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1080p HD Transfers from MyMovieTransfer.com
DOWNLOAD a full resolution 1080p Movie by:
Right clicking an image below & selecting "save link as" or "save target as" etc.

These ProRes 422 .mov files are 50MB each so it will take some time to download.
QuickTime must be installed on your computer to view the files.
1080p Pricing    Steps 1+2= Your Total.   No hidden or extra charges!

Please scroll down for specifications, examples & options.
All basic film repair, splicing & cleaning included.
1080p transfers are delivered on Hard Drives only, Standard definition DVDs are also available.
The client can burn DVDs from 1080p files on his computer with appropriate DVD burning software.
Video delivered: 1920x1080  with pillar bars. Actual film size: 1560x1080p, or 1440x1080p,
Progressive, 4:2:2 color space,10 Bit. Frame rate of the file is the frame rate of the film, no pulldown.
If your film is wide screen (anamorphic) then it will be delivered as 1920x1080p
Your individual reels are combined onto a 13-inch archive reel,
providing long-term storage & film safety.

You should back up the data onto a second hard drive immediately upon receipt of the hard
drive.  Debenham Media Group only guarantees data on the drives purchased from
MyMovieTransfer.com upon receipt and immediate backup. After receipt and immediate backup of
the hard drive, the only warranty of the hard drive is from the manufacturer of the hard drive.

Debenham Media Group does not warrant data on client supplied drives in any way at all. Use of a
client supplied drive is at the sole risk of the client.
16mm Full Resolution (1560x1080p) examples. Converted to JPEG  for the website. Right click image & select view image to see full resolution.
Domestic Flat Rate Return Shipping Just $15.00
Sent via FedEx Ground with Tracking Number
Alaska, Hawaii & International sent by US Postal Service
High Definition Blu-ray (70 Minutes): $34.95
Blu-ray copies on $19.95 each

DVD (1 hr) from 1080p Files: $19.95
Additional DVD copies only $9.95 each

Purchase raw digital files of your film transfer:
Add $50 plus one of the following options:
  • USB 3.0 External Hard Drive: $75
  • Flash Drive ($30 for 1-15 Reels; $45 for 16-30)
  • Provide your own USB 3.0 Hard Drive: $0
1080p High
Definition Pricing
Additional 1080p High Definition Information:
8mm & Super 8 Discount Chart
Total Number of 50 foot reels or units:

1-20 ......$24.95 per reel
21-40 ....$23.95 per reel
41-60.....$22.95 per reel
61-80.....$21.95 per reel
80+........$20.95 per reel
Super 8 or Regular 8mm Sound film add $4 per 50'

16mm Transfer
Silent film: $0.35 per foot
Sound film: $0.40 per foot
Composite optical or magnetic sound track.
1080p High Definition
16mm full coat audio is 15 cents per foot for transfer.
Canadian clients please note, return shipping is at cost + $5 (minimum $15 return shipping charge)
1. Film Transfer Price
2. Recording Media & Return Shipping
1080p High Definition
General Information
The goal of the 1080p transfer is to deliver:

8mm, Super 8 & 16mm film transfers with improved sharpness without distortion.
Film transfers with sophisticated grain and noise reduction.
Film transfers with vibrant color saturation when possible.
Film transfers with no or very minimal crushed blacks or clipped whites.
Film transfers that look best on 1080p HDTVs.
Files that work with professional and higher end consumer software.
Images that are very honest to the original film.
Sharper focus for slightly concave or convex film.

More information on 1080p High Definition transfers can be found
Questions? Call 1-800-865-7172  or email info@MyMovieTransfer.com
How is the 1080p Film transfer delivered to me?

1080p transfers are delivered on a USB 3.0 portable hard drive.
ProRes 422 .mov files are about 10 minutes to an hour in length.

High Definition Blu-rays & Standard Definition DVDs are available.

High Definition ProRes .mov files work with the following PC & Mac editing software:
Final Cut, iMovie, Sony Vegas Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, Media
Composer, Lightworks, Edius, Magix & many other editing programs.

We recommend Corel Video Studio Pro for PC users, it is easy to use and
FREE during the 30 day fully functional trial or about $50 to buy.

Download a sample file below to verify editing or viewing on your computer.

View the transfer with QuickTime 7 and edit it (trim, cut, paste) with QuickTime Pro 7
QuickTime 7 must be installed on your computer to view 1080p files.   
1080p High Definition
Example files
Highest Quality High Definition film transfers
delivered on hard drive with a DVD or Blu-ray option.
8 &16mm Film
Reel Size Guide:
Reel Diameter       Film Length    
 3 inch                   50 Feet    
 3.5 or 4 Inch                 100 Feet              
      5 Inch                 200 Feet         
       6 Inch                 300 Feet          
    7 Inch                 400 Feet       
    9 Inch                 600 Feet       
 10 Inch                 800 Feet      
 12 Inch               1200 Feet      
14 Inch               1600 Feet     
If your reel is not full, please estimate  
the length based on the above diameters.  
All over payments are refunded!  
Options and upgrades
for your film transfer.

Click on the Second Pass Film Cleaning
graphic below for more details.
No or very minimal cropping
No squeezing
No upconversion from a standard definition scan
No interlacing
No pull down (18fps sound delivered with pulldown)
No frame blending
No frame by frame with low end cameras.
No film projectors
No hot bulb to potentially burn your film
No sprockets or claws pulling the film as in a projector
No MPEG2 compression
No 4:1:1 color or 8 bit depth
No aerial image
No or minimal clipping (blown out whites or crushed blacks)
No hot spots or drop off of illumination in frame
Advantages of the MyMovieTransfer.com 1080p film transfer
All 1080p film transfers are delivered as 10 bit ProRes 422 .mov files.

ProRes 422 .mov files (10 Bit) offer visually lossless images with
efficient compression that produces excellent 1080p performance.

The frame rate of the film is the frame rate of the file.
For example, a film shot at 18fps will have a frame rate of 18fps in
the ProRes 422 file (not 29.976 fps with a pulldown). This yields a perfect
1 to 1 relationship between film frame and electronic frame.

ProRes 422  files have a variable data rate based on the frame rate of the film.
18fps (any film format) = ~ 99 Mb/s or ~ 45GB per hour
24fps (any film format) = ~ 132 Mb/s or ~ 60GB per hour
Any frame rate is possible.

ProRes 422 .mov files work on PCs and Macs.

We scan your film at much higher resolution than 1080p and
DOWNCONVERT our scan to 1080p.  This improves the image compared to
scanning the film directly at 1080p.

You will notice improved sharpness, lower noise and grain in transfer
due to our up to 500% over sampling.

An analogy would be reducing the size of a "picture" on your computer screen.
The smaller it gets the better it often looks.

In our scanning the "picture" of your film,  is reduced down to Full 1080p size!
MyMovieTransfer.com is the Consumer Division of Debenham Media Group.  Located in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, Debenham Media Group has been providing, motion picture film and broadcast video services
since 1987.

The goal of MyMovieTransfer.com is simply to make great pictures, providing the best transfer available!  We
transfer all film on custom Ultra High Definition Rank Cintel film scanners. We scan at the same resolution
used for Hollywood features, 3k to 5K based on film format. This is better than scanning at just 1080p.

We also understand, that in many cases, you will be editing your films on your PC or Mac, and may choose to
do your own additional color correction, requiring as much of the original film detail and digital data as
possible to be present.

High standards & quality control are just the beginning of our core work ethic.  We adhere to strict broadcast
standards.  Being part of an existing production facility and studio, our staff is intimately familiar with
broadcast and production.  Our 35mm film commercials were viewed by over 1 million people each week --
consistently for over 10 years!

At MyMovieTransfer.com, we know your home movies are priceless and that you may have concerns about
shipping your films.  We have found that there is virtually no risk in sending your films.  Our client base is
broad, spanning all 50 United States, North & South America and Europe.  We recommend using a carrier
such as FedEx, UPS.   You will be able to track the shipment and always know the location of your films.  
Some clients prefer to overnight their films.  We are always happy to inform you when your film arrives.

You will find absolutely NO pushy sales people here.  We are just a group of people who really love making
great pictures!  Don't just take my word for it, read what some of our clients have to say.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project, we would be happy to talk with you.
Please give us a call at 1-800-865-7172.

Thank you for your interest in MyMovieTransfer.com.

Stuart Debenham
Founder & President

Debenham Media Group
416 Mill Street
Coraopolis, PA 15108
1-800-865-7172  Toll Free
About Us
What exactly does MyMovieTransfer.com offer?
We offer a 100% digital, state of the art, motion picture film transfer on highly modified Rank Cintel Ultra High Definition scanners, to
Hard Drive, Blu-ray and DVD. The initial scan is at 3k to 5k depending on film format and is better than starting with a 1080p scan.

What kind of turnaround time can I expect?
You can expect a realistic turnaround time of two to three weeks, or less from when we receive your film, depending on the current
workload.  In some cases, film orders are transferred the same day they arrive.  Our transfer process is longer than real time, in that
10 hours of film will take between 18 to 30 hours to transfer.  Call 1-800-865-7172 for our current turnaround time.

Do you offer Rush Service?
Yes.  If you need your order immediately, all you have to do is let us know when it will arrive and we will assign your order a priority
status, with a turnaround time of 3-4 days business days in studio. A nominal fee will be applied -- either $50 or 10%, whichever is
Please Note:  If you require Overnight Shipping, an additional shipping premium will also apply. This will be determined by a
national carrier such as FedEx.  You can supply a prepaid airbill, or use your FedEx or UPS shipping account number for overnight
or express shipping.

Who are you?
MyMovieTransfer.com is the Consumer Division of Debenham Media Group, a professional production facility, specializing in
broadcast video and motion picture film, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Read More About MyMovieTransfer.com.

How long has your company been around?
Over 23 years.  And growing every year!  We recently made an addition to our facility to accommodate growth.  We intend to be
around for some time to come.

How do I make payment?
We prefer payment by check with your order.  We do accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover. We do not invoice.  This is how we keep
our costs down and pass the savings onto our customers like you.  Checks should be made payable to:  DMG. International
customers must contact us prior to payment and make funds available in USD.

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes we do, 100%!  If there is any defect or issue with media you receive, let us know immediately.  We will do what is necessary to
correct any issue on our part. We cannot guarantee image quality when the defect exists on the film.

What level of quality can I expect?
High quality!  We provide a state of the art, 100% digital film transfer, using the same scanners Hollywood uses for their films.  Read
about the differences, and what makes MyMovieTransfer.com the Best, find more detail on Our Scanning Process and our High
Definition DMG Color Corrector.

What makes MyMovieTransfer.com better than the other sites I see?
We transfer all film on custom Rank Cintel Ultra High Definition Scanners.  We scan at the same resolution (3k to 5K) as Hollywood
uses for feature films.  You will not find a projector and camcorder set-up here.

What are your business hours?
Our administrative hours are Monday through Friday, 9:45 am to 7:00 pm Eastern Time. Calls and E-Mails are also answered and
returned in the evening and over the weekend (hours vary depending on the current work log). We make every effort to answer
each line personally, however from time to time our call volume is high and you may receive our voice mail. Please leave a detailed
message and we will return your call.

Are you the cheapest?
No.  But we are not the most expensive either.  For the quality we provide, we are the best solution.

How do I order/ send my film?
Simply Print the Order Form, Complete the information required, enclose a check for the total amount made out to:  DMG. If you
have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-865-7172.  We are here to help. For details on packing
you film, please see our Shipping Q&A.

Will you edit?
We will transfer your film in any order you provide.  If you like, we can remove most black segments.  We do not edit your transfer for
content.  We feel those decisions should be left in your control.

How do I edit?
Please see our editing page.

What should I be most concerned about?
Even if you choose another transfer site, avoid having a transfer done by someone operating out of their basement or garage, or a
company that will outsource your film to an unknown provider.
My 8mm film reels are larger than 3 inches, but not full.  How do I determine how much film is on the reel?
There are three ways to handle this.

First, you may be lucky to have a film reel that has length markings already.  These markings usually appear on one side of the reel on a spoke.  You may
have to look closely at both sides of the film reel and at each spoke for the correct markings.  Length may be measured in m (meters) and ft (feet).  They
may also have time markings.  We would be looking at the length in feet.  The foot lengths are in increments of 50 feet (because the larger reels were
assembled from 50 foot reels, which is what our pricing discounts are based upon).  Then, in order to determine how many reels for pricing this would be,
simply divide by 50. For example 400 feet of film divided by 50 feet = 8 fifty foot units for pricing.

Second, measure the diameter of the film on the reel - not the reel itself, but from one end, over the center to the other end.  Then compare it to the film
length chart located on the Pricing Page.  If you would like to know the actual math, the first 3 inches would be 50 feet, the 4th inch would be an additional
50 feet, then for every inch greater than 4, add 100 feet.

Third, call us with any questions or concerns, toll free at 1-800-865-7172.  One of our experienced staff members is always glad to help calculate your order
and discuss the particulars with you.

What if I overestimate how much film I have or pay too much?
No problem.  We can let you know when your film arrives.  We will either send a refund check for any difference with your order or apply it to additional
copies if you like.  We let you decide.

How should I organize my films before sending them to be transferred?
Please..... Number the film reels and boxes in ascending order (1,2,3,4,5.....) with a pen or marker.
Start with the oldest films first and continue in chronological order to the newest films.

Please..... Only use whole numbers starting at one... Don't use fractions, decimals, letters, or dates  in your sequence.

Please......Never mix film formats, for example going back and forth between Regular8 and Super 8 film.
All Regular 8mm film should be first in your sequence and then continue the sequence with your super 8 film.

Please......Cover any hand written numbers on the film reel or box that could disrupt the transfer sequence.

Please......Do not use post it notes on the film reels or boxes, they will fall off and disrupt the film transfer sequence.

Please......Do not include any unprocessed film.  This means any film that has not been sent to and developed by a
chemical laboratory.  Since we are not a chemical lab, we will not be able to transfer unprocessed film.  Unlike
underexposed film, unprocessed film is completely dark and opaque when held up to the light.  If all of your film
is black or dark brown, and if light does not pass through it, then it is likely that your film is unprocessed.

If you do not follow the above guidelines we can not guarantee that you film will be transferred in sequence.

How do you return my original film?
We return your reels spliced together on larger reels with a 7-inch (projects < 400 feet) or 13-inch diameter (projects > 400 feet).  We do not charge extra
for this.  Nor do we cut your film.  It is merely spliced together with a small amount of leader between reel segments, acting as a chapter reference.  This is
far better for film safety, as the film is not tightly wound around such a small radius (which becomes curled over time), rather it lies in a more natural, flatter
state.  Also, this is better for long term film storage, and takes up far less space than dozens of small reels. There is a $5 charge per reel if you would like
us to return the film on your original reels.

Can I get my original film reels and boxes returned?
All empty reels and film boxes are returned with you finished film transfer.
Is it safe to send my films?
Over the years FedEx has proven to be a reliable shipper. If you are concerned about the return shipping of your films, we suggest two

1. Always select the "Signature Required" option on the order form. With this service, your film and media will not
be left without a person present at the physical address to receive and sign for your shipment(s).

2. Have us ship all of your digital media first, and we'll wait for you to confirm its arrival before we ship your film. If
you decide to take this option, you would have to pay two flat rate shipping charges.

How should I send my films?
We recommend using a national, insurable carrier such as FedEx or UPS. You are able to track your films and
always know their location.

Is there anything special I should do when packing my films?
Film can be durable, but we don't want to take any chances. If your film is in boxes, small plastic snap covers or cans, we recommend
taping them closed, so they do not open during shipping.  Make sure to number them with a permanent marker in the order you would
like them to be transferred. If there is no desired sequence, place your film in small plastic bags or envelopes and tape them closed.

You will want to select a box for shipping that your films will fit snugly into, without a lot of room to jostle around.  Add packing material
(bubble wrap or newspaper work best) in any open areas, to give the box stability.  Don't forget to include your order form and check.  
Use packing tape to securely close the box.

If you are sending your film by FedEx overnight delivery, please note that the studio opens at 9:30am. Use FedEx "Priority Overnight"
or FedEx "Standard Overnight" for overnight delivery.
Do not send packages by "FedEx First Overnight" because FedEx will attempt to deliver the film at 8am and this will delay your delivery.

Will you let me know when my film arrives?
Yes.  You will receive an email letting you know when we receive them, or a telephone call if you prefer.

Will you let me know when my transfer is finished?
Yes.  You will be notified by email when your transfer is complete, along with your tracking number if shipping by FedEx.

How are my films and digital media shipped back to me?
We have a domestic Flat Shipping Rate of just $15. If you have 35mm film, the shipping rates vary based on the amount of film. Your
original film and media are individually wrapped, then placed in a shipping box.  Our shipping boxes also make a great storage device
for your film.

Most orders are sent via FedEx Ground, with Online Tracking ID. Smaller Orders (depending upon weight) will be sent via
US Postal Service Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.

Canadian orders are sent by United States Postal Service / Canada Post at Cost + $5  ($15 minimum total shipping charge).

If you would like a Signature Required for your delivery, simply check the line on the Order Form and add an additional
$7.50 for the service. With this service, your film and media will not be left without a person present at the physical address
to receive and sign for your shipment(s).

Can you overnight my films?
Yes.  If you require Express or Overnight Shipping, please call 1-800-865-7172 for an appropriate quote.

I have a shipping account.  Can I use my shipping number?
Yes.  If you supply us with an addressed prepaid air bill for your FedEx or UPS account number, we will gladly ship your package
by Express or Overnight delivery.  A $10 packing fee will be added to your order total. We will not ship by ground service using
a client account number.
Frequently Asked Questions (General)
Frequently Asked Questions (Shipping)
What do you transfer?
We transfer motion picture film.  We specialize in Regular 8, Super 8mm, 16mm & 35mm film formats.
If you are uncertain of what you have,confirm it is on a reel, and look to see if it has sprocket holes (small holes along the edge of the film).  If it is on a
reel with sprocket holes then we can transfer it.
We do not transfer copyrighted films, unless you're the copyright holder or have written permisison from the copyright holder.

Do you transfer Digital8, Hi8, Video8 tapes, VHS or Slides?
No, unfortunately we do not transfer 8mm digital tapes, Sony Hi8, 8mm analog, VHS or Slides.  We concentrate solely on motion picture film.  It is all we
do, which is how we became the best.

How safe are my films?
Very safe, because they are priceless!  We treat your film just like a new 35mm Hollywood print or historical film archive.
When your films arrive, your order is checked in by an experienced staff member, and placed in a work bin solely for you. Everything pertaining to your
film transfer order is labeled and remains together at all times from arrival, through transfer, until it is carefully packaged and shipped back to you.  We
have never lost or misplaced an order.

How can I tell the difference between Regular 8mm and Super 8mm film?
There are a few ways to tell the difference.  The easiest is by looking at the sprocket holes.  If you have both formats, look at them together, side by side
(either the film or the leader).  Super 8mm film will have much smaller sprocket holes.
Sometimes you may not need to be concerned with this question.  It is very common that only one format was shot as a different camera would have
been required.  Also, if there is not a particular sequence you would like your films transferred, you would not need to be overly concerned with this.  We
can separate your film and let you know how much you have of each. Here is a link showing pictures of different film formats.

The 3 inch box of my Regular 8mm film says 25 feet.  Where does the 50 feet come from?
Yes, that little box does create some confusion.  However it refers to the film when it was originally purchased.  (See Illustration)
Before your 8mm film was shot (exposed) in the camera, it was 25 feet of 16mm, or Dual 8mm Film.  The unexposed film reel would have been inserted
into the camera, then shot, exposing one side of 25 feet.  Once it ran through, it was turned around to run through a second time, exposing the other
side of the 25 feet.  Remember listening to audio cassettes?  It's the same idea.
When the film was processed (developed), it was cut down the center and the ends spliced together, making it 50 feet long.
Important Note: Not all film can be color corrected to this degree.   Initial camera settings, lighting, filter, skill of the camera operator & storage conditions  can have a major effect on your film transfer.
"I live in Pittsburgh and I've been a filmmaker for over forty
years. In a former lifetime, I worked for National Geographic for
over 20 years, making 16mm television documentaries all over
the world. In short, I know film. I recently needed to a have
valuable 16mm film of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater from
1936 and a Super-16mm film from 1997 transferred in High
Definition. I found out that MyMovieTransfer was located about 20
minutes from my house. Given the importance of the project I
hand delivered the film so that I could check them out. I was
simply delighted to discover how knowledgeable, professional,
concerned, and nice the folks at MyMovieTransfer were. Bottom
line, I got amazing transfers on time and it was affordable
Ken Love
Documentary Filmmaker
Pittsburgh, PA
"I would like to thank you for the prompt,
efficient, and excellent work you have
done in digitizing more than one
hundred 8mm movies I have.  Prior to
engaging your services, I looked around
for alternatives, but found you to be the
best. I was correct in my assessment,
and would highly recommend your
Peter Sereny, BSEE, CICA, M.D, FLMI
Founder/Director, Akamai LLC.
"I'm just writing to thank you for the fantastic work on our transfers
and for recommending the HD.  The transfers were breathtaking. We
screened a 70-minute edited film off a Christie 2K in a 300-seat theater
and it looked simply brilliant.  The audience loved it and they were
quite vocal in telling me how vivid the image looked and felt....they
said it transported them back in time.  Thank you, and I look forward
to working with you in the future."
Brock L.
Brooklyn, NY
Frequently Asked Questions (Film)
Frequently Asked Questions (Film)