
was sharper, cleaner, colors more vivid- even on a cloudy day, hues more true to nature. It appeared much
effort was put towards making the people as focused as possible, their skin colors great! All this and the
original films were considered in poor condition. BIG MAHALO to you all, keep up the good work, will highly
recommend your services to anyone needing them. Most of all, thanks for all the nostalgia and happiness
you return to people's lives bringing old memories back to life again for them.
Robert H., Armonk, NY                                         11 February 2008
I can never, NEVER thank you all enough for the quality of the product you sent me. I am totally amazed
by how magnificently the movies, shot between 57 and 30 years ago, turned out. My parents' wedding
movie looked as spectacular as the wedding itself 57 years ago. Please let me know how I can be of
assistance spreading the word on the quality and service you provide.
Bob C.., New Rochelle, NY                                           13 February 2008
Fantastic..Thanks.. You and your staff have been extremely efficient, courteous, and informative. It's
been a pleasure.
John B., West Lafayette, IN                                                            10 February 2008
I initially had the films transferred by Brand X, one of your biggest competitors and I was not happy with the results. Problems
included: 1) The film was very dirty even though their website says they clean the film. 2) The film broke several times during the
transfer process and the operator didn't do anything for some time. This resulted in either a) the same image for some time or b) a
white image for some time that showed significant and constant variation in the color of the projection light. 3) The film skipped
badly in several places. 4) The film on one 7 inch reel was badly curved and the transfer from this curved film showed both the
black edge on the film and the white beyond the black edge.

The description of your transfer equipment led me to believe that the skipping would not occur as it appeared you were running
the film through a projector like film loop and there were several testimonials on your web site about MMT recovering film that
other transfer companies refused to touch with a ten foot pole. Here are my impressions: 1) The images are much cleaner, the film
was obviously cleaned. 2) the color was much better. Not a little better, much better. 3)The film speed seemed different than Brand
X's People seemed to be walking quickly in the Brand X transfer and more normally in yours. 4) The black and white footage had low

I'm impressed with the colorist's color handiwork. I tried my darnest with every tool Pinnacle Studio Ultimate had on the first
transfer and couldn't make the color remotely as good as he did.
Kristen D., Nokomis, FL                                           24 December 2007
Words cannot express how pleased I am with my movie transfer. The quality, prompt service, and
care taken with these precious memories surpassed ALL MY EXPECTATIONS. I was impressed first
that I called with some questions before I sent them, that a gentleman answered the phone and
patiently spent time answering all my questions and concerns. Upon reciept of my 30 year old film, I
promptly received an email confirmation and reassurance that my order would be well taken care
of and delivered on time so that I could give copies to my family for Christmas. I look forward to
sending more films to be transferred and wouldn't trust anyone else with my memories. Kudos to
your excellent work and courteous staff.
Gregg P., North Brunswick, NJ                                 20 December 2007
My grandmother died last year at the age of 102. Her husband, my grandfather, died in 1969. I found these films in a shed
behind her house, barely protected from the elements for many years. One of the films was not even in a can. Prior to the
shed, they were probably in a basement or attic for several decades. I had no idea what was on the films. In fact, we (the
grandchildren) could not recall her or my grandfather having a movie camera.

I did not know, until viewing the discs last night, that they had used the camera to document their trip, by car, across the
country and back again, sometime in the early 1950's. The second half of the footage documents another trip they took
across the Atlantic on the Queen Mary, and their sudsequent tour of London (my grandmother's birth place), the English
countryside, and on to Paris.

I'll be copying these discs for all of my grandmother's surviving kin. It brings great joy to see them, albeit briefly, alive again.
My only wish is that I could've done this before my grandmother died so that she could've see her late husband again and
relived those two incrediable journeys that they took together.

I received the package yesterday and watched the DVDs last night. I can't express how pleased I am with the job you did-
extremely professional- from my initial consultation with you to the transfer itself, the pricing, the turnaround time, even right
down to the way the items were packaged and returned. I am so glad I found you on the web.
Christine K., Lynn, MA                         20 December 2007
I got the film today. Thank you, it was a very enjoyable experience to see my grandmothers again.
Carla V., Craigville, IN                        18 December 2007
One word sums it up. Impressive. I was impressed with your web site, that's what made me decide to use you. After that decision
was made, I was impressed with your customer service, very willing to explain and answer questions that I had. Impressed once
again with the emails stating you received my film and another one when you sent it back out. After viewing the final product, you
guessed it. Impressed. Thanks for the memories.
Kjell O., La Quinta, CA                          14 December 2007
Just wanted to give you feedback for the work you guys did on my "African movie" converting
from 16mm to DVDs. I can only say that you did a first class job on a film that is 35 years old. If there
are any flaws it is caused by the guy behind the camera and not by your lab. Also the sound track
came out a lot better than what I had expected. But overall, the film looks great on my 120" movie
screen and the Infocus projector converting to 1080i.

I will send you more film, but that will take a few weeks since I need to edit them better.

Thanks and best regards.
Nancy G., Annapolis, MD                                  12 December 2007
Thank you for the great job you did with my films! It was quite a shock to see myself at that tender age and looking very green (young
and inexperienced) on the first bunch of outtakes. The second one, the take off on "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," had me doing
a better job although the voice was awful- I was lip synching I hasten to add. :) However,  you all did a wonderful job- the DVD is
great and brother Fred has decided to make copies for the family. Poor them!
Pam S., Wimberley, TX                10 December 2007
Happily, I'm able to report that I loved the transfer and have now used it to make a DVD for my sisters for
their Christmas present! I'm also about to print out your web order form and send the rest of my dad's old
reels in order to have them transferred as well.

Ya'll do a great job and I'm very pleased. Rest assured, I've told others about your professionalism,
excellent customer service, and outstanding recovery of old film, so the word is being spread here in Texas!
Jonathan C., West Hollywood, CA                                              10 December 2007
I've viewed the transfer and this is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! My father who is currently 78 years old, was the camera man for
all 65 reels of film that you transferred. I'm going to surprise him with this for Christmas this year. There was one 8mm reel that
he shot in Korea during the Korean wan- it came out perfect. I didn't even know that it existed. About half this project was
shot during my childhood!! This came out much better than I could have ever anticipated. The movies were shot from the 50s
through 1980. Incredible... Thanks thanks thanks!!!
Randall M., West Palm Beach, FL                           10 December 2007
We received the transferred films and would like to thank you for restoring those films. We were happy to see that both the 16
and 8mm films were restorable. I am certain the 8's were a challenge, but even they came out well.

We really do appriciate your talents and ability to restore these family movies. They bring back many memories. Thank you.
Liesl M., Grove City, OH                                                       5 December 2007
I received the tapes and DVDs yesterday and had a chance to watch most of them. We had about 6 hours of DVDs to view!

Since I didn't have a reference sample of what the films looked like before you restored them, I am not quite sure just had
badly the film had degrated. However, the color and the films (even the double exposed roll) looked very true to life. I am
extremely happy and satisfied with the results. Watching my parents see those old movies again was truely the highlight of
my year. We were all amazed at how true the colors were and how well they were transferred to DVD. They are truely a
treasure and an heirloom we can enjoy anytime now!

I am very thankful to you and your staff for all of the help and information, advice, and their expertise. Your staff is very
willing to talk about the process and explain everything and answer all questions about the film transfer process as well as
other photographic topics. In short, I must say that everyone that I spoke with at provided me with
great customer service. They are patient, as I am sure that they explain the movie transfer process many times each day, but
it sounds like they enjoy what they do, and explaining it to people, which makes all the difference.

In short, your staff treated me extremely well, and made me feel that my films were just as important as their own family's. You
have a great group of people answering questions and dealing with your customers. You should be very proud.

Happy holidays to you and your staff. Ours will be a little sweeter now, as we can reminisce about the Christmas' of the past,
and remember those no longer with us. They can be in our hearts and minds as we open presents this year, as well as in our
living room, even though it will be on a TV screen.

I cannot express our  gratitude in words.
Peter B., Mes Calero, NM                                  26 November 2007
The movie transfer arrived today, and I just took a look at the DVD. It is beautiful! I can't tell you
what a thrill it is for us to be able to view this historic piece of footage. It will be fun showing it
to interested people, then placing it in the archives to preserve this record in a usable format.
Many thanks!
John W. Retired Documentary Filmmaker , Los Angeles, CA                25 November 2007
I was shocked when- after decades of closet storage- my once-lush 1970s color documentary now looked like it had been
shot on Mars by Jules Verne!

Thank you for cheerfully restoring over 90% of the faded color and at no extra charge. You gave me my old film back!
Lloyd F., Whiting, NJ                                                        21 November 2007
I am finally getting a hang of editing these films. I am very happy with the results. A cousin sent me film transfers the old
fashion way on VHS. You can really see the difference in quality. I asked all my cousins to send me their films and I will gather
them together to have them done. Many of them were taken with most peoples' heads cut off. If the projector, screen, and
camera used cut off a little bit more, it makes it worse. Sometimes, just that small amount can make the difference in
recognizing someone.

Thanks again for a job well done.
Joanne Y., Gilfport, MS                                     21 November 2007
I received my transferred movies and have just finished watching them. I am REALLY
pleased with the way they turned out!! When I next go back home in '08, I will pick up
some more to send to you for transfer. Thanks again- these are memories that are now
more easily accessible for me to treasure.
Jim W., Portage, MI                                     20 November 2007
I have had several sets of films converted by you and all have been uniformly good-
both the 16mm and the Super 8mm. I have previously tried several different companies,
but yours is the best work I have found.
Jill K., Kewanee, IL                                    20 November 2007
Thank you very much. Received your package today and have already watched both DVDs. Thank
you so much for bringing back a part of our childhood. I think the rest of the family will love it
also. It was nice doing business with you and I will certainly pass the word along.
John B., Wearl, NH                  20 November 2007
I received the package. The DVD is terrific. I would be happy to recommend your service to my
friends too.
Ken S., Frederick, MD                                       19 November 2007
The movies look great. Fantasic work. We can even cature single images and make decent prints.
We have an iMac and it has a very nice iMovie program.

We are going to give them to my siblings as Christmas presents and after the holidays send you
some more to do.
Marie S., Media, PA                     15 November 2007
Thanks so much for the transfers. I watched films today from my childhood. It was an
unbelieveable journey back.

The quality was amazing considering some of the footage was from 1951! I can't wait to surprise
my family with the memories.

Thank you for being so reassuring to me when I was fearful of letting these treasured films out of
my hands. You made it so very easy. I felt I was in good hands the moment I spoke with you and

You sent my original films and new DVDs and tapes back in perfect condition within two weeks of
receiving my order. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who is hesitating to make
transfers from film.
John C., Ocala, FL                     9 November 2007
Got it today. Your work was awesome. The movie I sent was at least 70 years old, and it looked
great. I'm giving the DVD to my mother for her birthday next week, and she will be able to see
movies of her mother who died when my mother was 16 (1947). I'm sending 4 more movies
Gerald S., Omaha, NE                                                11 March 2008
I have watched 3 out of 4 videos that have been transferred. They are very good, much better than watching them on a movie screen,
no flicker. I hope to add music and some voice to explain what one is seeing. I will send more movies for you to convert soon. THANKS
for the memories.
A happy customer.
Richard S., Keaau, HI                                                   10 March 2007
I took over a year of research to have you finally do my video transfer, and I've viewed the uncompressed result over and over
critically during the past ten weeks that I have had it.

I originally had 4 online transfer services digitize the same 50 foot roll of sample film for comparison. Three did an awful job,
and the other was merely a bit better, but I was in reality disappointed in all four, thinking that my 16mm original must be the
problem. It wasn't. I chose (competitor name) to do a previous transfer that was very disappointing, before I discovered you
and your team at

(Competitor name) made arbitrary and destructive cropping decisions (they cut people's heads off!), crazy color correction
decisions, and worst of all, they believed shadow detail was far more important than highlight detail, so all the highlights are
totally blown out. This film was shot on a sunny day in Hawaii, and everyone's skin looks completely without detail.'s wonderful transfer isn't even in the same class as the four others. Your colors are realistic and
constant, there is amazing detail in the highlights I didn't even know existed, the viewing experience is much less jumpy, and
cropping was very judicious (you tried to crop out the collected dirt at the top of the frame.) But best of all, the clarity
compared to all the others was like night and day.

I was able to grab frames clear enough and clean enough for inclusion in my Driving & Discovering Hawaii: Oahu Guidebook
(now in its ninth printing.) To be able to reproduce 4 inch by 3 inch stills at 300dpi that looks like they were shot with a 35mm
rangefinder--quite impressive. My father shot this film on VJ Day in Honolulu in 1945, and historically it is one-of-a-kind
because it's in color. It is quite a coup for me now to be able to print a feature in my book documenting this momentous day in
Hawaii's, and America's history.

I will also be putting together a documentary film. If any of your customers have color movie film from the WWII era depicting
everyday life at home, or footage from the military, I would love it if you could ask them if I could contact them.

I will be doing more projects that will require your deft handiwork. I appriciate what you have done for me, and I couldn't
recommend mymovietransfer any more enthusiastically. It's rare these days to get great results AND attentive customer
Jim F., Fairfax, VA                                       6 March 2008
I received my package today and played the DVD. It was shorter than I remembered, but you folks did
a very good job...the film was taken back in 1970.

I only wish that I had more. I'll let some of my friends know about your service, so you may hear from
some of my squadronmates.
Kim H., Scottsdale, AZ                                                      6 March 2008
First, let me say that if I had enough of a profit margin to build into my film transfers, you'd have every scrap of film I receive
from this moment forward! You did an absolutely stellar job with this film project! You should be so incredibly proud of your
product! I knew you guys were good, but I never dreamed just how good you could be! Thank you!

I had the time of my life editing the film and putting together the DVDs. Usually, I have to work to get a good still photograph
from my film projects (that have been transferred by another movie transfer facility - who will remain nameless and is
shameless!). This time, I had so many great still photographs, I couldn't decide which ones to use!

The colors and clarity of the video were stunning! The levels and saturation were perfect!

All I can do is grin from ear to ear because I know my customer will be floored by the fabulous video!

My thanks to everyone who worked on this project.
Allan & Joyce L., Reisterstown, MD                             5 March 2008
Thank you very much for a job well done! Our old 8mm movies were difficult to watch on the old
projector, and who knows how much longer the old films and projector would last. Your transfer to
DVD has made them as clear and colorful as we could have wished, and far more convenient to watch.
Jane T., Charlotte, NC                                             29 February 2008
I got the DVDs yesterday and have enjoyed watching the ancient family movies. I think you guys did
a great job. I looked at the web for a company to do this, and you guys seemed to be the most
Gary E., Hanford, CA                                            26 February 2008
Received our movies and we are very happy. Our priceless films made it due to your good hands and care for a family's memories.
Susan M., Westchester, NY                        25 February 2008
What an extraordinary service you provide! Having lost my beloved father when I was a child, 40 years later he is here
again laughing in the house in which we all lived, when everyone we loved was alive and well. It is sheer joy of seeing my
cherished grandparents and my sister, all now gone, as well as our childhood playmates. Your service was 100%
professional, speedy, and the quality of the end product exceeded even my fondest hopes. I cannot thank you enough
for your excellent work in preserving memories I can enjoy myself, and pass along to future generations.
Chris P., Philadelphia, PA                          24 February 2008
My transfer has been received and it looks good- thank you. I will use your company again if I come
across more film to transfer.

Thand you for your prompt and professional service.
Dwayne G., Willington, CT                                          18 February 2008
I wanted to let you know that you did an excellent job transferring the 8mm films I sent you. I have to say I had high
expectations to begin with based on the method of transfer described on your website, as well as the positive
testimonials I read. However, I would say you still managed to exceed those expectations. Just an awesome job. The
film taken outdoors looks like it could have been taken yesterday, but they're over 40 years old! My mom hasn't seen
them yet, but I know they will make her cry when she does. She actually cries pretty easily. My family has some even
older film that, once I find it, will be coming your way,
Bill B., Rochester, NY                                   15 March 2008 has now processed for me 3+ hours of 16mm film dating from 1938 to 1965 and 5+
hours of super 8mm film dating from 1967 to 1986. I want you to know how pleased I am wth the service
and quality.

Before giving my business, I researched companies and transfer methodology
throughout the US. Through conversations with numerous people in the transfer business, including
yourself, I concluded that the Rank Cintel transfer process was by far the best way to proceed. Of the few
companies that  have access to this equipment, MyMovieTransfer had the most favorable pricing, and,
also, inspired a high level of confidence that considerable care would be exercised in cleaning and
handling my film. Even though the reasons above were sufficient for me to choose MyMovieTransfer, I
must add that getting to visit your studio during a trip through Pittsburgh was a moment of conformation.
Your studio, filled with 5 Rank Cintel machines, 4 technicians each working on a seperate machine
focused on doing tranfers, a person checking transfers, a person working on receiving and shipping, and
others all was very impressive and very professional.

I have already recommended MyMovieTransfer to a person that, in spite having his films done once
already, sent them to you. We have compared your work with that of the other company. One can tell even
with a casual glance, that MyMovie Transfer digital copies are superior. I will continue to recommend
MyMovieTransfer to anyone willing to listen. The quality of my digital movies is simply outstanding,
significantly better than the image projected from film. Thanks for creating such a great service.
James P., Lutz, FL           30 April 2008

I just want to thank you all for the movie you transferred.  
You all did a great job and I was very impressed with the
speed and return shipment packaging.  I just mailed out 2
more film reels yesterday for conversion, there are a total
of 9 reels that I will be sending.  I had not seen that film in
about 30 years, it was great to see it again.

Bill B., Des Moines, IA          14 April 2008

Thanks so much to the whole team at Debenham Media
Group for doing a super job on converting my family's 8mm
films to DVD/Digital media!  I am shocked by the clarity of
these transfers, they are much clearer than the images
produced via my projector.  There is no sprocket jump, and
the focus is clear and sharp.  The last time I viewed these
films, I was concerned that they were ruined as it appeared
the cupping of the film was preventing the focus from being

Several members of my family were concerned about
sending such priceless films over a thousand miles, but the
professionalism of your employees and concern they
showed immediately put me at ease when I called and spoke
to them on the phone.  I look forward to sharing these films
with my mother who was recently diagnosed with
"Alzheimer's-like" dementia - I know she will be thrilled to
be able to see these films clearly again.
Jim D., Davison, MI               26 May 2008

I received my films and MiniDV tapes back from you the
alst part of April and I'm finally able to view them and let
you know how you did. You were great!!! You did
everything you promised and a little more besides. I
had some pretty old film (60+ years) that I was pretty
nervous about, but I needn't have worried at all. I had
previously tried the old 45-degree mirrored
projector-to-camcorder arrangement and the results
were horrible. I knew there had to be a better way and
so I searched the web until I came across your page. I
was impressed with it, and with the very enthusiastic
and courteous service I received when I called, overly,
nervous, with a couple of questions. You people do a
really great job, and I'll be the first to recommend you to
anyone I run across who is looking to have this done.
Thanks again and good luck with your business.
AW C., Cambridge, MA          24 April 2008

Thank you for the videos.  They are wonderful.  How
much easier it is to work with these rather than the old
16mm films.  I am going to send you a whole lot more.  I
think the copies on to a MiniDV tape is just about right
for our purposes.
Robert B., Philadelphia, PA           
26 April 2008

Just got them this morning!  They
are great - may have to send
some 8 and Super 8 next.  Also
got you a few more customers!
Susan M., Philadelphia, PA               23 May 2008

We watched the DVD this evening and we were all very
pleased with the results. It was a great walk down
memory lane. I felt like I was 10 all over again, watching
home movies with the family. Thanks for a transfer job
well done. I will be sending out the next 4 reels as soon
as I can get them together. I look forward to doing
business with you again.
Linda M., Ridgecrest, CA                26 June 2008

I picked up my package on Tuesday, 24 June. I was able to view
the DVD that same afternoon. I am very pleased with the results.
The quality of the transferred film is excellent. Thank you so much
for you excellent service. I will be sure to recommend you to
others who may be looking for the same service.

Charles A., Gotha, FL               27 June 2008

I thought the movie/film transfer was done very well. I wasn't sure
what shape the material was in and was pleased it came out so
well. The mini-DV tape is a great way to download it onto the
computer for editing and keep the video in high quality mode. I
was delighted to see the pictures of my wife growing up.

Liz F., Kurtistown, HI                27 June 2008

Love what you folks do. My dad was so thrilled for fathers day.
You brought the old days to life. Thanks so much.
Alex B., Southampton, NJ               18 July 2008

The box arrived last evening and I am very
pleased with the results! Fantastic work.
Jennifer W., Worthington, OH                8 July 2008

Excellent! Thanks so much. By the way,
everything looks fantastic! We're very happy with
the way they turned out. My husband has already
converted several of the uncompressed files into
files on his iPod, and then played the iPod files on
the tv. Even with the compression and reduced
resolution they look good on the tv, so we know
they'll look good when we do the higher quality to
DVD. We haven't looked at the DV tapes yet, but
based on the uncompressed files, we're very
Frank S., Westminster, CA               7 July 2008

I would like to compliment you on a very
professional film media transfer. I chose you
for several reasons and all my expectations
were met. What had been sitting up in a box
for many years is now to be viewed by the
people in the film and their grandchildren
also. Many thanks!!
Jim A., Gig Harbor, WA               19 July 2008

You saved a 16mm B&W movie taken in the '30s that
had deteriorated so badly I was convinced it was
unrecoverable. It was very badly curled throughout and
had a strong odor of vinegar from having been kept in
an airtight container. Thank you so much for an
excellent job.
Tony D., Glen Cove, NY               12 July 2008

You guys did an outstanding job! The work you did exceeded my expectations. I labored
for 3 weeks trying to get those super8 films to my camcorder then to my PC. I
encountered frequently projector stoppages and shifting alignment problems. When I
finally finished the end product was horrible. It wasn't sharp and the white light flicker
effect was horrendous. My options were limited given I had a standard projector and a
digital camera in my bedroom.

The first thing that caught my eye was the precision and care you put into assembling the
old super8 films to a new reel. They looked better than they did when I unpacked them in
the 1980s.

When I popped in the DVD you made I couldn't believe how clear the video was. It was
actually better than my projector ever was. The fact that you cleaned up and respliced the
master super8 films was a huge bonus. I don't care if I paid 200 or 500 dollars the outcome
was awesome. I will definitely recommend you guys
Robert C., Houston, TX               15 August 2008

I would just like to thank everyone at DMG for all
their hard work. We had these films transferred for
my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary and it
was the highlight of the party. We were able to
display it on a projector from my laptop and it
brought everyone tears of joy. The great work you
guys did is evident and my family couldn't have
been happier. Gregg was very informative and
patient answering all my questions. He made me
feel at ease by being so knowledgeable. I have
already begun recommending you to friends and
Nancy C., Hampton Bays, NY                27 August 2008

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with
how the films came out...just beautiful! It was a fun
family reunion and what a way to celebrate, looking at
"how we were then!" Thank you so much for your help
and personal attention. You were terrific, Gregg. I so
much appreciate it. I'm hoping that if a documentary is
ever done on the Roxy Theatre in New York, I can
submit footage knowing that it is expertly transferred! I
had only seen some of these films so many years ago,
the old fashioned way, which is great of course. But it's
amazing how clear the footage looked, and it was really
something to see.
Judith G., Bad Axe, MI                27 August 2008

I have received my transferred DVDs, and they are great.
It was so good to see my parents' wedding and many of my
other relatives that are no longer living. This will be
something that I can not wait to share with my sisters.
Thank you for capturing these memories for me.
Jack S., Dunmore, PA              
27 August 2008

I received the DVDs you
transferred for me yesterday. I
am very satisfied with the quality
of your work and will certainly
recommend your firm to others.
Linda M., Ridgecrest, CA                26 June 2008

I picked up my package on Tuesday, 24 June. I was able to
view the DVD that same afternoon. I am very pleased with
the results. The quality of the transferred film is excellent.
Thank you so much for you excellent service. I will be sure
to recommend you to others who may be looking for the
same service.
Tom & Eliza H., Colorado Springs, CO               3 September 2008

You all did a fantastic job on our movies! Thank you! You even
charged us LESS than we had assumed that you would charge us.

We were truly impressed with your service. We were nervous
when we saw the anti-shaking feature you all offered and
wondered if we weren't making a mistake by not ordering that
additional service. However, your equipment was so high-tech
that our films didn't need that extra help - again, saving us money.
The coloring came through perfectly! We are thoroughly
impressed with your service and have already been
recommending it to family. We will be putting in another order with
you soon as we have additional family films that need to be
transferred. Again, thank you for your excellent service. Also, an
additional special "Thank you" to Brian and Michael for their help
on our home movies.
John H., Kansas City, MO               19 September 2008

I just sent an email to a former neighbor letting her know I
would send her some video that you all digitized for me. She
replied that she had boxes full of film in her garage. YIKES!! I
responded by telling her that she must get her film out of the
garage and have this done. There are plenty of such service
providers, but the folks I used are Debenham Media Group
and I am extremely thrilled with the results. The digitized
movies were sent in the format of my preference on a mini
external hard drive. They were also stored to MiniDV tapes as
an added measure of archival security. If you are in the least
bit computer savvy, you will be lost for many winter weeks
sorting through images that, had they soundtracks, seem to
have been taken yesterday. So much fun, and I intend to
produce sets for all my siblings. Thanks again guys, the work
is great. The results are priceless. I especially appreciate
knowing that my originals are now packaged to better
withstand the test of time.
"You did an
stellar job with
this film project!"
- Kim H.
Scottsdale, AZ
"The films look like
they could have
been taken
yesterday, but
they're over 40
years old!"
- Dwayne G.
Willington, CT
"It's rare these
days to get great
results AND
- Richard S.
Keaau, HI
"One word sums
it up:
- Carla V.
Craigville, IN
Karen H., Foley, AB               15 September 2008

Thank you SOOOO much!!! I had a few of these 8mm films made
onto a VHS about 10 years ago. The quality was nowhere near as
good as the ones you sent me plus the VHS tape may have
deteriorated over time. There were very dark images that you
brightened and brought back to life. I am so delighted to have
my home movie on MiniDVs now. I plan to copy them onto DVDs
for my family Christmas presents as a surprise. I give you a 150%
"My Movie Transfer
inspired a high level of
confidence that
considerable care
would be exercised in
cleaning and handling
my film."
- Bill B.
Rochester, NY
"My irreplaceable
movie is now in a
form which will
guarantee its
survival for many
more years."
- Ward C.
Nashville, TN
"Your staff treated
me extremely well
and made me feel
that my films were
just as important
as their own
- Liesl M.
Grove City OH
Miki R., Ramona, CA           26 September 2008

Rest assured I love the results. I'm not as computer savvy as I
would like but my son-in-law tells me the transfer went well and
I should be able to create my DVD for the family without any
problems (with his help). Thanks again for the obvious care
you took in the process.  I look forward to sending you the rest
of my film in the future to have it done as well.
Ezekiel M., McAllen, TX          8 October 2008

I received my transfers and have looked
them over. You did a great job! Thanks so
much. I'll be sure to recommend you to all of
my NYU film student friends. Your
turn-around time was very quick.
Cesar R., Hialeah, FL           6 October 2008

I would like to thank you for a job very well done. I am
very satisfied with the job you did with my film. I will
continue sending the rest that I have left. Thank you
for your time and effort in making this special
"We had a great
evening laughing and
crying over the old
footage of family and
- Sandy S.
Geneva, WI
"I'm truly glad I found
your website. I can
only describe my
experience doing
business with you as
- Rich A