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ALL film scanning is done uncompressed.
Color corrected digital data leaves
the Rank Cintel Scanner at
2.970Gb/s 4:2:2 uncompressed
on a 3G HD serial digital Interface cable.
The bulk of color correction is done in the
scanner by the DMG color corrector.
at a data rate of 2.970Gb/s.

This gives the colorist more control over
color than is possible by using
professional software based color
Uncompressed data then is processed
by a second color corrector, gamma
corrector and image enhancer.

Producing a sharper image.
If you order uncompressed transfer...
The data is recorded to hard drive using
the Black Magic Design Codec.

Hard Drive shipped to client.

If you order DVDs...
ProRes data is converted to standard MPEG-2  
DVDs & is recorded at approximately 10Mb/s the
highest data rate allowed by the DVD format.

If you order Blu-rays...
ProRes data is converted to Blu-ray
at a data rate of approximately 35Mb/s.

There are no analog stages after the photons
collide into the imager, this ensures the highest
picture quality.
Clients can order any output
format or combination of
If you order ProRes data on hard drive...
The uncompressed data is hardware
converted and encoded as ProRes
files and recorded directly to hard drive.