Second Pass Film Cleaning for Regular 8, Super 8, 16mm, & 35mm Film
Film cleaning is achieved with Kodak
Particle Transfer Rollers, informally referred
to as "sticky rollers".

Each Reel receives a fresh set of four
rollers that gently clean your film by pulling
dust and small debris directly from the film,
without damage.

Kodak Particle Transfer Rollers will typically
remove about 50-70% of surface dust and
dirt in a single pass.

Some dirt may remain because it is
embedded in the film's emulsion. We do not
try to remove this dirt, because doing so
may remove portions of the image as well.
No fluid is used because a
wet system uses
chemicals which can
damage your splices and
weaken the emulsion of
the film.

This could also add
additional scratches to the
film immediately after it
has been scanned.

Fluid based film cleaners
leech plasticizer from the
film each time they are
We offer an optional second
pass film cleaning using six
Kodak Particle Transfer Rollers
during film prep for telecine.

The second pass film cleaning is
in addition to our standard
cleaning and costs a flat $20 for
any size order.

The Second Pass Film Cleaning
removes another 10-15% more
dust and is performed on
another machine prior to
Above: Super8 film on a Kodak particle transfer roller
Above: Second Pass Film Cleaner
Above: Clean roller, Below: Dirt from film on roller